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30 Facts that Can Inspire You to Go for Hiking on the Carian Trail

Carian-Trail-Turkey Photo

The Carian Trail is named after the Carian civilization. It is an 800 km long trail covering the Southwest part of Turkey including the modern Mugla and Aydin provinces. The region comprises several ancient ruins and historic monuments. Visitors can fulfill travel across the through stone paved roads that connect several small villages from the coast to other mountainous areas in the region.

1 – Mesmerizing Coastal Views
2/3rd of the total trail crosses the coastline, which is near about 820 km and offers amazing views.


2 – Old Trails with the Green Mountains
Villages are connected through old ancient trails that offer amazing landscape.


3 – Remains of Ancient Civilization
The remnants of ancient civilization like castle are still visible in the area.


4 – The Eye-Catching Waymarks and Signposts
You can trace the waymarks with white and red flashes across the 820 km long trail. Signposts have also been installed at the start and ending points of each section. Here you can see the remains of an abandoned village.


5 – Unspoilt Villages of the Region
All the villages and towns along the side of the trail are unspoiled and make the location amazing. The town shown in the photograph is Bozburun, which is one of the most beautiful towns in the route.

6 – Mesmerizing View
You might have witnessed many scenic views across the trail, but the important thing is that this photograph was shot at the ancient settlement of Hydas. Not many ruins of the ancient civilization are available in the spot, but the view will definitely give you a memorable experience.


7 – Historic Tomb
The Pyramid-shaped tomb is a masterpiece and unique in style. According to legends, the structure belonged to a holy person and people would visit him with a hope to fulfill their wishes. Approximately, 40 years ago, a few treasure hunters excavated the tomb and took away gold rings, earrings, necklaces, and cups. However, after finding that the tomb did not belong to Muslims, villagers stopped visiting the place.


8 – Hiking and Sailing
The SW coast is a perfect place for people who love clean and safe waters. While the trail passes through the area, it offers a great opportunity for hiking and sailing.

9 – Fauna and Flora
The entire region is comprised of a lot of greenery. Here, you can trace spectacular flowers, since most of the places in the trail are marked as the nature parks.

10 – Unbroken Beaches
The Trail passes through several integral beaches in the region and people who love to dive in the sea can fulfill their wish here. The most important thing about the beaches in the region is that the temperature of the water remains around 16 degrees even in winter.

11 – The Junction of Two Seas
Knidos, the tip of Datca peninsula, is the adjourning point of the Mediterranean and the Aegean Sea. The Knidos city once had two harbors, one on the Mediterranean Sea and the other located on the Aegean Sea. However, the trail crosses both the harbors.

12 – The Door of the Mind
The unbroken door is standing near the Cape Crio Lighthouse. The door attracts every visitor towards it and you will surely do not want to miss the attraction that is beautiful and mysterious.

13 – Enjoy the Freedom
Walking in the trail is not like walking in other crowded places where you will find many hikers alongside. You can enjoy the loneliness of the area completely and realize how beautiful nature can be.

14 – A Perfect Place for Biking
You may not find all the roads suitable for biking, as some of them are dirty. However, you can choose to make your experience slightly different by opting for other scenic roads.

15 – The Best Part of Your Journey
This is the place where you can put off your boots and consider as the best for hiking. The sandy beach of Akyaka will definitely make you go wow.

16 – Sip Coffee and Go Out for Hiking
A cup of Turkish coffee will make up your mood and give you the much-needed push for your journey. Imagine the refreshing feel of sipping coffee and looking at soothing views.

17 – Breakfast & Foods
Turkish bread and tea, olive from the grooves, jams processed from fruits, tomatoes picked up from gardens and cheese-processed goat’s milk could be just amazing for breakfast while hiking in nature.

18 – Carpet Weaving and Handicrafts
The Bozalan town and its surrounding villages are famous for producing natural dyes and wool. You can find a carpet loom in almost all the houses in the region.

19 – Historic Architecture
While hiking in the region, you will see that most of the historic and traditional structures are still preserved and some of them are under ruins.

20 – Ruins of Carian Civilization in Labraunda.
The photograph was shot in Labraunda, where about 10 major archaeological sites are located. Labraunda, Amos, Halicarnassos, Knidos, Mylasa, Stratonikeia, Alinda, Heracleia are the major archaeological sites in the region.

21 – Stone Laid Village Paths in Caravan Trails
These stone laid village paths will be on your way when you will pass through the Milas region. Villagers in the area use these paths to bring olives from grooves.

22 – Villages in the Region
The villages in the region can remind you of the historic period, as most of the villages here are characteristic and lead a natural life. As part of the decoration, women in the Aegean region attach freshly grown flowers on their headscarves. Their glowing eyes and unique dressing style are distinct and appealing.

23 – The Hospitality of Turkey
While trekking through the villages located in the region, you will feel that nobody lives in the area. After walking a few steps, you may find a person standing in the balcony. They are very warm people and you should not be surprised if you ask you to come over for some food and drink.

24 – Ancient Wall Paintings of Neolithic Age
You will notice a large number of wall paintings around the Latmos Mountains, which are dated back to 6000 BC. These ancient wall paintings depict several social activities practiced at that time, which include dancing and celebrations.

25 – The Kings Road
As the name suggests, the road was once used by the king Alexander the Great. It was built by his own commander. A big part of the road incurred damages with time. However, you can still walk a few kilometers on it.

26 – The Stunning Latmos Mountains
The Bes Parmak (five-finger) mountains, once known as the Latmos Mountains in ancient times, is one of the most visited and unspoiled tourist spots in Turkey.

27 – The Bagarcik Village with Scenic Beauty
After spending a long day of hiking, you can take rest in this beautiful and peaceful village situated near the Latmos Mountains. The livelihood of people in this village is maintained through the trading of pine nuts.

28 – The Trail is Filled with Colours and Diversity
While standing under the Umbrella Pine trees, you will definitely feel that you are standing at somewhere in Africa and this is something you will never forget.

29 – The Ruins of Alinda
Situated near the Karpuzlu settlement, the ancient city of Alinda is the end of the trail. The photograph depicts the remaining of the Agora, a market place, which is the best-preserved ancient structure in Turkey.

30 – The Marshes of Dalyan
Dalyan is situated between the Iztuzu Beach and Koycegiz Lake. A river in zigzag shape is also flowing through the area. The area is used for marine turtle nesting and is considered as the best place for bird watching.

Carian-Trail-Turkey Photo

Carian-Trail-Turkey Photo

Carian-Trail-Turkey Photo

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