Jeep Safari

Lets get out of this crowded nice little town and have some fun and adventure on the mountains and countryside. Jeep Safari is an absolute must for adventourous at heart. You will enjoy stunning views, waterfall and untouched bays on your jeeps driven by experienced drivers.
BUT keep in mind! This is NOT A RALLY! It is a nature exploration in a fun way!


 Jeep Safari Tour - Things to do in Marmaris

If you purchase 5 Tours from JEEP SAFARI is FREE .. more


DEPARTURE: Everyday at 10:00 am   RETURN: 18.00 pm
Price Includes: Pick up from hotel and drop off, lunch, Insurance, driver.

Watch the SLIDESHOW: Jeep Safari Slide

Jeep-Safari / Village Tour … Dusty trail!

We will take you off the beaten track to an adventurous, scenic, fun filled Jeep Safari. Are you ready!!!

Wear your  scarf around your head, put your sunglasses on, get in the mood. Look like a pirate. We are going to have fun. If you like to purchase one of these water pistols from our guides, go ahead. You might need it :) We will be playing like kids.

You will be picked up from your hotel in the morning around 10:00 am. All the people that are going to go to the tour will gather at a meeting spot and we will all find and sattle in our jeeps. Now we have a team! There are usually 5 to 15 jeeps in a convoy. Again this is not a rally. The speed limit is 50 km (30 miles).

We will climb up the mountains where you can see the stunning views of Marmaris and other small villages. We will take swimming breaks at untouched beaches, and waterfall. You will have lunch in a small village cooked by typical Turkish village ladies… Yummie!
While our convoy of jeeps go inland through pine forests, up rugged paths you will have opportunity to capture and video fantastic unspoiled scenery. Dont be surprised when you see traditionall dressed villagers on donkeys,  flock of sheep or wandering goats.

Marmaris is very famous all around the world with its pine HONEY production. Most of the honey is made in these pine forests. You will see lot of hives under the trees. How about that!

You will see it all and along the way we will play and fight with water pistols, play in the water paddles. Most importantly you will make a lot of friends.

We will drop you off back to your hotel around 18:00 pm.

I am going!!!

Do Not Forget to Bring
- Sun glasses
- Sun cream
- Yourself (do not drink too much the nite before:)


  • Matt

    I went to the jeep safari back in may and it was one of the best days out i had. so much fun and food in a foresty area great

  • zoe aish

    I am interested in doing a Jeep Safari how much is it to go on one?

    • lyaylali

      Hi Zoe

      Price is:

      Adult:£ 35

      Child (7-12):£ 17

      Infant (0-6): Free

      You can book it from this website. It is an amazing tour. Guaranteed!

      • Sami_899

        in the description at the top it says £13 for an adult?

      • Xsamydx

        hi what is the age limit? thanx x

  • Jeep Safari

    Used to go to Marmaris from like 2003 until 2008, we stopped going because we wanted to travel to other places in Turkey. In 2003( around there) jeep safari was so much FUN! I highly Recommend it to Youngsters.

  • amzy

    hey i was just looking at the things to do in marmaris and i quite fancied Jeep Safari. what hotel are you picked up from and can you pay on the day or do you have to book in advance?.

    • Marmaris

      Yes You will be Picked up from your Hotel for Jeep Safari ar 9:00 and Will be even returned to your Hotel, if you do not leave close to the drop off points.You can reserve your spot by emailing us your Full Name Address Phone in your country and your hotel in Marmaris, with Room # in addition to number of adults ,kids and date

      • amzy

        would i be able to book up when im in marmaris i don’t come across till july…?

      • Marmaris

        Yes You Can book Jeep Safari when you are In Marmaris, but If You book online 3 things we give Moonlight Cruise with Orca Boat For Free.

      • rashda

        Hi, we are a family of seven (6 adults and 2 children) we will be arriving on 8th April 2011 and staying at The Green Nature Resort & Spa is in the heart of Siteler.
        Is this in your pick- up area for excursions?
        It says if you book online you get things free with the Jeep safari please send me more information on my email address. Thank you

  • bex

    Amazing day! book when your there, its a lot cheaper! online, so much fun, something you must do when in Marmaris :)
    On of the best thing to do in Marmaris

  • Patricia DORAN

    Please e-mail about the Jeep Safari and free moonlight cruise with orca boat free….or any other good deals for days/eve out.

