Beautiful coastline, friendly people, good fresh foods and delicious local wines, that could easily compete against many European vineyards. The summer is long and good weather is virtually guaranteed between May and as late as end October.

Few countries in the world have such a cultural diversity as Turkey. Spanning over two continents combining the East, the West and the Orient of today with the ancient Byzantine, Ottoman, Roman and Persian empires. Turkey stands in a class of its own.

Please watch this video to find out why Turkey

Bodrum is the premier yachting centre in Turkey. Surrounded by wild mountains, it offers a panorama of history, mythology and spectacular scenery. Dominated by the medieval caste of St. Peter, it was the birth place of Herodotus and an important port and capital of the kingdom of Caria. The city is also home to the tomb of Mausolus, one of the Seven Wonders of the World, belonging to the third century B.C.

Once you leave the harbour, the vast expanse of the Gulf of Gokova stretches before you, this area alone has enough stunning places to visit for at least a week of sailing. Sehir Adalari (Snake and Castle Island) is well known for Cleopatra’s Beach, which she is believed to have made for her lover Anthony with sands shipped from North Africa. The nearby bays of Kesr, Sogut and Degirmen Buku, located in the far east of the gulf are all spectacular anchorages.

Sailing south, guarded by the Greek island of Symi, is the Gulf of Hisaronu, which means Gulf of Fortresses, a reference to the many ancient and medieval forts scattered around the hills of the Gulf. Dacta, being the largest village in the gulf and an ideal place to provision between Marmaris and Bodrum, is well worth a visit as it is still relatively untouched by tourists and very picturesque.

Watch the SLIDESHOW: General Marmaris Pictures Slide

Set against a backdrop of pine clad hills, Marmaris is a resort that combines natural beauty with an astounding zest for life. Famed forits nightlife, the most extravagant on the entire South coast, this developedresort offers the best of both worlds; the nightlife is unending, andnumerous clubs and bars stretch along the coast from the elegant marinato the curve of Icmeler, the smaller resort close by. On the other hand, thesurrounding countryside offers the best in culture, due to the successionof scenic roads and sympathetic villages, which lead to ancient ruins andunspoilt beaches.Perfect for all age groups, Marmaris is one of the most popular resorts inTurkey. Once you visit it, you will understand why.

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  • Marmaris

    Marmaris is a great holiday city in the world.I had been many countries , but Turkey is really diffrent place..I love turkish people! I love Turkey ! I love Marmaris.

  • BBC

    ello Marmaris!

    we LOVE marmaris too!

    we took inspiration from your review.

  • nikki

    ive been going to marmaris for 7years now i wouldnt go anywhere else love the place & the people made loads of friends. My eldest lad crys every time we come home.

  • Jordie

    My hubby and I been to turkey 6 times now in the last 3yr it is fantastic, Marmaris is great I call it Blackpool in the sun loads to do day time and evening, cost of living is very cheap compared to back home, our 7 children have been also and they all love we never have complaints about being bored, Marmaris is a great resort for couples and families, roll on 16th may thats when we go back woopie

    • charlotte crook

      We are going to Marmaris on 9th-17th cant wait never been before in Turkey

      • hazel

        where you staying im going on the 7 may with my husband been to turkey 4 times and would go no where eles we love it

      • charlotte crook

        we are staying in nergis select

      • tori

        hi i have booked there for 2 weeks at the beg of october ,iam just wondering if u can help me as iam a famliy of 5 ranging from 3 children 14 ,3,11 ,i have read some terrible reveiws could u tell me if it is as bad as what ppl have put plz x

      • tori

        sorry i mean we have booked at the club nergis wich is diffrent

    • Trea Polin

      just booked hotel club ananastia for Marmaris for 19 may cant wait

    • carl

      we also fly out on the 16th of may to Marmaris we are first timers me and my girlfriend hopefully if we bump into you ya can show us the best places to go


      • micky

        We fly out on the 13th of May to Marmaris

        Never been before but am really looking forward to it

  • Jade

    Marmaris is the best holiday u'll ever have! It's hot and the nightlife is good too :) Turkish people r the friendliest iv ever met! And they're not all over you just friendly, if u ask them to leave u alone they understand. If been about 8 times and I go again in 4 weeks :) can't wait!

