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Akyaka – popular for its natural beauty that has been preserved well


Akyaka is a seaside town that is located in southwestern Turkey. It is 20 miles from Marmaris city. It has its own municipality that is in the Ula district of the Mugla province. Akyaka is at the edge of Datca peninsula along the Aegean Sea. It is a town that has increasing international tourism and it is known for its fishing and for being very traditional.


To get to Akyaka for those traveling by air, the closest airport is Dalaman airport. From the airport, you get to Marmaris from where you can get to Akyaka by bus. But You can also drop off at the intersection of Marmaris and Mugla, Then take a taxi to Akyaka. The cheapest form of transport from Marmaris to Akyaka is the use of dolmus which are mini-buses that travel along the Mugla-Marmaris highway.

Dalaman to Akyaka Gokova – 53min 65km

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Akyaka is popular for its slow life. It has been known to seriously guard this way of life as it is what sets it apart from other towns in Turkey. There is no rush in Akyaka or full of energy activities like clubbing in this town. From food to traveling everything is slow and smooth.
In addition, Akyaka’s architecture is one of the things the town is known for. The architecture here follows uniform construction regulations, whereby houses are built by combining modern architectural style with the former Ula houses style. The houses here have flowery and gardened double stairs with wooden balconies and overhanging roofs. Hence Akyaka is known for its authentic houses.
Akyaka is also popular for its natural beauty that has been preserved well. A multitude of wetland species can be seen in Akyaka just like the Lutra Lutra that is almost extinct.
The most popular thing in Akyaka is the fact that most of the tourists visiting the town are Turkish. This also translates to the town being known for traditional Turkish delicacies. The foods in this town are something that sets it apart from other towns in turkey as they give the best traditional dishes that speak volumes about the Turkish culture.


The best time to visit Akyaka is from late June to early September. This is because at this time of the year it is warm and therefore you get to enjoy the town and engage in various outdoor activities.
During summer it is very warm and with a clear sky in Akyaka. The average daily temperature ranges from 72 which is the highest temperature and a low temperature of 58. The highest temperature rise in summer gets to 83 which occurs mostly in July. The sea temperature in Akyaka during summer ranges from 22/72 to 21/72. This then means that the sea water is warm during summer which makes it possible to go for a swim while in Akyaka.
During winter it is usually freezing and even snowing sometime in Akyaka. At this time of the year, the sky is partly cloudy and sometimes it even rains. The winter season falls in the month of December to march with an average temperature that is below 38. This then means visiting Akyaka during winter may not be as fulfilling as you may not get to enjoy some of the activities such as boat tours.


