Beach Party


Do you want to do something different for the lunch time? How about partying on the beach with one of the best views. Sun, beach, music, dance, food and drinks, amazing view and lots of fun friends. Play in the water! Do Water Sports! Enjoy the Amazing View! and Party.

This Beach is away from all the hotels and the crowd. Its got a nice little bar and a covered sitting area with lots of tables.

Price Includes: B.B.Q chicken/meat, salads and pasta, Lots of delicious Turkish Starters and tons of Fruits.

Adult: 30 TL
Child (7-12): 15 TL
Infant (0-6): Free

Watch the SLIDESHOW: Marmaris FUN Day on the beach Slide

We will PICK YOU UP with our minibuses to get you transfered to the beach.


  • 11:30 A.M – from the “ATATURK STATUTE” near downtown. (If you are staying on the yachts or joining the tour from cruise ships this is the best pick up location. Also for people from nearby hotels)
  • 11:40 A.M – from the “POINT CENTER” (A very well known spot. You Cant miss it… This place is like the center of Marmaris. Most Hotels are located here)
  • 11:50 A.M – from ” MIGROS SUPERMARKET” (A very well known spot. You Cant miss it… This area is also major Hotels area. Walking distance to most hotels)
  • We will arrive to the beach at 12:00 P.M

Once we arrive to the beach, go ahead and get your spot either in the sun or in the shade. Be ready to play and enjoy the day. Order your drinks and Be Free!

The Lunch Bar-B-Que starts at 14:00 PM.

We will RETURN between 17:00 / 18:00 PM – You will be dropped of to the same Pick Up locations.

  • Annemarie Cannon

    hello do thay have jet ski on the beach party

    • Sukhi

      Who’s going in July?

  • Sophie

    are any of the pick up points near the ketenci hotel? 

  • Katie

    are your drinks free

  • Colette

    Do you get free drinks? What entertainment is there?

    Also please could somebody tell me the average price of drinks? Eg a bottle of coke, a pint of beer, a cocktail. I go to Marmaris in 3 weeks & am not sure how much money i will need. Im thinking about 1350 lira for myself for 2 weeks will that be enough? My hotel is half board so I get breakfast & lunch.


    • Francesca

      Hi, i dont know about how much drinks cost on this trip but in marmaris it is very cheap i have been there 6 times in the last three years and in average spend around 700 pounds for two weeks self catering and thats going out every night. As your half board you should be fine with 1350 lira. if you have never been before i would deff recommend turtle beach excursion it really is an amazing day out! hope this helps!


    is this anywhere near epic hotel please?also, do you have to pay for the wATER SPORTS?

  • Bareen

    is women and men seperate

    • Marmaris Turkey


  • Mehz ahmed

    How busy will it be during 20-26 October 2012?

  • sarahmc

    do u have to pay for ur drinks or are they included in the price ????

  • gail

    Whos going in june 2013 ?

    • Jay

      i am :) 17th june

  • Alice Russell

    how do you book this?

  • Matthew jackson

    me and smudga are there in september!, anyone going beginning of sept, drop me a reply.

  • Clarey


    I am coming over in 01 of october – 8th and i have a few questions about this before booking or going etc..

    is the drinks and food free?
    is the water sports included in our fee if not how much to pay?