Talk of the Town – Cheers Bar

People visit Marmaris again and again and they sure know about the “Talk of the Town” and/or “Cheers Bar”. Maybe you have also heard about it.

Talk of the Town and Cheers bar is located on the beach-front in Marmaris and has its own private beach. You can spend you all day here if you wanted to. There is the beach, the garden bar (Cheers) where everyone hangs out , cabaret show (so much fun) and it is a night-club after Cabaret show ends.

Talk of the town is famous with its drag show / Cabaret and it is the only one in Marmaris. This show starts at around 9:30 pm and goes till 12:00 pm. You have to purchase tickets ahead of time for this cabaret show since it is most of the time sold out.

 Talk of the Town - Cabaret - Things to do in Marmaris

Starts: Everyday except Mondays at 20:00 pm  with Dinner  ENDS: 24.00 pm
Price Includes: Cabaret, Dinner ( Chicken, salad, chips, desert and one local drink)
Dinner starts at 20:00 / Show starts at 21:00

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Almost 24 hours a day something is happening here sports and special events are shown live on two big screens. Meals and snacks served all day top class professional entertainment ,cabaret every evening at 9:30pm with Bobbie Kent’s International Play Girls Show. Resident at the Talk Of The Town since 1996. This show is seen by thousand’s of people every year. The price of a ticket for this show can also include dinner served at 8:15pm. When the star cabaret finishes you can dance the night away in our disco until the early morning.

Watch the SLIDESHOW: Talk of the Town Slide

  • Sammihendryxo

    Hi I was wondering how u book tickets for this? its for 7 people on the 2nd of August, its a birthday party and was wondering if you’s do birthday cakes?

    • Angel Woodward

      the price is twenty pounds not seventeen and the show starts at 9.30 ıf you do not have a meal otherwıse door opens at 7.30 for meal before show.

    • annmarie g

      great show meal also good and 1 free drink we went twice last year and will be doing same again this year

    • Helpdesk

      Hi Sammy… If you have not booked “Talk of the town” yet for the birthday party let us know. We will arrange a birthday cake and lot of fun for you.
      Just e-mail us at

      • Ahwaorth77

        Hi wondering if you can help me please????????????? I was a rep for manos holiday back in 1999 and would really like to try and meet up with some of my old friends do you have any ideas how i could do this as i have lost all numbers and names PLEASE HELP XX

  • Paulinemallon

    Hi how do I go about booking tickets for two people for the show. I am going on the 26th September. 

    • Nadz Alyas

      book when your there, this is the one thing in marmaris where the price is pretty much set, no haggling. Any of the ‘street’ sellers will ahve tickets, alternatley you can go to the venue, i heard this year its moved from cheers bar, dont knw if this is true but wither way find out the venue and uy there or through a rep. Theres a thomas cook bulding on the main road you can buy from there. Thomas cook get given thebetter seats so deffinatley book vis them if possible. If your going for 2 weeks, go twice, they alternate shows every week :)

  • Kgurr

    Thanks for a great fun evening at talk of the town,and to rikki for his hospitality,us ladies from hastings had a lovley evening and meeting you guys after the show having a chat made the evening more special.

  • Ahaworth77

    i worked as a holiday rep for manos in 1999 and would really like to re-connect with people i worked with please can anyone help me??????? was always watching this show as its AMAZING 

    • matthew

      Hi I want to know if marmaris sell any rapid solcitors kawasaki and red bull f1clothing

  • Татьяна Белкова

    I miss you, Guys!!!!!

  • dannielle

    I have been here, i love it. So many good memories! Someone take me back!

  • Sophie

    best place!, i loved it in september wish i could go back all because of these Guy’s!

  • matthew

    Hi marmaris I am wondering do u have any rapid sociters kawasaki clothing my name is matthew allen and red bull f1 clothing reply back

  • Mark Bradshaw

    Looking forward to coming back this September

  • Danielle

    This looks amazing :)

  • Janet Austin

    My husband and I have seen the show and 3 years and it was brilliant and we are going back to in September to see the show again.Good value for the money.

  • charlie

    is it better to take English money or not

  • Alan Curran

    can I take my children to the show????