Breakfast for Sultans

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A secret place 30 minutes away from Marmaris. Sorry NO bacons! This breakfast will bring health to you. ORGANIC tomatoes, honey, fresh eggs (you can meet the chickens) , freshly made nice smelling bread by real Turkish village ladies, olives, fresh juices, tea, cheese etc… YOU CANT BUY THIS AS A REGULAR TOUR! Continue reading

We locals love our Turkish Breakfast. All natural, herbal, organic sooo yummie!  We prepare our breakfast at home usually but even us locals love going to this village getaway to have a feast. Fresh farm eggs, honey, goat cheese, freshly picked tomatoes. cucumbers, all kinds of olives, Turkish sausages, parsley, pastry and fresh local bread made by Turkish village ladies before your eyes, tea etc. ana many more.


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The other beautiful part of this place is you are 30 minutes away from Marmaris in the forest in a nice little village. Restaurant is run by village people. Atmosphere is fantastic. Water is running everywhere, set up among the pine trees. You feel the freshness of the day.

If you like we can create a nice day out of this opportunity for you. You can have 2 options. one FULL DAY with a visit to strawberry farms and Cleopatra’s Beach. OR JUST BREAKFAST and come back to Marmaris.

JUST BREAKFAST: We can take you here in the morning whenever you wish. you can even make it a BRUNCH since this place serves delicious Turkish food as well. We can pick you up from your hotel, drive about 30 minutes through village roads and get here. Once we arrive you are the Sultan. We will help you order if you like us to. Then just enjoy. If you have kids they will have kids playground. Bring your newspapers and enjoy the water sound and silence with delicious food. Let us know when you want to get back and we will drive you back to your hotel. You can decide to go to Turkish bath after this if you like.

Breakfast is 16  Turkish Lira. You pay this at the restaurant. Transportation cost will depend on number of people. Transportation is very reasonably priced. Please ask for quotation. We recommend there are at least 4 people in your group.

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If you like we can make this a whole day trip. The restaurant is very close to Cleopatra’s Island. We will continue our day after breakfast by going to strawberry farms. You will pick your own strawberries. These farms are where Cleopatra picked her strawberries.

After enjoying the strawberry farms, we will go on a boat and go to a beach across from Cleopatra Island. This beach is where Cleopatra used to get away to be on her own and relax.

Please ask for a quote if interested.

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