  • Jade

    Me & my boyfriend are looking at going to Marmaris April 1st for a week, will the Jeep Safari and other trips be running then? We were worried in case we had planned to come to early in the year.

    • Orestour

      yes there are jeep safari in april

  • http://n mn

    hOw many seats on a jeep

    • Marmaris

      It Depends on Jeep Type, it changes between 4-8 person

      • Billy Claridge

        Marmaris, hi have you read my comment i would like to drive jeeps again, i have drove for two companies in Zante before, and please if you need a driver am ready, if not this season then please keep my name and email address on your records thank you, william claridge.  +441634 302337   my greek number if you need to call me as i may well be in corfu start of july 2011 is 6959068421

  • brad jones

    we are not staying in a hotel but would like to book a spot for 4. is there a way to show up at the location on the day of? and if so where is this located at?

  • julie furnell

    are coming out the beginning of august1/o8/2011we would like to come on the jeep safari and the orca cruise as well there is 4 of us coming out

  • alannah

    can you book the jeep safari when your over there ?

    and how much for 2 adults ?

  • John Perry

    We are interested in the Jeep safari with free moonlight cruise. Can we do the cruise on a different night to the safari?

    We are coming over mid may

    • Marmaris

      Yes you can do any Tuesday, Please com and see us in Marmaris and confirm your days

  • Nour

    hii, me and my friend planning to come for marmaris either in april or in may, i want to know how can i book for this safari??

  • Nour

    Hi, me and my friend planing to come to marmaris either in april or in may and i want to know how can i book this Jeep Safari and how much it will cost??

  • Nour


    iam planning to come with my friend either in april or in may, 2011 and we are interested in jeep safari, rafting, diving, turkish bath and beach party so i want to know how can i book these activities and how much it will cost per adult


  • Marmaris Turkey

    Jeep Safari is One of the best Tours in Marmaris

    • Nour

      im planning to come with my friend for marmaris and go on this jeep safari but i want to know how can i book this and how much it will cost per 2 adults also if u can help me i wanna know about rafting, diving, turkish bath and beach party the same information please ,

      • Marmaris Turkey

        In few weeks you will be able to make reservation online

      • Sami

        ok, but where would i go to book this particular jeep safari when we get to marmaris?

      • bex

        lots of hotels have reps for these day trips. also you will see may day trip shops down the streets

      • Sophiepettener

        there called sercution places, ( not sure how its spelt) but every 2 mins and on every corner are these places with all the day trips and they will shout to you asking do u want to go on trips. u wont miss them

      • Nour

        Great that would be amaziiiing thnx , can u tell me how uch it will cost per 2 adults plz

      • bex

        two adults for us was £20, 40 lira, apsolute bargain!

  • Sami

    we are coming to marmaris in June and would like to do the jeep safari, when we get to marmaris where would we go to book on the jeep safari? we are staying at the grand pasa hotel.

  • Guest

    how do we book activities online? we want to do a few. x

  • Barb

    We are wondering if you could send us some pricing for the jeep tour in Marmaris, Turkey. There are 15 of us (6 adults, 9 children – some being teenagers). We are travelling with the MSC Splendida Cruise Ship and are stopping in Marmaris, Turkey on Tuesday, March 15th from 8am to 4pm. We would need to be back at the ship for 3pm.

    • Marmaris Turkey

      Please submit a request from Help Desk on right hand Side of
      We will be very happy to help you out

  • Oyamus01

    jeep safari best trip in marmaris.only the best.all of them nice but if you want to have a action day you have to go jeep safari.from 10 oclock till 6 pm.what we did,they pick you up first and and they took us meeting point an than we started as a conwoy to the off road 1 hour we did waterpistol fight everyone was happy and we stoped tea break half an hour and after we stoped kizkumu beach seagirl sand jesus beach swimming break 1 hour and after they took us lovely restaurant for a lunch and than waterfall 45 minute swimming break and than countryside villager people …..our guide was uncle john,ozzy,cheeky kavin,alex,charli,jimmy,stefan,curly,figo,george,and the others they were great and friendly people,,thanks them all and hope to see them soon again…marmaris best place to go in turkey…

  • Dianedhd

    we r going the end of may our youngest will nearly be 2 is there a age limit on the jeep safari.