  • Midyat

    I love Marmaris

  • alex

    Love Marmaris and Turkey

  • Michelle

    I went to marmaris in June 2010 – first holiday with my boyfriend went for 10 days loved every minute the sunnn the food and the people were great. booking up for July in couple of weeks can't wait :) :) anyone that goes to turkey will always rebook the following year ! Hope this helps x

    • Hannah_challenger

      Hi michelle, me and my boyfriend are looking to go this summer to marmaris, where did you stay? And would you say it is an ideal place for couples in their young twenties?

  • Rosalind Yvonne Poole

    We are going to Marmaris on the 5 may not been before is it good as my husband is in a wheelchair he can walk but slow and not far we are staying at the ideal hotel for 2 weeks , we live in earlestown near st helens may see some people from our area we are going with Thomas Cook.

  • Jade

    Been to Marmaris about 7 times now, first holiday away with my boyfriend this year and marmaris was the obvious choice! He's never been before but because I keep telling him about it he can't wait now! I cry everytime I come home! Always make friends and always return the year after! Friendliest people in the world, but ask them to leave you alone and they won't bother you again! Nothing is too much trouble for them! If you ask for something they don't have in a bar or restaurant and they will run the shop and get it! Can't wait to go back in august now x

    • Hannah_challenger

      Hi michelle, me and my boyfriend are looking to go this summer to marmaris, where did you stay? And would you say it is an ideal place for couples in their young twenties?

    • Mick-07-

      hi jade how warm would it be in august thanks

      • Suz

        Hi Mick – I have been at end of July and it was 38 degrees when you got up on a morning, the hottest it got was 52. You need to budget for the cost of aircon in your room as it’s impossibly hot without it. During day it’s ok so long as you’re able to jump in the pool to cool off! 

    • Suz

      Jade – I couldnt agree more, we are returning to Marmaris in May 2012, we booked again a month after we got home! It’s the nicest holiday resort I’ve ever been to – I went on my own with my daughter and we made loads of friends and the people were great. I think we’ll probably go every year now. We stayed at the ‘Rosy’ apartments which were lovely, clean and surprisingly central. I recommend Marmaris to anyone.  

  • billis

    me and the wife are taking the kids, being joined with our friends and their kids., 17 of us altogether. Booked up for July, never been to Marmaris and Turkey before but really looking forward to it. If you see us give us a shout out!! You wont miss us with Tall Col in tow (he is the tallest twat in the world)

  • Anonymous

    can anyone please tell me roughly how much spending money i wud need for 9 days in marmaris?never been before…its a girlie holiday so we'll b tryn ta get as much fitted in as possible? fanks..

    • Marmaris

      It all depends what you want to do, But I am sure it will be like your daily spending at home.Some sightseeing and late partying may increase the cost.If you want to save try to use local drinks and ask price first on fancy drinks.

    • leonardis

      i would change 1100 english money ure get about 2200 in lira and prob take 100 pound in english to buy all ya clothes plenty that !!make sure u get an exchange rate at 2.4 thats good …!!!enjoy!!

      • Mary_1266_874

        last yr we lost out changing our money up to lira, we would of saved alot more dealing in english, myself and daughter took 500 quid and it was plenty of spending money beetween us, we did stay all inc at hotel, but its really cheap out there. so it depends what u want to buy, or what board u have as to how much u need. alot of shops do better deals if ur paying in english

  • Nicky

    Hi im thinking of going to marmaris in july for my 30th birthday with a group of girls for 4 days is it worth going for 4days and whats best hotel for groups rather than family hotels? sounds amazing really fancy it x

    • Marmaris

      Any Hotel on long beach is good for you.Hotels on that beach close to everything.

      Marmaris is not a huge town so even if you are a bit outside still ok and taxi's are very affordable.

    • Sukhi

      Hii did u go mararis? Thinking of going this year how was it?

  • alannah

    Is anyone going to the Grand Villa Sol in june :) ?

