Deniz Cafe – Restaurant

On March 20, 2011, in Cafe Bars, Restaurants, by lyaylali

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Watch the SLIDESHOW: Marmaris DENIZ CAFE Slide

Watch the SLIDESHOW: Marmaris DENIZ CAFE Slide

  • Sachin

    I want to rent a small Bar & Rest to start Indian Restaurant with Tandoori Kebabs at waterfront in Marmaris,please Help.(

  • fred

    merhaba halil , good to see you  regards fred

  • Lisa V Beale

    this place have rude owener and the food was robish

    • Charosta

      what a bs, these people are probably the nicest people in marmaris!!

  • Sabrina Sarwat

    Thnak you!!
    How are you wanatali fanau

  • Hans

    It all started so promising… Finally a restaurant that didn’t have a pushy waiter trying to get you inside. So we got a table for four.

    Staff helped us with the chairs, took our orders, and brought us our drinks. No problems so far.

    Entrees were excellent! Greek salad the way it’s supposed to be, and cheese rolls which were really good.

    Then the main course. I ordered medium rare peppersteak, but got well done. Can happen, was hungry, didn’t want to send it back. My brother ordered the mixed seafood platter. This were it went from good to very bad…

    The shrimp wasn’t cleaned – AT ALL – it still had it’s entrails inside and thus was literally filled with sand and SHRIMP-SHIT.

    To top that off, the head of the octopus had not been removed, Leaving the mouth and reproductive organ of the octopus on the plate. Also, the chewy membrane around the octopus had been left intact.

    Confronted with these facts, the waiter was not open for suggestions, and his first response was that we would have to pay for it anyway, directly followed by stating that the restaurant has prepared food in this manner for over ten years. Which is of course possible, if you have several busloads of new uninformed tourists arriving every day.

    So, if you are interested in eating overpriced Shrimp SHIT and Octopus DiCK, I would recommend eating here.

  • badexperience

    These people are not qualified for the restaurant business. The cook is incompetent . He sure knows how to spoil food. The waiter goes into a heavy discussion when you have complaints. Visiting this place is a waste of time and money and is bad for your blood pressure.

  • An. Quattro

    Good Day.
    I express my interest of cooperation in promotion Ukrainian food in Marmaris, Turkey.
    Our company have a business offer with professional staff cooks and interior projects.
    Thanks in advance.