Dalyan Caunos

With its anciet King Tombs, Mud Baths, Reed-lined river, miles of sandy beach and world-famous Caretta Caretta sea turtles, DALYAN is one of the best excursions you can experience around Marmaris. Let’s talk about it and Let’s GO!

 Dalyan Caunos

You can also go to dalyan buy Bus day trip. You can check and book here

DEPARTURE: Everyday at 10:00 am   RETURN: 18.00 pm

Price Includes: Pick up from hotel and drop off, lunch, Insurance, driver.


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We will start this beatifull day by picking you up from your hotel, or if you would like to experience the fresh morning walk to the boat, go ahead. We will tell you where the boat is, but just make sure you are aboard on time, before 9:45 am. You will be taking pictures all day long so don’t forget you camera.

This is going to be about 1,5 hours sailing which is so exciting, refreshing, scenic, relaxing and fun. Do not forget your camera. We will sail on the best boat in Marmaris. All the amenities are available on the boat, food, bar, sun-beds, shower etc. No worries. You can see the picture of her in the picture galleries. By the time we arrive to Caunos it is almost about lunch time. So you will be served lunch which is included in the price, before we are move on with the trip. If you get hungry during the day you can purchase food and drinks from places we will visit. Just bring some snacks with you if you like.

Once we arrive to Dalyan and done with our lunch, we will have to move to the smaller river boats (caique) to explore this fascinating area. We will be a convoy of maybe 10-15 river boats. It is actually a very friendly atmosphere where you can make some friends in these boats. Passing through the beach (where you will spend your last few hours of the day) we will start the trip through the winding, reed-lined Dalyan river delta, past the awe inspiring 4th century BC Lycian rock tombs, carved high in the rocky cliff face, and eventually debark near the ancient Caunos harbor to wander among the ruins of this great port.

If you are into history, the ruins of this ancient port date from Hellenic period (5th century BC). Caunos was a major trade port at those times.

Orca Boat Marmaris

Watch the SLIDESHOW: Dalyan-Caunos Slide

Around 2.00 pm, it is time to go to the famous Mud-Baths. Some say this mud-bath will make you feel 10 years younger :) Let’s hope so. This is so much fun. Go into the bath and change the color of your skin, play in the mud. Take tons of pictures. Sulfur pool is also here. Do not worry to get as muddy as possible. Lots of showers are available. Also available is a small cafe where you can relax.

Next stop is going to be the famous Turtle Beach where Caretta-Caretta turtle lay their eggs. You will swim here for a little more than an hour. We will show you where turtles lay their eggs (they are marked and protected) so that you make sure you don’t step on them. One side of this beach is the sea but the other side is the river where their water don’t mix. On the lake side you can find blue crabs. If you would like to taste this delicasie there will be locals selling them.

After the beach and swim break, we will go back to our boat for our journey back to Marmaris with a few swimming break along the way. Usually, because people have great time all day long and get to know each-other, way back of is always fun with lots of rink and music.

This is a lovely day. Don’t miss it! Send us an e-mail from the FORM on the right for us to plan the best holiday for you.

  • Dalyan Caunos

    Thank you so much, I love Turkey with its beauty and tourists!
    I have been to Dalyan and Caunos and Loved it.It is a fun trip by Orca boat.

  • Sissel

    Is it possible to go here in the winter time aswell? Around february?

    • Ecsawers

      no sorry i work here and you carnt

  • Mandy Skittlethorpe

    Again another fabulous day out , Orca boat is lovely, clean and tidy with very friendly staff. Lunch was great and trying the blue crabs on the way back from the Mud Bath was brilliant they are lovely, even one of our group who doesnt normally like crab enjoyed them. Skin felt lovely after the mud bath and the Sulphar bath was lovely and hot but did stink lol………a must do whilst in Turkey

    • Orca

      Thank You Mandy. Orca Is the best Boat In Marmaris for Dalyan Caunos trip.

  • Kev

    just tried to reserve this trip but it ant working :(

    • Dalyan Caunos

      Please use crome or firefox if you see problem. We sell quite a bit everyweek. Please also check your spam folder if you do not get email.

  • Sadiemay93

    i would like to take my camera to this, but it’s very expensive, so what would i do with it during the mudbath?

    • noregrets

      bring a disposable just for that day i would..

  • Charliid-x

    its is great there but smells 

    • Dalyan Caunos

      You Mean Mud Bath right?

  • James

    @e611cebc97502ec36fccc3b5c979bc1b:disqus  It’s a bargain, all that for £21….you’d be mad not to try it!

    • Dalyan Caunos

      Thanks Mate. For this Price all day food fun.

  • Monika

    Is it better to book this trip online or will there will be some reps at the hotel? We are flying this Wednesday

    • http://www.marmaris.org Marmaris Turkey

      If You book Online, You will be picked and dropped back to your hotel.
      Only online booked customers can use specials like if you book 3 trips you get 2 free.
      You can book by paying only 30% deposit if you do not want to pay full.
      We use Paypal for payment, we never see your credit card.
      We also provide lowest price match too, please read that section on website for more details.

  • Bokica

    How can I make a reservation for this trip. Where should I send an e-mail ?

