Quad Safari

This is another tour for adventurous at heart. It is fun, exciting, muddy, wet, dusty and a lot of fun and laugh. You will be thrilled! This can be an unforgettable highlight of your vacation in Marmaris.

 Quad Safari - Things to do in Marmaris

DEPARTURE: Everyday at 10:30 am   RETURN: 17.30 pm
Price Includes: Pic up from the hoten and drop-off, Boat trip, Two dives, Full equipment, Insurance, Lunch

Watch the SLIDESHOW: Marmaris Quad Safari Slide

About 20 minutes drive, outside Marmaris, we organize Quad Safari. The area that we do the Quad Safari is surrounded by forest and the paths, little roads and runways among the trees is the perfect set up for quad safari.

First you will have a little briefing on instructions and safety issues. Then all the bikers line up in a convoy leaded by expert guides. You will have about 30 minutes free time to get used to your bike, experience a little bit and get a good feel of  it before you take off for the real action.

OK… Now you are a little comfortable with you bike and have somewhat mastered the controls. The real challenge starts now! A harder, rough, uneven, challenging is awaiting you! You will ride up and down the little hills, through the water streams splashing everyone else and yourself. Do not forget the Mud and the Dust! You will most likely be covered in Mud is a short time.

Go ahead and enjoy it to the fullest and make some new friends who are also adventurous like you.

Watch the SLIDESHOW: Marmaris Quad Safari Slide

The total actual riding time is about 2 full hours. From picking you up from your hotel and returning back to Hotel total time is about 3-4 hours.

We Pick You Up From: Marmaris, Armutalan, Icmeler
Duration: Half Day
Price Includes: Return Transport, Instruction
Price Excludes: Drinks, DVDs
Restrictions: Not suitable for guests with physical difficulties
Bring Along: Sun creams, Trainers, Spare Clothes
Pick-up Time: Morning Session  10:00 – Afternoon Session 14:00
Drop-back Time: 3-4 hours after picking you up from Hotel.

  • Naghmarehman

    hi i will be coming in july to marmaris banu hotel how far is hoten because i really would wan to do this!! thanks

  • Soso_aladham

    Hello, I can’t find any phone numebr in this site to resrve any activity or even a ‘reservation link’, can anyone help?

  • Chris

    This trip is really good fun but you will get wet and very very dirty.  I have just come back from Marmaris with my two sons aged 18 and 13.  Me and my eldest son went for the quad bikes and my youngest son went for the buggy.  Be aware you get three times more dirty on the buggy because it is lower down.  Take old clothes with you and old trainers if possible so you can ditch them instead of trying to get them clean. Have fun!

    • Colette

      Just wondering are the quads just rev & go like a scooter?

  • Adam cogley

    h me and my family are goin to marmaris this monday for 16 days we are staying in club evin hotel can you tell me how far it is from there thanks :)

  • James

    do you need a driving licence  ?

    • http://www.marmaris.org Marmaris Turkey

      No you don’t need


      Sent from Nuri’s IPhone

  • Faketan_highheels

    i am traveling in october with a 6 and 9 yr old is this trip suitable? and will it be running in october? thanks!

    • Marmaris_GirlyGirl

      yes they do still run in october. but as for if it is suitable, there can only be 2 people on a quad, it would mean the 9 year old would have to drive the quad themself, if the people there let them of course. i personally wouldnt let the 9 year old, as i have been on it over 6 times now, and on 3 of those times there has been an accident where a young child has been driving, it can be quite dangerous. 

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=656478359 Tarık Gider

    Telefon numaranız nedir?Rezervasyon yaptırmalı mıyız?Bir de nereden alacaksınız eğer turunuza katılmak istersek?

  • dan

    do you need extra travel insurance for this?

  • Ianfarai

    are you allowed to ride the bike if your 16 ?

  • Adam_butler

    hi can any 1 tell me if my 15yr old son will be aloud to ride the bike by him self ?many thanks

  • Kelly Bonnington

    done this twice, loved every second of it. first time i went on the quad and the second time i drove the buggy. got more muddy from being on the quad. but it is so much fun. recommend it to everyone :)  

  • Groovygal_24

    does pick up include from the Grand Ideal Hotel or is it just the hotel this site gives?

    • Quad Safari

      Yes we will Pick you up From Grand Ideal and Bring Back after you are done

  • Andre

    i am 15 can i go one a quad on my own

    • Noand


  • Tasha

    do you HAVE to wear trainers??

    • Quad Safari

      Yes you will have basic training at the beginning.If you need more you can arrange there with one of trainers

      • Tasha

        What footwear do you have to wear though?

