AquaDream Waterpark

As in most summer vacation resorts, Marmaris also offers Waterparks. Waterparks are always fun especially in very hot weather!

AquaDream Waterpark is situated on top of the hills where you will have a stunning birds-eye view of Marmaris while playing in the water.

 Aquadream Waterpark - Things to do in Marmaris

OPENS: Everyday at 10:00 am  CLOSES: 17.30 pm

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Aquadream waterpark in Marmaris has a restaurant, changing rooms, lockers, hot and cold showers and a cafeteria. All you need is available. JUST relax and get WET and WILD!

Watch the SLIDESHOW: Marmaris "Aqua Dream Waterpark" Slide

  • alannah x

    how far is it from the Grand Villa Sol hotel in marmaris ? and roughly how much in lira ?

    • Ryan

      i went here last year and it cost 25tl and its not that far from grand villa sol approx 10/15 min walk as i stayed at the blue bays which is 2 hotels up from the grand villa,

      hope this helps :-)

  • Keironp

    is it the best water park in marmaris

  • Keironp

    is it the best water park in marmaris

    • Clare o

      We tried both water parks in Marmaris. We found Atlantis the one on the beachfront much better for us. They both have most of the same rides and roughly the same amount. Aqua dream is very spacious and has got beautiful views, the steps and walkways are all tiled and can get extremely slippery and hot under foot, whereas Atlantis is much more compact (easier to keep an eye on our 5 yr old), all the walkways and steps are covered with a  grassy carpet, all you are not restricted to just eating here and paying over average prices like you are at Aquadream.  We paid for aquadream 65TL/£26 form a booking agent in the street. you can make considerable savings by using them!

  • Laura

    How far is this from the Pineta Club Hotel? And how much in Lira? 

    • Marmaris Turkey

      20 min Walk

  • Tazbrom

    we are travelling to Marmaris oct half term. Will this still be open 24th Oct 2011? I know Atlantis shuts the 15th october

    • Marmaris Turkey

      yes water park open till end of October

  • Charlottenatasha_xX

    We go 29th sept will it still be open? Also how far from Club Diana Hotel?

    • Dawnwatson

      hi there is a bus that takes you too the water park from diana hotel but if you were to walk it is around 15 mins walk away

  • me

    helloooooooooooooooo… this waterpark in leicester?

    • helooo


  • Paulineh

    can you take your own food to the water park?

    • Sarah5255

      no you cant 

    • Dawnwatson

      hi no you can not take your own food and drink on the park. the staff take it off you on the way in.

    • Guest

      no food no drink

  • Xbabyxoxgurlx

    I can’t swim. Is the water quite shallow?

    • Marmaris Turkey

      Yes most of them, please check there before trying
      Water Park

  • Mjt_lizzy

    is it open now i am due to fly next Tue? x

    • Marmaris Turkey

      Yes Water Park Open Now

  • Hejsan Abd

    its funny there, very funny. I get happy when i go to aquadream i marmaris!

    • Marmaris Turkey

      Water park Makes you Funny.

  • Bubblicious

    Hi does anyone know how far any of the water parks are from the ekin hotel?

    • Marmaris Turkey

      Taxi is Very affordable to Water Park.You can book online and Picked up from Your hotel

  • Chloe Cullen

    how far from marmaris park hotel??

    • Marmaris Turkey

      30 min walk or 10 min taxi dolmus

  • Gail Hall131

    How far is it from club cettia resort can I walk

    • merrymax

      You can walk but theres a steep hill, we get a cab for just a few lira

    • lolsim

      HI Gail. I’ve just seen that you were at the Club Cettia. We are due to fly out in 2 wks and are staying there. What did you think of it?? How far is the waterpark from Cettia?
      Hope you had a fab hoilday
      Laura x

  • Angelariddell188

    hey am going to be in turkey in september! is they lockers for personal stuff to be locked up? we are staying at the blue place in marmaris how far away is the park??

    • merrymax

      Yes there are lockers for personal stuff you load cash onto a card to carry for buying food and drink so no need to have cash on you in the park x

  • debsky

    does anyone know if the water park is still open the last week in oct 26th the school holidays and boat trips still on  as we are travelling then and hope some things are still open as iv heard that everywhere is closed  

    • Marmaris Turkey

      Yes Water Park open till end of October

  • guest

    how far is it from club Exelsior

    • Marmaris Turkey

      about 30 min Walk, I would take very affordable Taxi for first time to Water Park

  • Grace

    How far is it frron hisoranu/olu deniz?

    • tarasmum

      hour and a half ride approx

  • CLY

    is it salt water?

  • Abbie

    How much is it in liras? And how far away from blue park hotel?

  • kirsty

    does anyone know if it is close to club ilydia apartments?

  • GUEST 2

    does the water parK open november time/

  • Suzie Gray

    Im going to turkey in 4 days and staying at the Golden Orange is the water park far from there? tia

  • paul leyshon

    how far is the aqua dream waterpark from the ekin apartments

  • Suzy

    Hey a I am travelling on 8th September will the watermark still be opened

  • Jessie

    How much in lira?

    • Anonymous

      It depends, go down to marmaris beach and speak to several of the locals who will offer you the transport and entrance fee for extremely little money. Some if them will charge less because they want your custom – overall I would say that it won’t cost too much in lira. Hope this helps!

  • angie123

    how far is it from club anastasia can u walk there how long does it take

    • Marmaris Turkey

      I would take taxi, 10 min with taxi or 40 in walk

  • Keighly

    How far is this from hotel club cettia

    • Shell44

      Checking on the Marmaris map it doesnt look too far away from Club Cettia – Im staying there this year too. Id say it probably would take 15 mins to walk there at a guess…. Maybe not even that.

  • Lisa

    Is the watermark open 2nd week in may? Fly out next week. Thanks

    • Marmaris Turkey

      Yes open MAY 1

  • hannahbee

    Can you book tickets for all these attractions when your out there or does it have to be done before hand?

    • Anonymous

      You can book it when you’re there. I would advise booking when you are there because there will be a lot of different people offering you the visit for very little money, and most will provide transport to the waterpark (some picking you up from your hotel!!)

      This is what we did when we went, and it was very good fun!!

  • Mark Bradshaw

    Will be going here

  • BRebecca

    Hi, How far is this from Ovacik and is it easy to get to?

  • Julie

    is the waterpark open until the end of october?

    • Marmaris Turkey


  • Guest

    how far is this from noa hotel ??

  • erin

    How far is it for green nature hotel

  • Tia meredith

    How far is it from emer beach hotel

  • Maisie Lock

    How far away is it from villa vardiya and could we get picked up???!

    • Marmaris Turkey

      Yes you will be picked up for Water Park

  • Zoe

    Is there lockers at the waterpark?

  • maddonna

    how far is this from hotel club pineta

    • Marmaris Turkey

      20 min walk

  • april

    has anyone taken young children? would it be suitable for a 1 year old and 4 yr old?

    • Marmaris Turkey

      Some rides are good for 4 year old, but not all. 1 year old will need your help everywhere

  • Vicky

    How far from lidya club happy day and can you pay at the water park and how much thank you :)