Marmaris offers diving experience for all skill levels, from beginners to certified divers (PADI – CMAS – BSAC) in the warm, crystal clear waters. Even if you are not a diver you can join this daily trip.

 Diving Tour - Things to do in Marmaris

DEPARTURE: Everyday at 10:30 am   RETURN: 17.30 pm
Price Includes: Pic up from the hotel and drop-off, Boat trip, Two dives, Full equipment, Insurance, Lunch


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Diving in Marmaris, Turkey. Crystal clear, unique and unforgettable day!

Turkey has some great scuba diving locations. Marmaris is one of them with its secluded bays, warm crystal clear water and a lot to explore underwater.

In conjunction with award-winning diving centers, we have fully equipped and staffed standard diving boats to allow you to do just this and can cater for all levels, from experienced to beginners.

If you are coming to dive with us, this will be our daily program. You can also read here what is in- and excluding the price. All our passengers on the boat are fully insured.

The two introduction dives are both between 20 and 30 minutes. At first, beginner divers get full dive instruction about use of equipment, under water signs, and swimming techniques. They will make 2 dives, each between 20 and 30 minutes in groups of 2, under supervision of a qualified instructor. Beginner divers get the chance to buy a DVD with their underwater photo’s and film. They can also buy a diving certificate, to proove they had 2 dives at an authorised CMAS diving center.

The two experienced dives are both untill finishing air, or otherwise minimum 45 minutes. Experienced divers will dive in groups in which the divers have about the same level. There is no minimum or maximum to these groups. Both dives will be untill finishing air or otherwise minimum 45 minutes. The experienced groups will always be guided by one or two qualified instructors. Also the experienced divers get the chance to buy a DVD with their underwater photo’s and film.

Watch the SLIDESHOW: Marmaris Diving Slide

First of all we will pick you up in the morning from your hotel with our minibus service. The pick-up time is beteen 8.30 and 10.00 o’clock in the morning. At 10.00 o’clock we leave from the harbour towards our first dive site. On the way to the first dive site the beginner divers get full instruction for their introduction dives and the experienced divers can choose their equipment and make themselves ready for their first dive. At the first dive site the experienced divers will enter the water first together with one or two instructors to make their first dive. After that we reveal the programme for the beginner divers and the beginner groups will make their first dive. Beginners dive in groups of two with one instructor.

When the first dive is finished we will serve you a warm lunch and we sail to the second dive site where the program for diving is the same as at the first dive.

If you booked as a non-diver you can, off course, swimm in the chrystal clear water. If you would like a snorkel and mask for yourself all day, you can bring your own or buy one at our boat. When all divers finished the second dive, there is some time left to swim and snorkel before we sail back to Marmaris.

After arriving in the harbour, we provide again our minibus service back to your hotel

  • Graeme Campbell

    My son will be 12, will he be able to take part in diving.

    • http://www.marmaris.org Nicole

      Heeey, can my little brother do it he is 8 ?

    • Nautilus Diving Cent

      Read our message…

  • Nautilus Diving Cent

    Yes, if the children are up to it – if they really want to try diving, 8 years old is the minimum age.

  • Nour

    Hi, me and my friend planing to come to marmaris either in april or in may and i want to know how can i book this diving activity and how much it will cost??

  • Chari

    I have just started swimming lessons. I can confortably swim in shallow waters but not in deep waters. can i do diving?

    • LondonXplorer

      Yes. I am a non-swimmer and did the PADI certified course. The vest doubles as a buoyancy aid.

  • Sally

    how much is it for the photos from your dive?

    • nautilus

      10 pounds PP

  • Sally

    how much is it for the photos from your dive?

  • KBT

    Are there height/weight restrictions for the diving, do you have to have to have a wetsuit?

    • nautilus

      Diving equipment is given by us. As long as one is healthy there are no wight restrictions

  • Star

    how can we book this?

    • nautilus

      through this website

  • Mandy Skittlethorpe

    We were a group of 12 (4 qualified divers and 1 beginner) and the rest non divers who have just been on this trip, it was a brilliant day, even for the non diving people. All staff on the boat were very friendly and helpful. Recommend to anyone wanting to have a diving trip in Turkey

  • Naghmarehman

    hi ill be coming to marmaris in july  an will be staying in banu hotel was woundering ho will i get to the place u will be picking everybody of? an how long away is the place. thanks

  • G Smith

    I am a very large lady would there be a wet suit to fit me?

    • Mickeymouse

      we will try and sew several suits together

    • nautilus

      WE have realy big suits available. Otherwise you can still dive but without a suit

  • Dakece

    Can we dive if we have never dived before?

    • Ciaratwomey10

      Yes I went tot turkey last year and I dived for the first time ever but u normaly get to practice in ur hotel pool well I did anyway it is a great experience it’s one of a life time I would recommend this totally and u get ur dinner and tea so it’s a ful day on the ship !!!!!

  • Goldguy74

    Did my Padi Open Water with Nautilus last year. I had never dived before in my life. Proffesional set up with good teaching. Always pick up as promised, alwasy drop off as promise, food nice and light especially if you doing a dive in the afternoon. Since coming back from that inspiring trip, I’ve bought my own gear and diving in the UK and now up to BSAC Sports diver and will be working up to Dive Leader next year. Absolutely amazing trip which really opened up a HUGE new world to me. Will be coming back to Marmaris next year, and im looking forward to getting back on the Nautilus!

  • Donna courtnadge

    do you have to bring your own wet suits?

    • nautilus

      WE provide full diving gear, inclusive wetsuits

  • Lilshoward24

    Hi im coming in august 2012, was wondering if they pick you up from your specific hotel or if there are main points to meet…. 

