Places To Eat

Where to start!!!  It is just incredible…

As the world knows very well, Turkish Cuisine is so delicious and addictive. You can find many different kind of Turkish restaurants in Marmaris, from little lokantas where the locals eat to world famous restaurants or Kebab shops.

Marmaris does not only offer Turkish restaurants. You can find any international cuisine. That is not a problem. Problem is ” Where, how, in what kind of quality environment, for what budget you wanna eat”.  Choises are unlimited.

Do you want to eat at the local corner restaurant? Do you want to eat Indian, Chinese, Dutch, italian Frentch etc.? Would you like to look at the majestick luxurios yachts while dining listening to jazz? How about a take out and eat at your room? Do you want us to arrange a private yacht tour dining where your crew will cook for you? Do you want to be ebtertained by the staff and laugh till you drop while having great time? Do you want local Turkish ladies cook for you while you listen to Turkish Music? we can gooo on and on….

We will try to guide you with your dining experience in Marmaris. Of course there are some places that you might have bad experience. Here at we will give you listings of places to go that YOU MUST TRY. Either yo uare dining at nite and during the day.

Ben Apetit!

  • Sophie

    Mad boys is a must!!! Lovely food and good entertainment!

    • Cerise Stewart-Samson

      Where is it? Closest hotel? thanks

  • liz w.yorks

    angels over road from hotel selen and not far from mcdonalds on the main road massive menu and great food and lovely lads ,cheeky but nice lol

  • liz w.yorks

    best steak Natalies on front bit pricey for turkey but the best I go every time for a nice steak and bottle of wine then finish with liquer cream coffee tia maria yummy usely on my last day as need to be cheered up at the thought of flying home

  • liz w.yorks

    soup kitchen don’t want a hugh meal ,soup kitchen is the place ,good value and lovely atmosphere ,go where the locals go shows you its good