  • Mandy Skittlethorpe

    THIS IS A MUST, we have just come back from 2 weeks (6th – 20th April) as a group of 12 and we all went on this and had George as our driver. We had a fantastic day and got VERY WET haha……..Cannot recommend this enough

    • Xsamydx

      hi im going marmaris nxt week and have a 2 yr old with me. what is the age limit/ thanx x 

      • Fatman300lb

        i have done one of these before, i would not reccommend taking a 2 year old on one of these

      • Phillipgchoward

        hi we took very young children and had a great time the drivers are very considerate

      • SuesH

        We did this trip last year with a 9 month and 16 month, the driver was brilliant and didnt take our jeep through very rough terrain and the other jeep travellers were mindful that we had babies on board. We all had a brilliant time, very highly recommended!

    • Loftylala

      how was the weather in april?

  • Billy Claridge

    Hi need any drivers, i was a jeep safari driver for two companies in Zante for two seasons and i would love to do it again, by far the best job i have ever had, please email me at
    ready to start ASAP, thank you

  • Cute_cerena

    : i need ur phone nbr so when i reach turkey i can call u before one day and pick me the other day, thank u.

    • Billy Claridge

      Hello Cute_cerena  can you please reply back with more info, am not sure what you mean by your message, thank you william claridge

  • Billy Claridge

    Cute_cerena  can you please reply again i do not understand your comment thank you, william claridge

  • Naghmarehman

    hi im coming to mamarmris in july i want to now how i book the jeep! also if there are more activities etc!!! thanks

  • Bev

    hi is it cheaper 2 book this here or wen u get there its for 2adults an 2KIDS?

  • Angelataylor2008

    Just come back from Marmaris 30.06.2011 – 8 July 2011 – 1st time in Turkey. LOVED IT!!!

    I have to recommend the Jeep Safari – £5.99 each – pick up from hotel 9am, drop off 6pm – this includes safari, lunch and various stops along the way – Jesus Beach & waterfalls etc.

    You get totally soaked to the skin – well worth it though. You pay 10 Lira (£4) for loan of super-soaker water guns and there are a couple of stops for you to re-fill your ‘weapons’.

    There are about 15 LandRovers in a convoy – overtaking on bends and blasting you with water on route. The drivers every bit crazy as the passengers! An excellent fun-filled day for both children and the big kids at heart. A terrific day for all – well worth the money – we wanted to go EVERY DAY!! That good.

    Can’t wait to go back – watch out!!!

    • pauline mccauley

      i agree jus bk from marmaris we went on 2 jeep safari because we loved it so much. gud day out recommend it 2 anyone. pauline n.ireland

  • Clare Oneill

    Just back from Marmaris last week and had a fabulous time, We are a family of 5.
    One of the days we spent on the Jeep safari. Def. one of the best days out for all the family, a good way to get out of the town for a while and get a taster for Turkish rural life!
    We booked online. your drinks and rental of the water guns were extra 10TL per gun £4, worth every penny!

  • Rachasfeir

    how can we book on line

  • Mustafa Alam

    went to Antalya, got totally ripped off for the jeep safari trip. they charged us €45 per person!!!
    although they gave us a jeep with no driver. we drove ourselves. moved in a convoy thou.

    • Billy Claridge

      please send me the details of the safari company, as am looking to be a driver again, thank you billy

  • Daisy Wazen

    How can we book from abroad???

  • Steffi

    Hello, I saw this post from 7 months ago “Yes You Can book Jeep Safari when you are In Marmaris, but If You book online 3 things we give Moonlight Cruise with Orca Boat For Free” is that still so? Is it different price if I book once I’m over there? thanks a lot.

  • Guest

    How can you get in touch with the drivers? We’ve just been on one but forgot to exchange details with the driver who was great fun! 