    • http://www.marmaris.org Marmaris Turkey

      They pickup from your hotel

      • Shahrazad

        Can I get the number for this service, i am in marmaris, and would like to go diving asap :)

    • BBINNS

      What hotel are you staying in?

  • Bekdash Tarek

    Hello, is this service still available? I am visiting Marmaris end of June this year, and I’d like to go diving! Please give me all the details, and if the price has changed.

  • FS

    I wear glasses, do the goggles allow me to wear my glasses as I cannot see without them. Thanks.

    • nautilus

      We do not have prescripted goggles available. Maybe you can wear contact lenses during the dive?

  • RSWB

    How much is the DVD of pictures please?

    • nautilus

      10 Pounds pp

  • puneet

    hey is this diving open during ramazan,.. we are coming on 19th of aug,2012..

    • Nautilus

      Yes we are open from 1 april until 31 October.

  • Amanda

    We are looking to book 3 days diving with you and considering staying in Fethiye. Would you be able to pick us (2 in party) up and drop us off at our hotel?

    • Nautilus

      WE are based in Marmaris, this is tooo far to Fethiye.

  • kimbolina

    Hi, Me and 2 friends will be staying in Turunc, are we able to get picked up from our hotel there or would we need to go into Marmaris?

    • Nautilus

      We do not provide transfer to Turunc, you can take a local bus, Taxi or Water taxi to Marmaris

  • Marmaris

    if you cant swim can you go diving ?

    • nautilus

      Yess you can, because with diving you wear a Bouyancy device (sort of life jacket)

  • Laila

    Do you have to be a good swimmer to be able to dive? What clothing would I need to take with me to dive? Is the wetsuit and equipment available to get on the trip?

    • Nautilus

      We provide all diving equipment needed. You just need to bring your bathing suits and a towel.

  • kristine

    is it for all ages??

    • nautilus

      Yes as long as you have no serious health problems, anyone can dive until any age

      • R HILL

        What is lowest age?

      • http://www.marmaris.org Marmaris Turkey

        So kids can do when 5, but realistically 8 is good age to start. Remember all beginner dives are with experienced Instructors

  • Douglas Macfarlane

    I have dived 5 times in various countries,marmaris included,would I be able to do the experienced dive,I do not have Padi certificate ??????

    • Nautilus

      Without a Padi Certificate, it is impossible to do an ‘experienced dive’. We do facilitate 3 days Padi courses!

  • Isla

    We are coming to Marmaris this week and were wondering wether you can book it at our hotel?

    • http://www.marmaris.org Marmaris Turkey

      You can book at your hotel too, but i do not think they sell our Service, as there are others who does diving. Best to book online and pay with credit card.

  • Elizabeth

    Hi I have arthritis and I really want to do this am I still able to?

    • Paul E Paul

      will do your arthritis some good!

  • R HILL

    How old do you have to be to do beginners dive – is 13 OK

    • http://www.marmaris.org Marmaris Turkey

      Yes, If you are healty

  • Donna

    We are a family of 5 really interested in doing this how would we be split up in groups two adults and children 15, 12 and 9 thankyou!

    • http://www.marmaris.org Marmaris Turkey

      There will 3-4 groups each dive you can join any group and decide there after talking to trainer. We are flexible

      • Donna

        I was more worried about my children being with someone who isn’t one of their parents during a dive. I wouldn’t want any one of them diving with strangers. In the itinerary it says beginners dive in two’s that would mean one of us being with a stranger and I don’t want this to be one of the children! Do you have a flexibility of 3 beginners being able to dive together? My children are all very capable swimmers. Thank you.

      • nautilus

        you can all dive together in one group. We have more instructors to guide a bigger group.

      • Donna

        Perfect! Looking forward to it!

  • Jess

    Hi there, I am visiting Marmaris this September. Will you still be operating this excursion or will it be out of season?

    • http://www.marmaris.org Marmaris Turkey

      October 31st

  • Mark

    i’m coming to marmaris august 8, can i bring my own diving equipment ( BCD, regulators, spg, mask & fins) or i must use the equipment found on the boat?

    • nautilus

      You are very welcome to bring your own gear!

  • Holly

    Hi how do we go about booking this or is there somewhere to book up once we get there we are going on holiday the end of this month :)

  • Paul E Paul

    do you supply life vests for the snorkelling & wetsuits??

    • http://www.marmaris.org Marmaris Turkey

      Yes They provide all That

  • Marc Godden

    What are the age restrictions ?

    • http://www.marmaris.org Marmaris Turkey

      8 is good age to start. but as long as you have no serious health problems, anyone can dive until any age with parent Permission.

  • Geoff

    Hi. Do you pick up from the Club Turban Hotel?

    • http://www.marmaris.org Marmaris Turkey

      Yes We do pickup for Diving from Turban

  • jack

    Hi, we are going to marmaris Hermes Hotel on the 17th August and we are interested in diving 3 of us me and my two daughters age 21 and 14. Are you picking people up from Hermes Hotel? Also do I have to book it now before i wioll go there ? It will be our first time so how much will it cost?
    Kind Regards Jack

  • robert

    HI I am due to arrive on 26th August staing at the Hawaii 11 hotel,i am really interestedcin going diving,which I have never done befor so looking forward to meeting you guys and having sone fun learning to dive!1

    • Marmaris Diving

      We Will be waiting For a Great Day Out and Diving in Marmaris.

  • http://www.marmaris.org Marmaris Turkey

    Some Great Pictures from a day in Diving at Marmaris

  • Tanya brown

    My relative has ms which means she can’t walk could she still dive with assistance?

  • Guest

    do you sell underwater disposable cameras?

    • http://www.marmaris.org Marmaris Turkey

      No, we don’t sell on the boat.

  • Markus Pugh

    how do we book ?

  • nautilus

    Untill 31 October we are open!