Marmaris to Rhodes Ferry Tour
Rhodes, Greece

Why Not visit Rhodes while in Marmaris since it is only one hour away. You may spare a day for Rhodes while in Marmaris. Sea buses are available everyday of the summer from Marmaris Marina to Rhodes.

The boats departing from Marmaris for Rhodes at 10:00 reach reach Rhodes in 50 minutes.

 Rhodes Day Trip - Things to do in Marmaris

What to do in the 5-6 hours in Rhodes?…:
The “old city”, reachable on foot from the pier will take at least 3-4 hours. Here is a list of places worth seeing in the historic city surrounded by city walls:

You may enter the historic from the St. Paul or Freedom Gate. Temple of Aphrodite, Archological Museum (Rhodes Museum), Grand Master’s Palace.

There are also artifacts from the Turkish era in this historic city. Among these are the Suleyman Mosque, Aga Mosque, Ibrahim Pasha Mosque.

Watch the SLIDESHOW: Rhodes Slide

All around the historic city city there are also many shops. You can buy all kinds of souvenirs. When you are tired or fed up from the heat there are many gardens and cafes you can rest for awhile.

The Rohes cuisine has similarities to Turkish cuisine. Musakka is the most popular one. But it has nothing to do with the Turkish musakka.

Let us note that prices are about 50% more expensive than Turkey. If you still have time, you can either take a taxi or walk to the new new city. A reminder: Taxis are very cheap. It is almost half the price of what it is in Marmaris. Cafes line the New Bazaar in the new City, Mandraki pier opposite and the three wind mills on top of the pier’s breakwater may be of interest.

If you decide to spend the night, you will find many hotels on the eastern part of the new city, facing Marmaris. The taverns where all the entertainment is are also in the new city.

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  • Nour

    Hi, me and my friend planing to come to marmaris either in april or in may and i want to know how can i book this activity and how much it will cost ??

  • Nour

    Hi, me and my friend planing to come to marmaris either in april or in may and i want to know how can i book this activity and how much it will cost to and back at the same day ??

    • Hayley

      You can book it while you are in marmaris at the marina!

  • Mick

    Hi, we are due to go to Marmaris next month and would like to go to Rhodes for the day.  As we will be travelling on British passports, do we have to puit the £10 note in the passport on return to Marmaris? 

    • Jr

      as far as i know the times i have been to turkey, that ten pound is valid for a couple of months or something like that so dont think you would have to pay again :)

    • Melbell29


  • Jackie

    I just want to know if we can go to rodos from marmaris knowing that i have a schengen visa but my friend doesnt have one. Is there any legal procedures we should do or we can go there… Kindly reply as soon as possible because our trip is after tomorrow. Thank you 

    • http://www.marmaris.org Marmaris Turkey

      There is no visa requirement for one day trips for most of the countries

  • http://www.datoyshop.com Da Toy Shop

    Port tax is very high, I’ll most likely stay a few days on Rhodes for that reason alone. Which other Greek islands can be reached from Marmaris?

  • Jessica C

    We are travelling April from Rhodes to Marmaris. As this is not in peak season, do they still operate the ferries daily?

  • Rabag

    Can we go from Marmaris to Rhodes with our Charter-Motoryacht? Are there any requirements with German passports? What do we have to do when arriving in Rhodes harbour?

  • Confused

    Is the total correct from the SAME DAY RETURN TICKETS ?



  • Cathy

    Hi, we are going to Marmaris this September and would like to go to Rhodes, what time is the ship? Are tickets easy to get?

  • disqus_JPHCT9SZ6z

    going to marmaries and would like to stay over in rhodes for one night

  • loubna

    hi,i’m lebanese and i’m going to marmaris with my husband next week for 1 week ,i will visit rhodos for 1 day.we need a visa.

  • Ben

    Hi me and my partner and the 4 kids are going to Marmaris on the 24th of september 2012 and we would like to know how much it would cost for 2 aged 15 one aged 12 and one 10 to go to Rhodes for the day with us.

  • Behzad

    Hi, I’m from Iran and I planned to be in Marmaris from Sep 5th for a week! is it any chance for me to visit Rhodes? what are the requirements to go there?

  • Alice

    I will be in Maramaris in March and want to go to Rhodes for the 17 and 18th. Haven’t been able to find a ferry that runs on a Sunday

  • chloe

    does anybody know if its possible to go into faliraki from rhodes via taxi?? prices?? thanks

    • klelia

      yes you can!!

  • Rorro

    Anyone can Inform me if there will be scheduled trips to Rhodes on Easter?

  • Aliaa

    Hi im going to marmaris todayyyyy and am planning to go to rohdes for two days but I need to know urgently the requirements needed because I don’t have schengen but I have USA visa and Turkish visa ,thank you so much

  • jinane

    hi, im lebanese going to marmaris on 20july. can we go to rhodos same day return without a visa?

    • ale

      No you need to have a visa

  • Khushi

    Hi I have Indian passport but permanent UK residency is it okay for me to go there without visa ?

    • ale

      Do you have proof for the UK residenncy? Then it should not be a problem

  • Margaret Muir

    can Turks go for a day trip or do they need visa?

    • ale

      Depens if you have a green passport or not