  • shann

    me and my little brother are coming on the 8th of may, he is 12 years old. will he be able to ride on his own?

  • Dylan Pyle

    im 16 would i be able to ride a quad by myself?

    • J Taziker


  • Khuram7866

    how much does it cost

  • Jaxs72

    Looks awesome… get ready for me Maramris

  • sha

    how do you book this and how do you pay for it?. can you pay by cash

  • Coolaschips

    will you pick up from club excelsia ?? :)

  • Dona_uk_2000

    Is there a weight limit?

  • Cindy

    When do the afternoon session end?

  • http://www.facebook.com/kym.gaze Kym Gaze

    do you pick up from turunc hotel?

    • http://www.marmaris.org Marmaris Turkey

      You need to come to at least Icmeler by Taxi or Dolmus

  • Elena

    How old do you have to be to ride on your own?

  • julie

    Hi, Would My 7 Year Old Son Be Able To Ride A Quad Himself, Were Comming To Marmaris In September & Really Looking Forward To Have A Go, Thanks Julie

  • Kristus

    it’s bullshit that you have to wear trainers.
    Didn’t wear anything like that lastyear either :P
    Some (sun)glasses could be useful against the sand in your eyes tho.
    Oh.. and don’t wear heals.. :P just sneakers or whatever.

  • Max

    How old do you need to be ? And do you need ID

  • http://www.facebook.com/stewart.meldrum Stewart Meldrum

    ill be heading to marmaris on 20 august to 31st can i organize any of these events there or do i have to order them here and do they pick up from the cettia beach resort where i will be staying.

  • alice9249

    ive got a child who is 11 can she go on a quad on her own and what about a 9 year old what are the age limits

  • alice9249

    hey i am going to turkey on the 20th to the 30th i need to know the age limits and where do you go on the day do you get pickd up out also can you wear flipflops on the quad

  • http://www.facebook.com/kirstyleigh.ord Kirsty-leigh Ord

    hey i got some photos but the disc was blank, could i get another one please?

    • Mel

      I bought a disc and it was blank too. Just out of question did the site have a crazy bull in the middle?

  • http://www.facebook.com/kirstyleigh.ord Kirsty-leigh Ord

    have you still got photos from a week ago, could i buy another disc if so?

  • http://www.facebook.com/JadeyBooo Jadey Whitehouse

    Do You Pick Up From Pineta Club Hotel?

    • http://www.marmaris.org Marmaris Turkey


  • dan

    going to be in marmaris from the 15th september when does the quad safari stop or is it all year round?

  • Melanie

    Do you have an email address for the quad safari? I bought a DVD and it doesn’t have any pictures on, I’m not sure which site it was though.

  • H.nash

    I booked the quad safari and paid but have not received any confirmation. Please help?

  • mark t

    just back from marmaris 6th sep to the 13th and done the quad safari really recomend it but bring old clothes and trainers especially as i ruined mine lol
    really good fun tho

  • hays

    can you book these when you are in Marmaris? Or do you have to do it for you leave?

  • emma

    do you pick up from the maxwell holiday club please ?

    • http://www.marmaris.org Marmaris Turkey

      Yes we pick up from all over Marmaris

  • Stephen. Cardiff

    Did this trip last year a very good experience might have another go when i go back next week. Definatley take extra clothing as you do get very dirty, all part of the fun.

  • alaa

    I’m going to Marmaris on July 16 How do I book or contact you there

    • Sophie

      You can buy tickets from any excursion shops! They are all over Marmaris! I personally recommend Ago travel next to club Julian, been Marmaris twice and used these guys on both occasions! Really friendlyand helpful people and they give yobest prices! Ask for bat man such a friendly man, here’s there link :)

  • Emma Jenkins

    I’m going going to Marmaris on the 30th September …. Do you guys run it that late in the year? Is it still warm that late in the year? How do i contact you from our hotel Cettia Beach Hotel….. If you could email me ASAP that would be great ponylova@hotmail.co.uk

  • danny

    Ime goin to blue park hotel do u pick up from there

  • Ali

    Guys, I am going solo flying out tomorrow, anyone else travelling solo?

  • ciara mullan

    can 13 year old girls go on the quads by themselves if they’ve been brought up around them.

  • Mike B

    We are two adults that would like to on the quad safari. Do you pick up from Global Sailing Academy in Karaca bay?? Many thanks Mike

  • ed

    How old do you need to be to drive the atv

  • jake

    do you opertate in early october and do you pick up from sesin hotel in marmaris

  • cheryl

    can u pay in lire or is it just in pounds

  • nick

    do you pick up from pinewood apartments icmeler