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We want you to have the best holiday ever in Marmaris and come back again.  So we work hard to provide quality information, advice and news about Marmaris.  You will be able to find most you need. If you can not please just contact us. This is an interactive site. We will respond asap.

You can book most of your activities with us. All you need to do is tell us about which activities you are most interested in.  Also if you tell us about your likes and dislikes, your group’s average age, we can tailor a nice tour and activity plan for you.

YOU DON’T HAVE TO PAY ANYTHING UPFRONT! We will work with you to chose all you want during your vacation. We will make the reservations, bookings. You can pay at the day of the activity that you are going to join. If for any reason you need to change the dates of the booked activities, that is not a problem to change the dates, permitting you have enough days left.

We know how important your holiday in Marmaris is. You work so hard all year around for your money and save for this short break. Therefore we will do our best to inform and guide  you in the best possible way about Marmaris and Turkey.

Roadmap to Enjoy Marmaris

If this is your first time in Marmaris, you wouldn’t easily know where to start enjoying all exciting things Marmaris has to offer. Even if you have been to Marmaris before you may find some information here that you did not know such fun activity, place existed around Marmaris.

If you want piece of mind and want us get involved in all your bookings, we are committed to it from start of your holiday to finish.
- We will pick you up from the airport help you settle to your accommodation.
- We will reccommend tours and activities that suit your lifestyle and guarantee to exceed your expectations.
- We will give you advice about safety and always be a phone call away
- We will take you back to the airport safely and say good-bye till next time :)

  • Kathy Speller

    We will be staying at Marmaris in April. I am Catholic and would like to know if there is a Catholic Church Nearby.

    Thank you


    • Kaz

      Kathy have you been able to get any info yet on Catholic Church in or near Marmaris? I am going in April also but can’t get any info. Thanks. Kaz

  • Rosemary Crooks

    Kathy Marmaris is a beautiful place to stay. I have been there twice, last year June and October, and travel with my sister who has stayed there several times. I am not sure about location of catholic churches but in October we stayed very near a Mosque. You should search on the web or ask your travel company. Hope you have a wonderful time in Marmaris.

    Rosie – Northern Ireland

  • Kylepicton

    me and my partner are deciding whether to go to marmaris around the 23rd of may and we are wondering what the whether is like around this time


  • Treahonda59

    i have booked club anastisa for 19 may departing from belfast. i am going on my own as my partner cant go. i was wondering is there any1 going from belfast and staying here as i would feel more safer knowing im with ppl from northern ireland.

    • Jones Joseph

      dont worry anastasia beautiful hotel everybody friendly always go on my own

  • Chris Cartlidge

    got back from marmaris 7th may 2011 beautiful country side , the people are friendly and the weather was ok.only down side you are continuously hassled shops,bars,markets if you can hack that you ll love it. my highlight was the jeep safari we went on brilliant

  • Wendyh02

    we are going to marmaris for the first time this yr stayin at ozturk apartments just wondered if any one else has stayed there and what is it like also my youngest isa real fussy eater so wanted to know what the food is like any comments greatly recieved

  • marie madeleine kamel

    hey can i have a phone number to call for more information about booking trips ? i am going with my sister to marmaris on 29 august and we are staying in irmak hotel …. so any help pliz

  • Joan Phillips

    I will be travelling with my 90 year old mother who requires a wheelchair can you arrange a wheelchair for the duration of our holiday?

  • Drljmanning

    hi could you let me know if there are any rock bars or bars playing heavy metal music in marmaris? many thanks lisa 

  • Lasse Andreasson

    Hello !
    We are going to the hotel “villa neighbors” in end of July 2012, does anyone have their www-site ? post address or so ?

    Best regards / Lasse

  • Fariasattar

    me and my partner plan to travel by the 24th of this month. can you please tell me what sort of weather would be in marmaris?

    • jim

      very hot

  • jim

    on our way to marmaris next monday am so looking forward to it

  • Katie

    me and my friends are going to Marmaris at the end of September, what are the prices like?

    • jim moore

      prices not bad you must haggle to get a good deal jim

  • jo

    im going to turkey august the 23 stayin at ideal prime beach hotel anyone been im goin with family anyone been an how much money do you think ill need

  • Sam

    We are travelling on 4th September for 4 nights , 7 Adult and 3 kids (3 to 4 years) , give your advice please .

  • busybee

    Planning to holiday in Marmaris Oct27th-Nov3rd,when does evertything shut down due to end of season,noticed waterpark closed these dates,hoping to do watersports,daytrips,turtle island etc.

    • Mark Bradshaw

      Hi we went last year around end of September start of October in the second week the prices dropped by 45% so you should get a great deal at that time of year if you eat out would recommend a place called Mayfair food fantastic .. hope that helps ps most places were still open .

  • janet

    Great helpful website, just would like to what is the exchange rate/ conversion from £(sterling) to turkish money? and what are the local people like towards foreigners/tourists

  • Vina

    Hi, I’m a mature lady and would like to go Marmaris on holiday on my own, what advice can you give me?
    Many thanks

  • sandra loveday

    Just come back from Marmaris, and have to say I won’t be going again. I found the shop keepers to be very threatening. I was asked by one try this jacket on and when I said no thank you he asked why, I don;t need another jacket thank you. Then he started you f…..g bitch bitch, why you f…..g looking in my shop. I have never felt so terrified and couldn’t get away fast enough. Then there is the hassle of you try my restaurant we are better than everyody else. I don’t need this when I’m on holiday.

  • GBKay

    Are there concerts or music between Dec and May in Marmaris? There used to be the Marmaris Chamber Music Ensemble which was a string ensemble. I cannot find them anywhere!

  • Alyson

    My partner may need to hire a mobility scooter – is there a shop close to the center where we could get one?