  • Nadz Alyas

    did this in marmaris, buy it there much cheaper. Lots of fun deffinatley worth it

  • lo

    Will the safari and boat trips still be availble the week of 14th of Oct???????

  • Kirsty Wright

    hi was just wondering if all your trios run through out the year?? im going to turkey begining of november n love doing the trips n days out will they all be open ???can any one help??

  • Danielleharveytrowbridge

    if you go turkey i would advise you to do this it is a very good trip! but take spare clothes as you will get drenched in water !

  • Sophiepettener

    this is the best thing ever!!! i was in marmaris for two weeks end of july beginning of august! we did the jeep safari twice while there. It was an extra 10lira for the water gun, but trust me its well worth it consindering when i was there 10lira was about 3quidish. also they do a dvd which u can buy at the end of the day, its hillirous to take home and show your family and friends.
    absoulutletly loved it, and you catch a mint tan aswell. you get picked up around 9ish drive into the mountains, all wait for all the other jeeps, you have the massive water fight in your jeeps. driving past each other and just squirting the water at absoulutley anyone! then u stop at the beach, go for lunch the the water falls then drop you off at your hotel about half 5ish.
    if you dont go you will regret it!!  

  • L Emo

    I have a really odd question we went on this safari whilst on Thomson cruises and we brought a dvd to keep the memories and my dad decided to throes it away is there anyway of getting another one? My email is please help. X

    • Daisy_31

      how much are the dvds to buy please x

  • Coljac

    our jeep safari was a total nightmare..firstly our jeep broke down, instead of getting us another we were put in another jeep that already had three people in. two of our group had to stand. the driver was a mad man with no regard to safety. he was speeding down a public road trying to over take his friend in the jeep ahead. 

  • Claire-phoebe

    when we first went to turkey we did this, was amazing and really fun, only problem was there was wasps all over the place so we couldnt realy eat are food flying in to the drinks we had, was really fun though

  • Loftylala

    Would this be good for a 6 and 12 year old, also what is the cost?

    • gillian

      ya the kids will love it, if you ask they will provid child saftey seats, have a great time.

      • Daisy_31

        my son is nearly 3 and a half wud he be ok as it mine and my hubbys honeymoon but we got to take the boys with us 1 is 3 and other is 12

  • Milad Qamari

    Hi , I’m going marmaris on 20th march till 4th april. Is weather good for travelling there ? Can we swim , go jeep safari and other things to do ? Are they all open? 

  • Vickyinit

    I am looking to go marmaris in september and we are looking at loads of excursions, can anyone tell me if they think it is better to book online before we go or to book them when we are out there?? Thanks :)

    • gillian topping

      you can book them all over marmaris, they all charge about the same, dont book through your rep its cheeper booking yourself when your there, were going back ourselfs in september this year cant wait we usually go in june but its still  HOT HOT HOT  september, have a great time

  • Marymckay1959

    my friend and myself went on jeep safari in sept2011. it was a brilliant time, b prepared to get soaked through;the jeeps stay together in a convoy, it is a really good day out, beautiful scenery.  we were in armutalan so we booked from there through the ones who run the trips it cost£10.00. u ay extra for ur gun, they video ur day out and you can order it and get it that evening. we had a brillant driver his name was talip. definately a trip well worth splashing out on. the jeeps all meet in the rio resturant in armutalan, nicky and dr,tango will take ur booking and money there in the resturant,  go and enjoy………………….

  • Eng_m_alshammri

    i will go to marmaris in 27/4/2012with 4 frind from jordan how can contact to you
    you have office or mobile number

  • Hannah_578

    How do you book these?! When your at the hotel? Or do you have to book them all online? Im hoping to go to turkey this year because of all the fun and exciting things you can do, and don’t want too miss out. someone help please :)  

    • shann

      you can book through your rep but i found it a bit more expensive doing it that way. when i went last year there are loads of places around the beach front selling excursions, you can usually haggle the prices down with these guyss (: have fun xx

  • Haroonfarooq88

    Anyone going on the 22/05/2012 to turkey?? Glad to have some company :)

