Boat Trip


A Lazy Day out on the boat! This is one of the best ways to explore the beautiful Aegean Coast. Do you want to sunbathe and swim on secluded beaches and isles with no touch of tourism yet! THIS IS A MUST FOR EVERYONE. You will want to go to this daily tour again and again…

 Cleopatra Island Tour - Things to do in Marmaris

DEPARTURE: Everyday at 10:30 am   RETURN: 17.30 pm
Price Includes: B.B.Q chicken/meat, salads and pasta.

All inclusive all day unlimited beer and soft drinks

Marmaris Boat Trip Marmaris Boat Trip - Phosphoric Caves Marmaris Boat Trip - Water Sport Marmaris Boat Trip - Swimming

Watch the SLIDESHOW: Marmaris Boat Trip

This is what our customers say: “What a Fantastic Day!”

It really is a fantastic day. And here is what another guest said:

“This a wonderful trip to do in marmaris, and you can do it as much as you want since it is affordable and not tiring. If i were you I would do this trip as soon as you get there to get an idea.”

You will spend your all day relaxing, sunbathing on the sunny deck, swimming ,snorkeling in deep turquoise waters. We will be sailing along the coastline of unspoiled Aegean Bays surrounded with pine-clad mountains.

We will be going to different bays with intervals of short and relaxing sailing. Stop-overs will be at: Paradise Island, the phosphoric cave, Aquarium bay, Green sea bay, Kumlubuk and Turunc Beach (we will get of the boat for  exploring this little village).

Marmaris Boat Trip - Aquarium Bay Marmaris Boat Trip - Swimming Marmaris Boat Trip - BBQ

Watch the SLIDESHOW: Marmaris Boat Trip

You will enjoy delicious meats, salads and pasta/meze on the boat during lunch.

Our two floor boats are so comfortable with shady tables first floor and sun deck with sun-beds on the second. Masks, wc, bar are all available on the boat.

  • Nour

    Hi, me and my friend planing to come to marmaris either in april or in may and i want to know how can i book this Boat trip and how much it will cost ??

    • Rach

      We went to Marmaris last year May a good time to go and everything is open. We went to this trip for about 35TL and it was really good the plenty of people selling this trip on the main strip and just shop around for a good deal don’t go to the first person.

    • Marmaris Turkey

      You can book now this Boat Trip just click on “reserve now”

      • Daisy Wazen

        sorry but i cannot see the reserve now button.. can you help

    • Mel Fab160794

      you will have a meeting on your arival with someone that works for your hotel, you can book with them, thats i i book all mine, its just so easy

    • bex

      we booked Here. a minibus collected us from our hotel and took us to the boat. it was an all inclusive trip beer, wine and soft drinks and a bbq. it was great about £16 each!

  • Jen Darling

    Hi,we are going to marmaris in June we are very excited because it is my first holiday abroad
    everybody say’s we will love it and it is highly reccomnded.

    • Carolfellok

      we have gone for the past 4 years it is great .

  • Lowendno1

    me and my friends went last aug and it was amazing i really suggest the scuba diving it just made our day and its really cheap compared to other holiday destinations

  • Mel Fab160794

    this was the best day of my holiday the past two years! amazing so chilled out and lots of sunbathing, then cool down in the sea, a must if you haven’t done it before, i will be going again this year!

  • Tzarfish

    is it good for kids

    • Neilly75

      yes u get 2 jump off the boat n swim around in the ocean kids love it

  • Kev

    can u book these trips while u r out there or do u have to book throw this site

    • Marmaris Turkey

      @kev:twitter Tour booking system is being updated right now and it will be available in a week

      Mean time you can email from Help section to get in touch with someone.

  • chell

    Hi, me and my partner are going to Marmaris in June and I really fancy this trip but the other half doesnt coz he reckons he will get see sick is it really choppy when your out there??

    • Pedro

      Me and my partner have been in Marmaris 8 or 9 times in holidays and we make allways a few boat trips everytime. Book an all inclusive boat trip, it’s not expensive, you can drink wathever you want and you haven’t nothing to pay in the end of the day. Enjoy.

  • guest

    Hi, I know you can book the trips on here now, but can you book them when you are actually in Marmaris and who do you book them through?