  • Tracie Francis

    Hello all, great reviews on marmaris. Im going as a single parent with my three young daughters: the eldest being 10 & the youngest 2, we all cannot wait, will be our only hoilday abroad for some time!! 18th May here we come…to club turban, (hope there is not a conference taking place at this resort, read bad reviews due to this!!)…but hey ho..still hoping we will have a fab time…whoop woo.

    • kerry

      me, my partner and our 2 sons ages 4 and 2 are going to marmaris in the 18th may too, really looking forward to it, had lots of good reviews about it x

    • Llinda2002uk

      Hi Tracie,looking at going to Club Turban next year.What did you think of it.Many thanks Linda

  • Stephenrieley

    hey,anyone going to ketenci hotel 1st week in june???????

  • Bradley Marshall


    • paul

      take about 800 pounds pal change it over make sure u get an exchange rate of 2.4 get about 1700 lira ,plus take about 500 english for ya gold n cloths all u do is just half it !!!!!

  • Billiz

    going to marmaris ,16 may,with my sister,can,t wait

  • Allan R

    Have been to Marmaris 15 times now needless to say we love it were going without the kids for th first time in July so no doubt will love it even more can’t wait for a chicken kebab in the bazaar. The locals do hassle you a bit but is nothing like as bad as it used to be just say no thanks and they leave you alone. Just can’t wait to go back.

    • jordan <3

      hiya im wanting ot go to marmaris with a group of 21 year olds, gonna be a late booking do you have any recomendations for cheapish hotels near to the town. thnkyou

  • Dizzylassy

    Me and my boyfriend r going to Marmaris the 1st week in May does anyone know what the weather normally bes like then??? :)

    • Carolfellok

      it will be warm about 68 we go at the back end of may and it is in the 80 to 90 dont take a lot of clothers they are cheaper there.



    • hazel

      where you staying lynn im going on the 7 of may

    • Stephenrieley

      youl have a great time

  • Carolfellok

    there is a party of 7 going on the 22 may for two weeks staying at the blue bays stayed there the past 3 years counting down the weeks any one going the same weeks

    • Kerry

      i’m going to the blue bays on the 18th may for 10 days, must be nice if youve been for 3 years, theres me my partner and 2 children going

    • Emmalouise1983

      hey im going 23rd of may just hope its gona be nice my 1st time going to marmaris im staying at the cosmpoliton apartments havent a clue what the gonna be like but looked nice in brochure hope you have a good time hun

  • Jacky

    planning on going this year, any recommendations on good hotels? were a group of 5, 24 yr old ladies so would like a place with good nightlife but also modern accommodation on a medium budget.


  • Lisa_g_05

    goin to marmauris 2 may first time cant wait x

  • Sammy_0389

    group o 4 going to marmaris on the 4th of april can’t wait haven’t been here before. gt a great all inclusive deal. anyone got any trip ideas that we can look into?

    • Mary_1266_874

      mud baths and turtle beach, is a good day out, and the boat trips are good.

  • Mary_1266_874

    myself and my 2 daughters and 2 grandaughters are going on may 6th to marmaris, staying at the green nature spa and resort, kids are looking forward to it, has anyone stayed there?

    • Danransom

      Hi there im going to Green nature on the 22nd april with my partner and son for 10 nights I will let you know how we get on if you go to there website you can take a virtual tour it does look very nice !

      • Mary_1266_874

        great, thanks, wanna know if ur better with english or lira aswel, lost out last yr in hisonaru/ovacek, should of stuck to english money .

      • lesmm

        going on the 18th see you there. Hope the weather gets btter tho!!!

    • Lucy_nappa

      Hi i am also staying at the green nature spa and resort on the 6th may, have you ever been there before?

      • Mary_1266_874

        Hi Lucy,
        No ive never been there before but im really looking forward to it, Mandy above said they had a great time and lovely hotel, where are u flying from, we are going from bournemouth and dont get in till after 1 am, how many in ur party., lol maybe we should all meet up for a drink there, how long you going for?

        Mary x

    • Mandy Skittlethorpe

      Hi Mary,

      I have just come back from a 2 week holiday on the 20th April, from Green Nature Resort and Spa, there was a group of 12 of us . It was amazing, the hotel is very clean tidy and well kept. We were in the Hotel block but one couple had the Club rooms and they were all very good. Entertainment staff (run by Mehmet) are great fun and had things going on all day and evening.