  • J3ddy

    hi can anyone tell me if the jeep safari will still be running in october. im flying out on the 17th many thanks x

  • Phillipgchoward

    been on this and most of these trips was never dissapointed the turkish people go out of their way to help you enjoy yourself i love marmaris and iam a 59 year old male cant wait to go back in october staying a kaya maris hotel brilliant……….see you there

  • Lisa_wilks_2010

    i have been on many jeep safari ranging from spain to egypt and this is by far the best

  • debsky

    hi we are going to marmaris 26th oct for 1wk is there still boat trips and safari still on at this time as i here everything closes down this time of year and i will be disapointed if we carnt go on anything does anyone know thanks 

  • Sbrierley2009

    does the trip make you fell sick

  • alice9249

    last time i went on a jeep saari in turkey we had a huge water fight not just with water guns will that happen because i enjoyed that alot it was amazing hope we do

  • soooophie

    Each year I go to Turkey and each year we do a Jeep Safari.. Last time I ended up in hospital due to a careless driver but can’t knock it for the price. It was still such a laugh, although the hospital costs wern’t so funny

  • kym gaze

    Hi is it cheaper for me to book with you now, or at the hotel when we arrive on the 25th?

    • London Geek

      For an All day trip with Lunch Included it is Bargain. Both side needs to be happy in a trade. I think this price generously fare price.

  • jason

    does anyone know where uncle johns shop is anymore?it used to be up the road opposit blue bay where the big court building is by the traffic lights?

  • Leighann Mcandie

    are pregnant women able to do this trip ?

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  • LDF

    I’d recommend anyone to do this. 4 of us just got back from a week in Marmaris and we did this on one of the days! It was fantastic fun and only £12.50 each – such a bargain! We also got a CD of the pics of the day and a DVD for 50 lira (about £17) deleivered to the hotel that night. Jesus beach was great and the scenery was lovely – be prepared to hire your water pistol. It’s only 10 lira and although optional, it wouldn’t be half as much fun without one!!

  • kay-leigh valentino

    how do i book this?

  • gay


  • courtney

    do they pack many people into one jeep?

    • Jeep Safari

      Some Jeep 4 people some very big jeeps 8 people.Please wach video

  • Shazza

    Is this safe to go on if I Am 6 months pregnant

    • Jeep Safari

      Off roads bumpy and I would not recommend this trip to pregnant ladies.

  • Laura

    I have a 1 year old son… would this be ok for him or is it not suitable?

    • Jeep Safari

      It is Hard for one Year old. If I were you I would try Dalyan Caunos.

  • D.

    This trip was owesome! Cheeky Kevin is absolutely brilliant. Lots of fun! Bus safari is deffinetely something we are going to do again!

  • mia

    best trip in turkey i’d defenetly recommend this!

  • georgina

    hiya what is the propa price when u get out there

  • jo

    i done this last year and even though being 20 weeks pregnant I had so much fun! the drivers and guides are so friendly (even though one of the drivers tried throwing me in a bath (not realising I was pregnant) & just want you to have as much fun as possible. we booked this along side the Turkish bath and the boat trip and ive never wanted to do it all again so much! defiantly recommend doing this if you have kids and don’t mind acting like one yourself.

  • Tony

    I wana ask how can we contact u when we are in marmaris to take tickets

    • Jeep Safari

      After you book we email vouchers. On vouchers you will see all the information you need. Phone numbers, emails, cell phone numbers.You can even call and change date of the tour if possible.

  • Fergy

    Would you be able to take your camera on the safri? As there seems to be lots of water fights.

    • Marmaris Turkey

      Yes you can, But do not take expensive ones.It is better if water proofed

  • elie abdo

    i will arrive to anemone hotel in marmaris in the 24th of august Saturday around 21h, I will stay for one week with my wife and a couple of friends. I don’t want to miss any day without activities, so at that time is it possible to find a broker to arrange all trips for one week and would you give me some phone numbers with all programs and prices?

    • Patrick Sreih


      Going to Marmaris as well on the 11th, and have the same situation. I’m thinking of booking the tours through but i’m not sure how safe it is which is why i’m hesitating.