    • Sandra Reilly

      You can book boat trips in Marmaris, in any of the travel outlets.  Prices range from £15 upwards and there are numerous routes.  The lunches are normally the same price but be aware that some are all inclusive of drinks and some are not.  Very friendly crews whichever trip you take.  We usually do at least two of these trips during our two week stay.

    • Marmaris Turkey

      You can also book to book.You will receive voucher and receipt online.If you book 3 trips they give 2 free trips too.You have also option to pay only %30 of Total, You pay balance on tour day.

  • Michelle

    Is the water choppy I’m frightened of getting sea sick?

    • Marmaris Turkey

      Water is very calm on this Trip  and very comfortable

    • Colette

      Thats what I’m worried about the only boat I’ve ever been on is a little dingy kinda boat that takes you to another small boat to go paragliding & both of them made me sea sick! I have been told you dont feel a thing with larger boats though.
      Im going to Marmaris for the first time this year & my boyfriend is trying to persuade me into a boat trip but I really dont know what to do. He has been before & been on one before & really enjoyed it I’m really nervous though. Also not being a strong swimmer doesn’t make me feel any better haha.

      • laura x

        going on the lazy day cruise is the best thing to do  for such a small price you get so much and get to see some beautiful places. trunc village is lush and so lovely. find a man called erkan/ eko who owns the paradise-5 boats and a few others. he is situated near the main statue of a guy. hes the best to go with x

      • Lara :)

        Ive recently got back from marmaris and had a really good time, i also went on a boat trip and must say it was the best day of my holiday!! the boat is very still compared to smaller boats and i felt fine even though i get sick on small boats and ferrys!! its such a good trip and you visit a few priceless place, i would have loved to have done it more than once but we onoy had a week and not a huge amount of money…we booked with out hotel reps company hotels4you and it was great we were picked up from the hotel doorstep and then dropped right back after!!

    • Laurapeachybarnett

      no its not its lovely and calm x

    • Keganferguson

      The water is not at all choppy throughout the months of July, August and September only in October can the water be unsettled but nothing like what your thinking. Its very calm and such a relaxing day I’m sure you’ll enjoy x

  • Naghmarehman

    hi i will be comeing to marmaris in july just want to know how i can book boat trip, plus how much will it cost along side the jeep? thanks

  • Hannah

    Hi I’m going in  June/July is it possible to book this trip when you get out there?
    If so how easy is it to do this?

    • Marmaris Turkey

      There are so many of then there to book there, not all of them good. If you want less hassle and pease of mind book online.Don’t take risk in such a short holiday.Price is same and guaranteed.They will pick you up from your Hotel.You can allays reach them from their website too.After you do first one, you will want to do it again. For this price I would do everyday.

  • Ginette newton

    is it a sickly boat trip as my daughter is autistic and shes really worried thanks im goin in ten days

  • Lizidee

    If you walk along where the boats are in Marmaris you will get hassled by lots of people to go on their trips.  Just choose the boat you like the best.  Last July we paid £17 each, they like English money the best.  They will also pick you up and drop you off at your hotel included in the price.

  • Shaun

    are your drinks included in the price as it says all inclusive,looks fantastic tho

  • Johnharris51

    I went in 2009 and had a fantasic day on The Amadeus with Captain Ahmed He’s in the slide show holding the  squid.  His family buisiness make you so welcome and they ensured everyone had a great time.   The food was great and drinks were free all day just like they tell you.  Going again this year 2011 and will definatly be going on his boat again.

  • Faketan_highheels

    i am traveling to marmaris in october can you tell me if these trips will still be running? thanks!

  • Jay

    First, they have two types of boat trips, one is short
    within the bay (I recommend it) where you can jump at the water at some nice
    spots and visit nearby villages, a lunch meal is included and it was amazing.
    while the second boat trip is in larger boat for a longer ride to the other
    side of the Mediterranean and it takes about two hours each way, it’s a great
    feeling to be at the open sea, but the mud bath we visited was nothing special,
    and the river ride at the other side was too much long and nothing much to see,
    and the food was not wow at the bigger boat trip.

