Turkish Bath

You can not leave Turkey without experiencing a Turkish Bath! I would reccomend one just at the beginning of your vacation. Because you will love it and will want to go again and again. It is addictive. You will feel completely relaxed and deeply clean each time. Your skin will be purified!  It is also a great way to prolonging your tan.

 Turkish Bath - Things to do in Marmaris
Price Includes: Pick-up, soap massage, rub massage, towel sauna, drop-back to hotel

Turkish bath is free if you book any other 2 tours. Please go to above reserve now link

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Hamam – Once-in-a-lifetime opportunity! Working Up A Sweat In a Turkish Bath

We will pick you up from your hotel, or from whereever you are at the time of booking. Hamams are open all day long so you can go anytime of the day.

Upon entering the hammam, you will be given a key for a locker on a wristband for you. You will also be given a a cotton wrap-around sarong (pestemal), a pair of slippers or wooden clogs to wear around your feet. You go to a cubicle to change into just the “pestemal” (you can leave you swimwear if you like). You leave your clothes and valuable into the lockers and off we go.

You’re taken to a steamy,warm, humid room  surrounded with marble-lined  sitting, marble wash-basins running hot and cold water to mix to dowse yourself using traditional metal bowls. This is where you relax, enjoy the steam. Soft and relaxing light is diffused from the little round glass holes in the ceiling.

In the center of the Hamam (Turkish-bath) is  a raised marble platform “gobektasi” (navel stone). This is a bearable hot platform for you to relax, sit, lay, work up a sweat, get your scrub and soap massages. You will get a brisk rub of your body with a coarse loofah mitt to remove layers of dead skin.

Watch the SLIDESHOW: Turkish Bath

Then you will get a soap massage. Masseuse willcover you head to toe with rich white frothy bubbles, using a cloth bag .  Then will massage all over your body with a gentle pressure on your bones. You will have eased muscles you never knew you had. You will love it. It is heaven!

Finally you will take a shower. You will be given a thick cotton towel to cover yourself and be left in a cool room for relaxation. you will be offered drinks of your choice here.

If you would like to continue the experience, you can go for a full body massage with aromatherapy oils.

An experience Not to be missed!

  • Marmaris

    You must try Turkish Bath at least once While in Marmaris or anywhere in Turkey.

  • Kali

    Hi we will be coming to marmais soon and I was wondering how you would pick us up from a pier. We are coming in on the Naval ship…

  • Jen Drling

    Hi, I am also going to marmaris soo and I told by lauren from going places that she would highly reccomended the turkish baths on the first day to get rid of the dead skin so your tan will last longer….

  • Star

    hi i wanted to know how can you book this and also if there was a womens only day or section?

    • Mary_1266_874

      best off shopping around there will be lots of turkish baths, also alot of them do it so women only, does ur hotel do it? ile be doing it at the hotel when i get to turkey x

  • Colette

    How far is this from club dante apartments in marmaris? How long is the drive?

  • Paulinemallon

    Hi I am going to marmaris in September and am staying in the Elegence hotel. How long is the drive form this hotel & how much does the full body aromatherapy cost? How do I go about booking this? Do they offer spirts & beer to drink? Pauline 

    • http://www.marmaris.org Marmaris Turkey

      You can book at



    • Dfdf


      We are also going to marmaris in september. Is it possible to go to haman with swimwear? I am going with my mother and would not like to be naked.

  • Amanda Watson1988

    Hi i am goin to marmaris in august for 10 days and i get bad prickly heat would a turkish bath or mud bath on the 1st day help to ease it of a bit?

  • Lei Zhang


    I will be at MARMARIS on 16th May via cruise. 

    How can I book the Turkish bath with you? We have 4 people


    • Levo

      Hi Lei
      Have you booked your “Turkish Bath” activity yet? If not please contact us and we will arrange it for you. Since you are coming on a cruise we need to know what time is the scheduled arrival so that we can plan your pick up.
      Kind Regards

  • Lilshoward24

    Im staying at Hotel Kalemci, i was wondering how long it takes to get to the Hamam? 

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  • Jod91

    I coming to turkey in sept and want to know if you can have a Turkish bath in a swimming. Costume

  • http://www.facebook.com/jodie.hollindale Jodie Lyan Hollindale

    hi can you wear your swimwear {costume} in the turkish bath as i am self conscious wil they still be able to massage me x and how far is it from pasabeach hotel

  • noel probert

    we’ve booked for 3rd june how will we know who’s picking us up because on the email it’s very vague. kind regards mr probert.

  • Marina

    Those prices are in wich currency?

  • chels

    i am coming to marmaris on june 3rd with my boyfriend just wondering how i go about booking a turkish bath?

  • roger thomas

    which turkish baths in marmaris can women go naked at a women only bath

  • roger

    my wife and i are coming to marmaris in 6 weeks is there a women only turkish bath where she can go naked

    • omar

      I had turkish bath with my wife last year in marmaris,,i asked the guy that i want the turkish bath empty,,only me and my wife and a beautifull girl on her thertieth……we were all naked….but the girl was surprised that we want her to be naked i paid extra money,..after that she begin with my wife ..and after with me doing a great turkish bath but i was arroused..it was shown that mine was up..and she played with me and i was playing with my wife we had a good time…try it

  • liz w.yorks

    I go to the baths on every trip to marmaris I book it when I book all my other trips from the same lad and often throws it in free ,don’t go to a hotel one as these are not the real thing ,you wear swim wear and as a comment further down tried to make out there seedy ,there certainly not ,you get a massage at end that’s in with the price but also offered other massages at an extra price plus some beauty treatments but not presserized into having I swear these give me a tan quicker and you feel wonderful afterwards if not a bit tired as they relaxed you so much ,I would not miss the baths for anything and love them

  • Amy Daniel

    How can I book staying at hotel Greenland

  • Sandrasouth68

    We are coming to marmaris is 2 weeks, I would love to try this but have psoriasis so would this be any good for me?

  • roger thomas

    whic turkish bath can women go naked

  • roger thomas

    which turkish bath in marmaris can my wife go naked and has a women only area with women masseuses

  • Roelof Jan Feersma Hoekstra

    We went to these Turkish Baths 1,5 week ago. It was really great and relaxing. When we left the girl advised us to come again later in the day after 18:00pm or so..because there are less people then so it’s even more relaxing

  • Danielle

    Hi me and my friend are coming to Marmaris at the start of september and we really want a Turkish bath but don’t want to go naked. Do you have to be? We wouldn’t enjoy it if we where naked. Also could you send prices of extra treatments such as massage and facials? Many thanks Danielle x

    • michelle

      Don’t worry Danielle. I have just come back from Turkey after being there for a week. Myself & my niece had a turkish bath and it was worth every penny. We kept our bikini’s on the whole time. We upgraded and had the facial, head massage,foot massage/pedi. The baths cost us £10 and then an extra £20 for all the other treatments. Best to have the bath at the start of your holidays to enhance your tan and then if possible have another at the end of your holiday. We booked ours through our rep as it was so cheap. Fantastic! Enjoy!!!!

  • Roger Thomas.

    My name is Roger and I want to know where the naked women will be

  • Laura

    my friend had a very bad experience at a Turkish bath! She didn’t enjoy her rub down……….TURKISHHHH BATH