  1. Boat tours
    There are daily boat tours in Akyaka. These boat tours are normally available during summer. You can take these boat tours to get to some bays that are near Akyaka. Most of the companies offering these boat tours give packages that have lunch included in them. Various stops made by the boats are dependent on the boat company you hire from and this also applies to the routes taken. Some of the bays and islands that one can get to see while on a boat tour are Gokova bay which is legendary and the famous Cleopatra Island. A boat trip is definitely one of the great things to indulge in while in Akyaka. You get to enjoy the water and the environs of Akyaka.
  2. Walk around and enjoy the architecture.
    Houses in Akyaka are very authentic and are part of what sets the town apart. They form the uniqueness of the town. They are a mixture of tradition and modern styles of building a house. By just walking around the town of Akyaka you get to enjoy the beautiful scenery of houses built in a similar way. This is not only a fulfilling activity but it also gives you a clear and better understanding of the history and culture of Akyaka town.
  3. Visiting beaches in Akyaka.
    Spending a day on the beach as always been a good thing to do when in a place that has a beach. Akyaka has a long sandy beach known as the Akyaka beach. The beach is characterized by white sand and it is very clean and serene. The water around the beach is usually very shallow which makes it good for swimming and relaxing in the water. And another advantage of Akyaka Beach is that there are restaurants and bars close to it which makes the visit worthwhile. And yeah did I forget to mention that the beach is absolutely free? No charges just having lots of fun.
  4. Enjoying the Azmak River
    This river is locally known as Azmak Nehri and is one of the highlights of Akyaka town. It has crystal clear water and very icy too. The river is surrounded by green vegetation that makes it look like a small paradise of its own. You can get to enjoy more of the river by taking a boat ride and just ride through and around it. A boat ride along the river allows you to enjoy the scenery of sea plants and the fact that the river is so clear means you also get to see the fish as they swim in is like a natural aquarium.
    Another way to enjoy the Azmak River is by walking along with it. Taking a stroll along the river gives you an opportunity to enjoy its scenery. You get to enjoy restaurants that are along the river and even find some good swimming spots and go for that swim in the river.
  5. Hiking and walking
    Akyaka has hills, mountains, and forests surrounding it. Going for a walk or hike in these hills or mountains is one of the things to do while in Akyaka. You get to enjoy the natural beauty of the town and even get a glimpse of some wildlife. One can even hire bikes and go biking around the town or even mountain biking. It is an activity that helps you work out while enjoying yourself.
    Also, you can decide to walk into the forest that is accessible from the beach. By walking along the beach path to the end you get to the forest where you can decide to even camp as it is one of the best campsites in Akyaka town. The forest is very much safe, no need to fear or worry.
  6. Bird watching
    As we stated earlier Akyaka is popular for its wetland species. Taking time to watch the birds as they fly or even perch on the reed is something great to do in Akyaka you can watch the birds from the beach or while taking a boat ride. You even get to feed the ducks that are in the River Azmak when you dine in some restaurants built along the river. Some of the bird species seen in Akyaka cannot be seen elsewhere so take time and watch different type of birds.
  7. Fishing
    Are you a fisherman or do you enjoy fishing, then you cannot visit Akyaka and fail to go fishing? Since it is a fishing village, then the activity is very much available. You can hire a boat or kayaks and then go catch some fish for fun. The river Azmak is clear which means that this makes fishing very easy.
  8. Kite surfing Oh! Yes, Akyaka is a place to enjoy kite-surfing or just watch people indulge in it. If you are good at surfing then don’t leave Akyaka without doing exactly that. But even though you cannot surf, kite-surfing in Akyaka is delightful and colorful to watch. The different colors of kites in the air form a very beautiful sight, especially with the clear blue sky.
  9. Enjoy Turkish delicacies
    Visiting various restaurants in Akyaka will give you a great experience and taste of the Turkish dishes. Most if not all restaurants in Akyaka prepare traditional Turkish foods such as the meze. The menus are even written in turkey. So sample out the different foods that speak volumes of the Turkish culture.
  10. Shopping How can a visit to any place be complete without shopping for souvenirs? Well while in Akyaka go for shopping as the town has plenty of shops and handcraft stalls that offer splendid souvenirs. Also in Akyaka, there is an olive farm that offers every olive product that you would want. Shopping here enables you to get the best and quality olive products that you get to take home.



Akyaka has very many restaurants with most of them serving only Turkish meals and having Turkish menus. Some of the popular restaurants known in Akyaka include;
·Halilin Yeri
This is situated with a river flowing on either side of the place where people eat. This gives it very beautiful scenery and one enjoys it while having their meal
·Mer Restaurant
Mer restaurant is situated on the front of the beach giving a great view of the Gulf of Gokova and their meals and services are splendid. one enjoys the cooling breeze and view while eating.
·Selanik restaurant
Selanik restaurant is a family run business that serves only Turkish dishes and has the menu written in turkey. The family is very friendly which makes it an enjoyable place to dine.
·Kordon restaurant
Kordon restaurant is next to the river Azmak and it is surrounded by geese that are in the river. People dining here get to feed the geese which jump to get the food thrown at them and entertaining the diners. This can be frustrating at times because of water splashing from their jumping up and down but hey who the fun of sharing your food with these creatures is great.
·Big blue
The big blue restaurant is situated on the beachfront giving a beautiful view of the Gulf of Govoka. It has a rich menu that has both Turkish dishes and international dishes. The restaurant has rooms hence you can lodge there and they also offer beach services.


Akyaka has very many hotels that are good and they offer quality services. If visiting Akyaka and wish to spend the night or even stay a while, some of the popular hotels to check out include;

Ayka hotel
This is a stone and wood built hotel that is very close to the beach; it has a garden and offers a sun terrace for sun loungers. It is among the cheapest place to stay in Akyaka
Hotel Kerme Ottoman Palace
This is a boutique hotel close to the beach and that offers quality services at good prices and it is very clean too
Hotel Kerme Ottoman Konak
It is in an excellent location near the river and offers excellent services
Otel Azmakhan
This is a good hotel with good rooms that are very clean and the prices are affordable.
Shimal Residence hotel
This hotel has an excellent location that gives a great view and it offers awesome deals.


Akyaka might be a small village but it has a lot to offer in terms of tourism and adventure, unlike any other big town or city. Visiting the village allows you to make great memories and experience the Turkish culture in detail. The fact that it is known as a slow life town is the more reason to visit as you get to see that the town’s culture and way of life have not been influenced by the ever-evolving world.

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