    • mezo

      hii my frend are u oke are u comint to marmaris nex year

  • Laurapeachybarnett

    paradise-5 boat trip is the best to go with . very cheap and very good. free booze and drink all day. speak to eko/erkan . he’s near the statue on the habour oppisite the high school x spent 5 out of 7 days on my hol on his boats x

  • Kirstirobinson

    Hi, can someone tell me if the boat trips etc still run in October time?! :)



  • Lisa

    I’m not a very strong swimmer and a bit wary in the water….do they offer life jackets or floats at all???


  • Trcaey123

    Turkey marmaris best holiday I’ve been on so far food amazing people amazing hotel amazing

    • mezo

      hii are u oke are u coming agein to marmaris nex year ????

  • Nadz Alyas

    ive been to marmaris 2 times and both times did a boat trip, going again in october and will do another one. There relaxing and the sights you see are amazing. They stop in the sea several times for you to swim. Book there, cheaper. 1st time we booked one for about £5which had lunch included but we had to buy drinks, this worked out to be expensive drinks cost a lot. Last year we did an all incluseive one for aout £10 so woth it. luch and that was included as usual but also local alcoholic and normal soft drinks were included. cant wait to go again

  • Sophie

    this is where you get your tan :) this is good for the mums, i thinkk children would be bored. some of my friends got bored but thats cos they probably didnt have a swim in the sea when it stopped at its locations. its just a lazy day out, but with brilliant veiws and being able to get than tan. its one of them things you’d probably just do once, even if you kept goin back to marmaris each year.

  • Jane Rowbotham3

    The best boat trip in marmaris is the mega Diana. Never overcrowded only allow people to sun beds. The staff are fabulous and the beer is on tap through out the day once you leave the harbour.
    You normally pay £15 adult. Half price for children.
    Get on it you won’t be dissapointed.
    DK Rowie.

  • Nicola

    Do they have life jackets for children? does anyone know if there are vegetarian meal options please?

    • Laurapeachybarnett

      Yeah if you ask them for them they have to have life jackets and you normally get a piece of chicken , salad spaghetti and bread so your just have to ask for know chicken

  • Annieovenell

    how can we book?

    • Chrisbirch66

      Its best to book at the boats when you get there, you can always get on a boat no problem, check exactly what you get for your money to avoid any problems, have a look at the boats and the sunbeds, make your choice from then.

  • Annieovenell


    • Chrisbirch66

      The Banana boat usually comes along side at some point, However we found that it was very expensive and no-one got on, also check your travel insurance as you may not be covered!

  • Robyn

    I’m going with my boyfriend in April, but he can’t swim! Is tehre any way he can get a life jacket?

    • Chrisbirch66

      There are life jackets on the boat you can use free of charge, there are also life jackets stowed on the boat for emergencies.

  • Sarah

    When in the year do these boat trips start? Or are they all year round?

    • Marmaris Turkey

      It Starts end of April and finishes about end of October 

  • Benjaminbinns

    The water is very calm, very clear and not even that salty in reality! Quality trip!

  • Sarahrose

    do they run all year round? if not when do they start?

  • Owen

    Where can i book this ?????!!!!

  • jane

    Are you open in April? Do you cater for wheelchair users?

    • Marmaris Turkey

      Wheelchairs welcome, But you can only stay in the boat and enjoy all day.Boats my not be able to provide swimming options.
      All tours usually open end of April

  • Diana

    hi there, i want to enjoy your boat trip and horse safari. where can i do reservation or sth. else to enjoy?  thanks xxx diana

  • Nicole Dickson

    Are there any boat parties? Like a booze cruize???

  • guest

    Great fun, but DO NOT BUY PHOTOS OFF THE PHOTGRAPHER JACK, he never drops them off just takes your money!

  • debsky

    hi we are going to marmaris on the 26th october till 2 nov will there still be boat trips on and bars open as i no they all shut down at that time thanks x

  • Chantaal Chapman

    What if I don’t eat meat or chicken, can you provide a fish or veggie option? Thanks

    • Marmaris Turkey

      You have only Salad and rice, spaghetti option.If I were you I would bring extra food with you.

  • Natalie

    i am just back my holidays and went on the boat trip and i really enjoyed one boat which was the King Sezar, how do you manage to book again with the same boat trip as im going back in october?

  • callum

    can you fish on these trips?

    • Marmaris Turkey

      Yes you can but do not expect much, you need to bring fishing tools with you. There is also Fishing trip that all tools provided.

  • Saritatatatata

    What about drinks??