      None of our children did the kids club as they were all a bit old for it but it looked like the children who did go thoroughly enjoyed it but our children aged between 11 and 17 all had a great time using the outdoor slides etc.

      There is not a lot around the hotel but you can walk down from the hotel to the local street and there is a market there which is great fun but remember to HAGGLE.

      If you want any more information contact me


      • Mary_1266_874

        Hi Mandy,

        Glad you had a good holiday, its put our minds at rest now knowing it was clean and all good fun, my grandaughters are 6 and 10 so hopefully they will go to the kids club, did you go to the spa in the hotel, we are thinking of having the turkish bath but not sure of the price yet.
        What was the food like, my eldest daughter and grandaughters are a bit fussy,
        how was the weather i hope u had some sunshine and got a tan, is the market only on certain days? and did u do any of the excursions, we are thinking of the boat trip, mud baths, jeep safari, white water rafting, did any of ur party do these and was it pricey, i guess depends if u go with the rep or not. Did you use much lira or use more english, not sure how much to change up.
        Thanks for getting back to me.

        Mary x

      • Amanda

        hi what was the weather like in april? thanks amanda



  • Mary_1266_874

    i went to ovacek last yr nr olu deniz, and took turkish lira, but soon realised i would of got more for my money if id just taken english, whats the best to take in marmaris?

  • Hs18

    if i’m going to spend my honeymoon in marmamaris during Ramadan month, will the city be different?

    • sky

      Hi Hs 18, no problem for Marmaris, because of it’s a touristic city, most of restaurants are open and life continues like normal times,  best wishes x

  • Babs1209

    we are going to grand villa sol in marmaris for 2 weeks from 17th sept – anyone going to be there at same time?

  • Playgirl_35

    Anybody know or been to Hotel Club Pinneta

  • Emmalouise1983

    hey im going marmaris 23 may with my to little girls and partner ust wanted to no if there is enough stuff for children to do and if the shopping for clothes any good thanks

    • Mary_1266_874

      hiya, the clothes are fake designer but good quality, u cant grumble at the price, im going marmaris 6th may and to be honest not taking many clothes as there is so much out there we will buy clothing there. as for the kids they wont get bored, this is my 4th time and never heard the saying,, im bored, once.

  • charlotte crook

    im going on 9th til 17th and staying at nergis select with 2 of my friends anyhow know how hot it will be? and i’m all inc and im only taking 150 will this be enough?

    • Mary_1266_874

      if you do a search for weather forcast in marmaris u can check there. as for 150 it depends what kind of holiday ur going for.

  • Treahonda59

    hey is any1 staying at the anastisa hotel 19 may departing from belfast. im going on my on and would love to no if i have any travellers going from belfast, my partner is unable to go. im very nervious bout going on my own but dont want to waste the holiday as ive been dying to go here for years

    • Hazelwaller

      Me and my mum are going from Belfast 17th may but we aren’t in the same hotel as you!!

  • Marcus Nicolson-North

    is Turkey cheaper than people make out though?

    • Yassielane

      Its cheap however its going up soon…

  • Amy89

    Hiya.. me and my fella are going to Marmaris this summer. I cant wait, even more now having read all your comments. Were staying in the Xanthos Apartments, does anyone know what thia apartment is like??
    Amy :D

    • Levent

      Hi Amy :) Xanthos apartments are great. Not fat from the beachfront. You will like it.

  • Algis Kemezys

     It really is a fine location.

  • Algis Kemezys

     It is a very good place.

