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AMOS Bay – A Small Ancient Site Big on Views

Amos Bay & Amos Ancient Site in Marmaris - image
Amos Bay & Amos Ancient Site

Just outside Marmaris Bay, there are a few amazing bays and historical ancient sites that not many people mention about. One of those places is called Amos Bay & Amos Ancient Site. That is why they re hidden gems, and we can arrange private tours for you to those places if you like. Just contact us.

Amos Bay & Amos Ancient Site is very well known among locals. When you get thee, there is the little ancient city on top of the hill. You will see the ruins of a castle and a little theater and more.

Granted, 2.200-year-old Amos isn’t a resort, far from it. But if you are touring the peninsula, you might want to head up the hill of this small ancient site offering fantastic views of the area.

There aren’t organized trips to Amos Ancient Site, City, because it’s quite small. Free to enter, there is plenty to see if you are interested in Turkey’s ancient history – remains of a Hellenistic Theatre, walls and spectacular views over the bay. It’s not touristy or large, but it is beautiful.

Amos Bay & Amos Ancient Site

Take a Private taxi there, and ask them to wait and bring you back. Far better than a large, time-restricted coach trip to somewhere expensive and roped off!

If you have a family and half a day to walk about 30 minutes uphill to the ancient ruins of Amos, browse the ancient amphitheater and the amazing views of two bays (Amos bay and Kumlubuk bay) and then walk back down about 20 minutes to the pristine clear water of Amos bay and to enjoy a delicious breakfast or lunch at Amos Beach Restaurant, you will not be sorry !
Getting to Amos Beach is easy with either economic boats from Turunç/İçmeler or renting bikes from Turunç or Taxi/Dolmus from Turunç. 
When you see the beautiful pristine beach and wonderful family who is the owner of the beach restaurant, you will know you have come to a piece of heaven on earth.

Amos Bay & Amos Ancient Site
Amos Bay & Amos Ancient Site

But most people don’t take the time to visit the ancient city on top of the hill which is a short walk from the beach – please TAKE THE TIME to visit Amos Ancient city. You will be amazed at the views as you take hundreds of selfies and pictures with your family and friends. It is a very short (2,5 km) uphill walk through a beautiful residential area (this development credited with Aga Han architectural award) and nicely paved asphalt road all the way to the ancient site. 
Take a bottle of water on the hike and when you come back down the hill make sure you taste the beautiful delicacies prepared by the family-owned restaurant and swim in the beautiful crisp and clean waters of Amos bay. 
You will have a family day you will cherish forever. 

Amos Beach
Amos Bay & Beach

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