if you have NOT been to Pamukkale before, you MUST go and see this magnificient natural wonder. Pure white mountain. It is not ice, not salt. Turks call it “cottoncastle”. It is a mountain of mineral baths formed over thousands of years  formed by rich thermal springs.

It is a 5 hours bus journey. Kids friendly. Exciting and wet.

 Pamukkale Tour - Things to do in Marmaris

DEPARTURE: Every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday  at 7:30 am   RETURN: 20.00 pm
Price Includes: Breakfast, Lunch, Entry fees, Insurance, guide.

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Pamukkale, “Cottoncastle” tour. A lot to experience!

A perfect work of mother-nature and unique in the world. Turks call it cottoncastle for a good reason. It is a pure white mountain looks like a huge cotton pile when you look at it from a distance. Huge stalactites, cascades and mineral baths, cataracts and basins form the characteristics of this mountain. Thermal hot springs which you will enjoy swimming in forms all these beauty. Since Roman times those hot springs are used for their therapeutic powers.

This place comes with a lot of ancient ruins as well, called “Hierapolis”. Some of the ruins still lay in the pool where you can swim in. Absolutely a dream for cleopatra. Hierapolis basically was a cure center because of this therapeutic hot springs.

Pamukkale is one of the most extraordinary natural wonders in Turkey and perhaps one of the most attractive spot for tourists. Thousands of tourists visit this spot everyday during the summer.

- Sunglasses
- Sun cream
- Towel
- Comfortable shoes

  • Dianna Lao

    is it better to go on an Ephesus Tour and Pamukkale Tour from Kusadasi? do anyone know what is the cost to go on these tour in Kusadasi?

    • Emilija

      25euros per person to Pamukkale from Kusadasi. I think 30euros to Ephesus.

  • Anonymous

    Very good service

  • Masumasultanas

    does anyone know if Pamukkale is a seasonal place, im going to Marmeries in April,  would we be able to visit it?

    • Liz_butler_slater

      if you try book up online it will tell you dates in april  available  but you  do not have to buy now but at least you know and will not be depoisted  when your in marmaris  thats what i be doing as i am going end of april may  have lovely time and also go to castle in marmaris its lovely horse riding well worth money  and fun  same time half day for about 15.00   per adult

  • Starbrite87

    can i buy the trips online  before i go.  direct with the company

  • Beatrice

    We are off to Marmaris in two weeks and we want to do two or three of the outings…but the one to Pamukkale is a 5 Hour bus jounrey? Is that one way travel time?

    • Pamukkale

      If you go strait it is about 3 hrs.Because we stop 3 times on the way to there it takes about 5 hrs. These stops are fun stops and each is about 40 min.You also see real Turkey Country side of Turkey on this Journey.

  • Wave

    A big con once you get there u have to pay again to get in the spa expensive a big con waist oo a day

    • Marmaris Turkey

      Unfortunate that is correct. To be able to keep cost down and provide same affordable service Big pool excluded from included things from the list. Anybody interested can pay and go to this pool if they want to. Travertens already has lost of location to play with water.

  • Mélodie Safieddine

    I’m coming in september with my mum and i’d love to take her there to visit. But i’d like to make sure, it’s 5hours to go and 5 to come back? or it’s like 2h30 to go and same to come back?

    • Marmaris Turkey

      It is about 6 Hours Total Drive time. But bus stops almost every Hour for activities and food etc.It is also great country side drive with a comfortable big BUS. Here is the link to show distance.

      Link To Google Map