  • J Devine1988

     Hiya  me and 2 kids age 5 and 19months are going to marmaris on the 25th May staying at the club green nature spa resort. I have never been here before and ive never been all inclusive before so a little worried about been  stuck to times for meals etc, i believe we wont get to the hotel till aleast 3/3.30 there times and i know by kids will be straving, do you think if i ask them to get the kids some chips and juice while we are unpacking they would be willing to, so they can eat them in the room? 
    Also Any 1 know  how far  of a walk it is to anything from the hotel, i,e shops etc ? is it in a straight road ? 
    Sorry Just a little scared of getting lost etc 1st time away with the kids alone x

  • David Williams

    Hi, we’ve never been to Turkey before, we’re a family of three with a 14 yr old daughter, not into noisy wild bars or night life til 4am but we do like nice beaches and a family feel. We’re staying at the Orsmaris Boutique Hotel Marmaris can someone tell us we will be happy with our choice, please?? Dave & family

  • Andrew Kinnear

    staying at Kibele apts with kids 9 and 4 anyone stayed there is it any good

  • 271189

    hi people… does any one know what the weather will be like beginning of september. Thanku :)

    • StuartM


      sea is warm at that time too. 
      Temp prob be around 80

  • Amy89

    also does any one know what the xanthos apartments are like thanks xx

    • Yassielane

      The hotel is lovely theres alot to do there,its one of the best…

  • Maloneyjames

    Hi anyone been to Toksoy Appartments in the last few weeks? We are going soon. Never been before. JAMES.

  • Joyce

    hi, im going to club illayda in august, 1st time to turkey. whats the hotel like? is it best to take english money with me or turkish lira?


    • Yassielane

      its best to take turkish then if you need pay on your card..

  • miguel

    Hi!!! we are a group of 4 friends from spain. we need help, because we dont know where can stay. every web has  a opinion and comments about hotels, can you advise me?

    miguel , thanks so much in advance

  • Yassielane

    hi,im going to turkey on the 19th august and i go 6 times a year to marmars…im half turkish and know everythink about it,im only 13 years old but if anybody needs to know anythink then just ask,its a loverly place,people are friendly and there are lots of things to do depending on if your partying or relaxing,my favoite place is the water park theres 2 in marmaris one on a hill witch isnt that big and the along the sea front,also theres a good show that happens every night called ‘talk of the town’ and thats basically 3 men dressed as woman and they do lots off funny things.
    i go to see my dad and he works in ‘Anistasia’ its a BEAUTIFUL hotel and theres a jewlaary shop witch is the best!!
    i hope i have helped….

    • Mick-07-

      helloo im going to marmaris at the start of august do you know how warm it will be?? and we are thinking of staying in club julian or hotel marbella any reviews on these…. we are looking to stay somewere close to the beach and the big water park and to stay all inclusive thanks

  • Cool

    In Mamris right now.its great. dont know how to work the keyboard though. Club pineta hotel is good

  • Andy

    Hi all
    Just booked a holiday to the Grand Pasa Hotel in Marmaris.
    Has anyone stayed at this hotel??? What’s it like??

  • Andy

    Hi all
    we’ve just booked a holiday to Marmaris, staying at the Grand Pasa Hotel. 
    Has anybody stayed here??
    What is it like?
    Many thanks everyone.

  • http://www.facebook.com/zelkerdany Ziad EL Kerdany

    i am thinking of going… looking for fun beach clubs in the morning and dance clubs at night… is it a place to party or not… what are the good hotels ziad.kerdany@gmail.com

  • Nickpegler

    Hi all..Im going to Marmaris in two weeks for 10 days,with a mate! Were both Lads, all inclusive. How much spendng money do you think we will need?

    • StuartM

      Depends how much you want to drink.

  • Cameron Lindsay

    going to marmaris this week is it best to take more lira than gbp or the other way around

  • Andy

    Hi allwe’ve just booked a holiday to Marmaris, staying at the Grand Pasa Hotel. Has anybody stayed here??What is it like?Many thanks everyone.

    • Sarah Mcgougan

      Hi Andy. Im thinking of booking a holiday to the Grand Pasa hotel going out in April. What did you think of the hotel and when did you go as bnot sure what the weather like then. Cheers Sarah Xx

  • Connell Brenda

    hi i am English and live out in Marmaris and would like,  to meet some English or any English speaking people who live there so we could meet and if we have any problems we could share:- as the saying goes a problem halved is a problem shared. I am a young 61 year old and female

  • http://www.marmaris.org Marmaris Turkey

    Here are some great pictures of Marmaris

  • Mick-07-

    hi i am thinking of going to turkey marmaris at the start of august…does anyone know how warm it will be? also thinking of staying in club julian or hotel marbella…has anyone been to either and reviews…. we are after somewere is very close to the beach and is all inclusive thanks michael

