30 Facts that Can Inspire You to Go for Hiking on the Carian Trail


The Carian Trail is named after the Carian civilization. It is an 800 km long trail covering the Southwest part of Turkey including the modern Mugla and Aydin provinces. The region comprises several ancient ruins and historic monuments. Visitors can fulfil travel across the through stone paved roads that connect several small villages from the coast to other mountainous areas in the region. 1 – Mesmerizing Coastal Views 2/3rd of…

Turquoise Trails – Magical Landscape


Turquoise Trails- One of the Best in the World with 1500km Length and 10000 years History Turquoise Trail is inclusive of Lycian Trail and Carian Trail Lycian way Trails Mark the Beginning of beginning of Turquoise Trails When you move on to the southern coast of the Mediterranean, you will get into the historically rich Lycia, which is traditionally called the Tekke Peninsula. When you start walking down the trail,…

Cabin Charter


Cabin Charter is  the most affordable way to Explore World Famous  Turquoise Coastline of Turkey. There are two ways to experience the unforgettable  Gulet, Blue Cruise tour. If you are a big group (like 8 and more people) you can rent the entire Gulet boat for yourselves as a group OR if you are a few people and do not want to pay for the entire boat, you can just rent…



Turquoise, the precious stone that was originally imported from Turkey. It is also the name of one of the best coastlines in the world. Running along Turkey’s west and south seashore, the Turquoise coast offers you pristine waters, bucolic nature, spectacular capes, coves, peninsulas, islands, and more importantly, unforgettable memories that you will cherish forever. Discover #Turkey #HomeOf #Turquoise. Be our guest!

Yacht Charter and Sailing


How would you like to be the King and Queen of your own Charter Yacht for a week or two around the Turkish Turquoise Coastline and The Greek Isles? You design the level of energy, relaxation and itinerary. With the crew always there to attend all your request and wants. All you have to do is Enjoy and seize the moment. Order your favorite cocktails while you sunbathe and relax,…