    • Marmaris Turkey

      Drinks extra if you did not book All Inclusive Boat trip

  • kirst

    what happened to the all inclusive boat trip?

  • nikki

    How expensive is the alcohol?

  • Leighann Mcandie

    are pregnant women able to do this ?

    • Marmaris Turkey

      Yes you can, Make sure to pick bigger boats with easy climb up to Boat after you swim.

  • liz

    dont book with sherwood tours a short walk from kippa supermarket in marmaris they rip you off.

  • mel

    il be taking a 4 month old and a 11 year old on hols with me. is this trip anygood for the children? if not can anyone recommend. ta

    • Boat Trip

      for 11 year old it is great. For 4 month i do not know. I gues you can only enjoy after 4 year old sleeps or somebody take care of it for you.

  • courtney

    do they pack loads of people onto the boats?

    • Boat Trip

      Not really, It always fun Trip and almost ever body enjoys.

  • Suzi

    Heya I’m travelling on the 8th sept this year do they boat trips still run .

    • Boat Trip

      Yes till to the middle of October

  • vicky..t

    hi me and my partner are going to marmaris for 11 nights and we want to go on a boat trip but i cant swim so should i go on one or not??

    • Boat Trip

      YES you can, Boat is bit and Secure.Just stay on the boat close to Life Jackets

  • liz w.yorks

    did this trip [all inclusive] for the first time from the Adriatic sea ,bus to boat outside marmaris luckily not many other buses had arrived so could pick good spot upstairs later arrivals had to go inside as not enough room on sun deck ]from our point we had good spot and thoughly enjoyed all day but some downstairs in the shade weren’t happy ,and I know I wouldn’t have been shoved inside allday ,the drinks flowed and the food was excellent ,stopped in some lovely places to swim and explore donkey island [these poor donkeys had no water so filled a cup from boat and gave them that poor things so if go please take them some water]im not a strong swimmer but boat cater for everyone with life jackets ,floats etc even some snorkelsand the waters calm and clear and warm stopped later where we could get a bit of shopping done and a walk or sit in a café/bar before returning back to meet buses ,a long day but very relaxing ,would say this trip is not really for children as some pour the free booze down and get quite drunk and think kids would be bored but for adults a great day and will be doing again this year

    • liz w.yorks

      mean ageon sea

  • Alicehilton1

    Are you lent masks and snorkels or do you have to provide your own?

    • liz w.yorks

      on ours we lent them and was no charge but other boats could be different

  • hazyb

    Did this trip 2 weeks ago, the crew were lovely, very friendly. Our boat had a slide that went under the boat and it was great fun. Places we stopped at were very picturesque. The drinks are responsible depending on what you have, I had a few cocktails so a bit dearer. Food was nice too. Best to do this trip at the start of your hols to kick start your tan :-)

    • Marmaris Turkey

      Thanks You for Sharing Your experience.

  • Charlotte Nicholls

    Does anyone know the name or website of the photographer on the King seaser/Cesar boat that does the day trip and night one? Please contact me!! We have had a problem with the disc that he burnt off for us and we paid full money for them. If anyone was on this boat on the 4th of July 2013 and has a copy of the disc please contact me?! Would really appreicate it!!

  • Bethany f

    Are pushchairs allowed on board ? Me and partner are taking our 6month to turkey in 10days and want to do this trip just wondering if her pushchairs will be allowed on the boat ?

    • Boat Trip

      Yes It is but boat is not that big to go around with it.

  • Ahmad Sherkawi

    where i can buy a ticket ? i will be in marmaris after 2 weeks

  • Jess

    Hi there, I will be arriving early September. Will this excursion still be running in this month?

    • Marmaris Turkey

      Boat trip runs till to the end of October

  • brad

    im going marmaris on aug 19th, just wondering what spots you stop at on a boat trip?

    • Laura85

      Phospherous caves, fish farm, bays to swim. You stop about 4-6 times depending on the boat trip. We have at least 2 Boat trips each time :) We’re going on the 16th Aug.

  • steph

    Although there were problems on picking us up on the day they were very good in organizing a trip for us the next day, and if not, refunding every penny we left as a deposit.

    Contact Nuri as she was VERY helpful.

  • geo

    can you go to turtle beach by boat rather than going part of the way by coach.