    • Levo

      Hi Mick…
      You have made a very good decision about going to Marmaris. You will love it. August is a hot month. It cold go to 80-90 F. But it is nice. Plenty of swimming, swimming pools and air-conditioned rooms.
      If you would like to be close to the beach i would recommend Hotel Marbella. She is right on the beach. Just 5 steps. Marbella always wind best service awards and always have great reviews. I have added 2 pictures showing the hotel being just on the beach front. I am not sure if they are “all-inclusive” but I can find out. Even if they are not, it is worth the stay there. You will enjoy eating at nice restaurant along the beachfront anyways.
      Please let me know if you have any other question.

  • Tazhussain786

    hi iam going to marmaris on 2nd of april for 7 nights,hows the weather in april,?

    • Levo


      Weather is always nice in Marmaris. April can be sometimes a little cold. so bring a coat just in case. You can see average weather statistics for Marmaris here http://www.marmaris.org/marmaris-average-weather/

  • Conner430

    Yes stayed last year. Get room in main building. It’s busy at meal times. Some bar staff Lear at the young women when serving them at the bar. Hotel is ok but l have stayed at better in Marmaris. Have a good stay.

  • Jordans27

    hello.im off with hubby onmkay 14th – 21st 2012  and staying at the green nature resort and spa.we are keed bird watchers and was wondering what the birdlife is like out there. . . i would be grateful for any feed back on this thankyou.

  • A Marmaris visitor

    Hi, I am visiting Marmaris, arriving 13th April 2012.  We are staying at the Ideal Prime Beach Hotel.  Can anyone suggest some “must do” activitities  whilst here.  Can you also comment on the hotel chosen please.  Is there plenty to do around this area, or am I required to sit quietly for a week, reading my book!

  • James24

    hi im staying at the grand pasa hotel on the 26th of april has anyone been and also how long is the coach transfer from the airport. thanks jamees

  • Freezin_calder

    Hi anyone been to the Club Diana Hotel in Mamarris. Im 8th May and have read some bad reviews on it.

  • Michaelboyne32

    Hi im going all inclusive on 20 april for 7 nights i was wandering would £300 be enough for me

    • Ffoxton

      we are going in august 10 days all inclusive in marmaris good luck we been to turkey before but not there we were in side didnt injoy that to far from anyway so going to try this place as most people i spoke to it very good we a family of 4

      • tony38

        its an amazing place, im going again in july for 12 days this will be my 6th time to mamaris, you cant go wrong here you will all have a fab time

    • Silent_angel121

      I took £500 for two weeks when i last went lol i think you’ll do fine :)

    • Sukhi

      Who’s going in July 2012?

  • Ericacoucom

    flying out may 21st 2012.can anyone tell me wot weather will b like in may.and does anyone know what the club excelsior appartments are like,its my 1st time to turkey

  • Mal

    Golng on the 10th of May, Three Geordies stayin at the Blue Park Hotel for 3 Weeks.
    Cannot Wait.

  • Ffoxton

    hello we are going to marmaris staying at pineta club hotel anyone been there we got a 9 and 11 yrs old so hope lots to do anyone been to the turtle beach trip

    • StuartM

      Turtle beach is nice trip out. Prob not see turtles though despite what they will tell you. lol
      Lazy day boat trip is always excellent day.

    • KSunraes

      Never stayed at that hotel but have taken children of that age and there is lots to do. Jeep safari and the boat trips are great go to estun tours on the front marina you will get a good deal.

    • emma

      hi we have just booked to go their we fly on the 4th of july for 10 nights when are you going? im a bit worried now as iv been reading reviews…

  • tori

    hi ,can some one please help iam so stuck and really need to get saving ,iam a famliy of 5 with 3 children ranging from 3 to 14 .i have never been to turkey before we are going allinclusive for 2 weeks ,but i have no idea how much spending money to take ,we would like to do some day trips and spend a little shopping please can some one help me 

    • emma

      im the same dont no how much to take were only goin for 10 nights tho were are u stying?