    • http://www.marmaris.org Marmaris Turkey

      Please go to http://www.easymarmaris.com to book.You will receive voucher and receipt online.If you book 3 trips they give free trips too.You have option to pay only %30 of Total, You pay balance on tour day.

  • Rachasfeir

    nice tour 2moro we will b there and explore marmaris beauty

  • Craigrea2011

    Don’t bring a camera with you to the mud baths… there is no where to sat it plus there is always some one there to take photos and there are not the dear… when to this last year and it was one off  the best trip i have been to while in marmaris.. :D  

  • Kevin Wainford

    is there someone to take pictures when u hav had a mud bath and can you buy them on the day ?

  • Ianhurn

    Liked the experience very much, except for the resturant where the man with the glasses who was collecting the money for the drinks was a total disgrace to the turkish people (who are very friendly people). This man was preying on everyone there and even making me and the others in our group feel very guilty about being there, really put us off

  • Tabassum_taznin

    Coming on 12th April 2012 with sisters and friends… Cant wait! I love turtles :)

  • rach

    is this trip ok for a toddler i am planning a holiday but my little girl is only 2 and a half so would this be ok for her

    • Dalyan Caunos

      Yes It is ok for Toddlers of any age. Boat is safe and confortable

  • Mihussain12

    Will it be more expensive when we’re there?? Seems good value for a whole day £21

    • Dalyan Caunos

      You can not beat this price, All Day great Fun, Only think you need to pay is your drinks if you buy.Please read what is included.Some customer try to make it even lower this price. We have to make living too.Profit margins are so love in this competitive market.

  • Lilshoward24

    Hi just wondering if they pick you up from your hotel or if there is specific points to meet? im going august 2012…

    • http://www.marmaris.org Marmaris Turkey

      They pick up from your hotel usually

  • Becky

    can you book in resort for this?

    • Dalyan Caunos

      Yes you can but it is better to book online. We have great options like you can book by paying only deposit (30%) you can book this trip. You can pay balance on the boat on Tour day.if you book 3 trips we give 2 free.Please check

  • machollie

    can you go in October roughly the 20th in 2013?

  • teryy85

    this is one of students final project film abaout Marmaris Dalyan tour.Take a look.


  • terry85

    very cool film about Marmaris,Dalyan

  • Monika

    Where we can by the tickets for the activities ?

  • kitty

    do the mud baths cost extra?

    • http://www.marmaris.org Marmaris Turkey

      No, it is included in the price

  • neda

    How can i reserve tour?
    Please give me tour address or call namber.

  • citti

    is there extra costs for entry to the mud bath?

    • http://www.marmaris.org Marmaris Turkey

      All entrance fees included in the Price.

  • Tom

    Hi, is it toilets in the smaller river boats (caique) ?

    • http://www.marmaris.org Marmaris Turkey

      No Toilets on River Boats, it lasts only 20 min before first stop where you can have one. Main Boat from Marmaris Has Toilets .

  • christina

    what insurance is included in the quad safari?

  • liz w.yorks

    I have done this trip about 10 times with different friends ,a lovely trip especially if done by boat to turtle beach ,must admit you smell the mud baths before you see them and you need an old cossie/trunks as the mud can slightly stain so don’t wear new swimwear ,I only braved the mud twice as don’t like sliding about in it as very slippy getting in/out and doesn’t feel very nice and of course the stink but dries on you as a muddy greenish colour and you all look rather funny covered head to toe in it ,granted your skin feels nice after but I now sit and chill with nice cool drink and seem to get asked a lot to take photos for people ,best part for me is the river boats and turtle beach with the wonderful beach and warm clear sea [no wonder the turtles picked it]and try a pancake from one of the tents ,they are made in front of you and are mouth watering also sand red hot so wear sandals unless you want burnt feet

  • rachael

    Can I book this when I get to Marmaris?

    • Dalyan Caunos

      Yes you can but it can be a different tour company. It is better to book online. We have great options like you can book by paying only deposit (30%) you can book this trip. You can pay balance on the boat on Tour day.if you book 3 trips we give 2 free.Please check

  • sharon

    Hi myself and my partner are going to marmaris in august and by thst stsge ill be 5 months pregnant, I really want to do the dalyan trip, will I be able to participate?

    • Dalyan Caunos

      Yes You can Participate . Only place you need to be extra careful is on River Boats. Even river boats fine but just be more careful

  • Ahmad Sherkawi

    hi what is the distance between palm beach hotel and this trip? and how u will take us from our hotel? can u give us more details

    • Dalyan Caunos

      It is not far, But we will pick you up from hotel. Just be ready on Time. If you ever worried or want to change date, Please call numbers on Voucher

  • Kat84

    Is this trip suitable for families with toddlers?

    • Dalyan Caunos

      It Is Great For Families, It is Fun and Easy Day

  • robert

    sounds very interesting,i believe that there is 1price for 2 trips ,I,e.turtles Turkish baths and one other ,is this correct and what would be the price please?Iam due to arrive on 26th August.and would really appreciate any info regarding above .

    • http://www.marmaris.org Marmaris Turkey

      Yes if you book 3 trips you get Moonlight dinner Cruise and Turkish Bath Free. http://www.easymarmaris.com

  • http://www.marmaris.org Marmaris Turkey

    Here is a good Video abou this tour