      • Marmaris Turkey

        Yo do not need to worry about First You can book with Them by only paying %30 of total Value (Deposit), You can pay each Tour Balance on That Tour Day. Since You will pay by Paypal They never see your credit card. If for reason they can not deliver you service they credit your money Back To your Paypal account.Right After payment You will receive an invoice, and few hours later you will receive vouchers per each Tour explaining in detail about that tour. You will also be provided Phone numbers to call in Marmaris on That Voucher.

        Finally If still have problem email us on this website we will sort out for you.Your Happy and Fun Holiday is Our marketing Plan. Every Happy customer we have we are stronger.

      • Patrick sreih

        Thanks a lot for your reply, I will book my tours through in the coming 2 days.

      • Patrick Sreih

        I just tried to access to book my tours but couldnt! its been hacked by a syrian hacker!

      • Marmaris Turkey

        I guess it is working now.

  • Luke

    Can you still go on the jeep safari and other excursions in october? am going to kaya maris hotel from the 7th oct for two weeks.. also, whats the weather like in october? thnks

    • Marmaris Turkey

      It is open Till to the end of October

      • Carl B.

        What about the boat trip to the cleopatra islands and the marmatis waterpark? Are they open in october?

      • Marmaris Turkey

        yes both open till to do end of October. But I would try to come before 15 of October to be able to do everything

      • Carl B.

        Thank you :) how much is the jeep safari in turkish lira ?

      • Marmaris Turkey

        Jeep Safari is 20 EURO for adult

    • Carl B.

      Yes, Luke. It is open until the end of October- enjoy your holibobs !

  • Lizzy

    Do not take anything electrical with you. No phones, no camera nothing! We booked this when we were there and were never told about the water fight. Even the description here is not great. You and the whole of the truck will get drenched. My friend and I brought our bags with our phones and cameras and we were so miserable. There was nothing we could do to stop our bags getting wet even putting our towels over them. My phone broke!

    At one point they got a huge hose out and there was nothing you could do to get away with it. We were so miserable.

    The guy who was in charge came over to ask us if we would like the video, we said no thankyou. It wasn’t happy with this so I told him I had been on the jeep safari before (completely different) and have the video from that. So he said “why even bother coming then” and stormed off.

    We were so miserable after this trip. Though we know we could of had more fun if we were prepared for what was going to happen and the guy wasn’t nasty to us.

    I would stick to thomas cook/thomson/first choice jeep safari as it is so much better. No water fights and better locations.

    We have done other trips with his company like boat trip/Cleopatra beach trip it was lovely!

    Just go with a warning, imagine jumping in a swimming pool fully clothed. That is how wet you will get. Your towels will be soaked as well.

    • Marmaris Turkey

      I totally agree that it needs to be told clearly that it will be a wet day and it is very very good and fun to get wet in a extremely hot and dry summer in Marmaris. I personally Love it if I am prepared.
      Please watch a fun Video from one of this Jeep Safari.

  • Luke

    How much is the Jeep Safari in Turkish Lira?
    When we get to Marmaris we want to go to one of the little shops you see in the town to book our trips. How much roughly is the Jeep Safari in Lira?

  • nic

    You pay the trip and when you get there they ask you to pay for water gun and for the water. This is absurd, normally in a water fight you should have only your clothes on you, not worry about payments. After the water fight you will go to lunch. I mean, how absurd is that? They do everything to make you spend 1 lira extra.

  • Marmaris Turkey

    Because of Competition Jeep Safari Tour is only 20EURO all day lunch Included. These Water guns is almost only way for tour operators to make small profit.You are not required to rent it.

    Water guns can be rented during Jeep Safari
    Each Water Gun Rent is 10TRY OR 3.75EURO OR 3.2 GBP.
    If you do not want to Pay, please do not ask for Water Guns.

  • Hi

    Do you stay with your family in the jeep safari we are hoping to go is it suitable for a 2 year old

    • Marmaris Turkey

      It is Ok for 2 year old, but they may get tired as this is all day. We act like a big group and do all together close bye. So you are free as long as you are with Whole group.But Still it is good idea to also be close to your family too.