      • tori

        hi i only have just got your reply ,we are staying in club nergis but we dont go until 4 oct but iam so worried as reveiws have been terrible x when and were are u going

    • Pam

      Hey guys, I go to Turkey every year, i have recently noticed a rise in prices and the Turks not willing to haggle, but saying that it is still reasonably cheap to do a variety of things, however if you’s do excursions and it says lunch included always take some cash, sometimes drinks are not included. If your all Inclusive I’d say take about 900 approx, or take less, remember whatever you take in English doubles when using Turkish Lira, prices may look expensive when priced in the Turkish currency but do keep in mind of the exchange rate because the prices are extremely cheap. I’m not sure if this made any sense or not, seemed like i just went on and on, hope it was of some use to you’s. Also remember every passport holder must have £10 note (Bank of England – Scottish notes not accepted) to pay for the visa in Dalaman Airport. I wish you and you’re families the very best Journey to Turkey and i hope you enjoy your stay.

      p.s the Turkish people are very friendly towards everyone but especially families, they will go out their way to ensure you have the very best stay in their country. They are genuinely loving and caring people and their country is such an amazing and beautiful place to visit.

      i shall check this again soon to see if you have replied with anything, i would be more than happy to answer any questions you may have.

      • tori

        hi pam thank you for your reply ,advise taken x

      • Pam

        Hey Tori, Don’t mention it, always happy to help x

  • Colinhelsby

    my son has gone there

  • Shaun

    Hi, we are going to club secret apartments for 2 weeks in may 2013.
    Just wondering if anyone has been to these apartments, and can tell me what they are like.
    Never been to turkey before!!

  • Stephx-x-x

    has any one stayed in the epic hotel before in marmaris?? me and my boyfriend are going on our first holiday together there in 2 weeks time!

  • Stujaywill89

    going next week for 10 nights with the missus, will be going Bar Street probly 4-5 nights is £400 going to be enough. We’re just pool layers during the day as well lol

  • lolly

    just saying that if you are looking for somewhere to stay in marmaris club exelsior is definately the place to go!!! you will be surprised at how AMAZING it is :)

  • naso

    me and 2 friends are going there on august 22, should be lots of fun :)

  • ena

    i can help you tori ask me

    • tori

      hi mate x sorry its taking me ages to work this page

  • Teri

    Hi I am going to marmaris 25th October has anybody ever been this time is it sun bathen weather and is it busy many thanks

  • mustafa

    hi everybody,if you are looking for intimate friend when you visit turkey ,you can add me. lincoln_burrows27@yahoo.com

  • Jeffrey

    I’m arriving from Long Beach,California USA in April..what type of clothing should I bring for this time of year In Marmaris ?

  • P Diddy

    Hi, i’m currently looking at booking a holiday for the summer. Will be going with about 5 other lads. Looking for a decent party destination, cheap drinks, good looking females, nice coastline etc, but wanting to avoid the likes of Maga, Ibiza, etc to go for something a bit different/ more cultured (went Croatia last year, so something similar would be ideal) – Would you recommend this place for us? Thanks in advance.

  • Lucie

    Hi guys,

    Me and my friend flying to Marmaris on 20.5. for 7 days. We were reading about Marmaris beaches that they are not nice at all. We are staying in Epic hotel, any advice for nice beach around that area??? And any feedback about the hotel???

    Thank you

  • Marmaris explorer

    Hi, im 19 and going to Marmaris on july 3rd with 2 friends. can anyone tell me how much lira i would need for spending money for one week in marmaris, excluding accommodation. thanks :)

  • http://www.marmaris.org Marmaris Turkey

    About 2-3 Miles Great Walk Everyday from hotel To Downtown

  • Guest

    Hello everyone. I am 22 years old and going to marmaris with 3 friends on 23.08. for 11 days. But I have no idea if there is many activities for young persons (Clubs, Bars, …). We will stay in Poseidon Hotel.

    If there are young persons here that will also be there in the same time, then contact me – we could do party together :-) [just answer me here]

  • louise

    hi going to marmaris on the 16th sept with 6 other people but we need to know which hotels let u upgrade once your there and how much any help would be grateful! thanks