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Famous Blue Cruise w/ Gulets & Yachts in Turkey


Blue Cuise & Blue Voyage

“You Haven’t Lived Until You’ve Blue Cruised the Aegean and the Mediterranean! “

One of the most beautiful parts of the world is the Aegean Sea and The Mediterranean. This area is just so amazing, different, tranquil with an amazing Turkish, Greek lifestyle. Especially The Aegean Sea is someplace that everyone should experience at least once. Then you will keep coming back. Turkish Turquoise Coastline combined with close by Greek Islands is nowhere else to find. Every day more and more people discover the pleasures of Blue cruise -i.e.. Blue Voyage.

One of the best ways to visit this area is by doing a Blue-cruise instead of a land, hotel based vacation. Blue Cruising means; very basically going on lovely gullets and sailing along the gorgeous  Turquoise Coastline of Turkey and some close by Greek Islands if wanted. Yes, this is it! You have your cabin to sleep, and you have a gorgeous yacht with the crew to serve you. Best of all worlds.

Gulet-cruise-featured-photo Many people think the blue cruise is for the riches and sophisticated. It is true to a point, but there is a Gulet for every budget just like there is a class of hotel for every budget. So you can experience a blue cruise within your budget. Blue cruises are priced according to the Gulet/yacht of your choice. If you find the Gulet that is affordable for you, you are done. You don’t pay for the bays, coves, beaches. You just pay for the Gulet, unless you would like to take some paid excursions while on land. We recommend a Gulet charter company like us if you would like to see what your Gulet and cost options are. They have an extensive flotilla of Gulets for most budgets.



Blue cruises must be booked either at least for one week, two weeks or more. So they are booked on a weekly basis and priced on a weekly basis. Most people first book for a week and see how they like it. Because they fall in love with it they keep coming back. Blue Voyages are so popular that during the months of July and August all gulets are 100% booked.

If you have never been on a blue cruise we recommend you try it once. GET A TASTE and FEE OF IT! If you are not sure about the requirement of booking for at least one week, We might have a solution for you. They can arrange a day, a few days or any duration less than a week for you, permitted they have available gulets. This will be hard during the months of July, August but is possible anytime besides those months.

Gulets come in many different sizes, types, a number of cabins, level of luxury, etc. and prices vary based on these qualities. Prices will range from $500.00/ day to 250,000.000/ day.


Here we will just show you some pictures to give you an idea of what “Blue Cruise” or “Blue Voyage” is all about.

You can read more about blue-cruise on this page: What is Blue-cruise 


  • Keyvan Kaviani
    Posted April 21, 2017 at 11:15

    Dear mr. bulent yurtal,
    Please contact me ASAP you can call me or use watsup. my number is +31624373808
    Dr. Kaviani

  • Steven Mittman
    Posted February 8, 2016 at 21:04

    I am interested in chartering a gullet for the Mavi Yolcilik for a week: starting October 1. Will need appx. 5 cabins.
    Please email me information for boats that leave from Marmaris ( where I lived for 2 years 1968-1970)

    • Bülent Yaylalı
      Posted February 17, 2016 at 15:58

      please fell free to send inquiry to , we will e- mail to you.

  • James Green
    Posted May 7, 2015 at 19:34

    What is the cost of Blue cruise as I am looking for value for money.

    • Blue Marmaris
      Posted May 7, 2015 at 19:46

      You can make your stay memorable in Marmaris, when you decide to allocate some money for blue cruise sailing. Sail in the Mediterranean and Aegean seas and experience the turquoise coastline by taking a blue voyage.
      Do not think that blue sailing is meant for riches only. You can find best gulet services at economical prices. You can find gulet services that organize trips every day. Plans are based on the itinerary that you choose. You need not pay for beaches, coves and bays. You can enjoy blue sailing by paying $500 minimum. If you have planned to offer memorable treat to your friends, these services can organize lavish trips. Please send email to

  • Brian Easton
    Posted April 24, 2015 at 20:38

    How to find best cruise in Marmaris?

    • Blue Marmaris
      Posted April 27, 2015 at 19:08

      Hi Brian.

      When you are Marmaris, you should definitely experience gulet cruising for gathering valuable memories. Finding a cruise service in Marmaris is not at all a problem.
      When I was in Marmaris last month, I asked the resort manager regarding the cruise service. Fortunately, the resort arranged for the service. In Marmaris, many hotels book cruise sailing trips. Before, you choose a service, decide about the number of days you are willing to spend on a voyage. Accordingly, you will be suggested with an itinerary.

      In addition, a sailing cruise comes with different classes of hospitality services ranging from economic to exclusive packages. Based on your budget, you can easily select the one to fulfill your dreams.

      Thanks and see you soon. 🙂

      Blue Marmaris

  • Esak Swetskey
    Posted April 22, 2015 at 19:33

    I heard from a source that it would be very tough to book ticket for a gulet ride in Marmaris in the month of July and August. Thus, I visited the region in January this year and availed the experience of gulet ride on a blue cruise Turkey.
    There were many players in the area providing gulet service, but I followed a close local friend of mine and chose a lovely blue cruise for the joy ride. Tickets were available at that season and I choose one-week with much affordable price.
    It was fully sunny morning when I boarded on the yacht and started the journey within an hour. The most attractive thing of the seawater of this region is, it bears crystal clear water and one can easily see the seabed beneath it. Along within spectacular sightseeing, the blue cruise Turkey offered me world-class hospitality that was a lifetime experience for me.

  • Sam Ridyard
    Posted April 21, 2015 at 17:12

    I always wondered about a relaxing and pleasurable boat trip and the good thing is, I did not have to long for it. I fulfilled my dream on my holiday trip at Marmaris.
    The region is mostly popular for its stunning natural beauty, but people also come here to experience voyage in the water of Mediterranean Sea. I had been able to book a one-week ticket for the sea ride on a blue cruise Turkey and could not wait to experience it.
    However, as per the schedule, leaving the harbor behind, the cruise was on its way towards the deep into the sea. It was the first time I took such sea ride and I will never forget the joy I got from it. I was quite happy with service of blue cruise Turkey, and I would like to have such journey again if get the opportunity.

  • David Crawley
    Posted April 20, 2015 at 19:24

    I was new in the region and had not any idea on what would be the best way to make the tour a remarkable one. Thanks to a local guide who told me about a lot of things that might have enjoyed by me.
    However, I decided to opt for the gulet ride, as I have a great interest in water riding and I have enjoyed such experience before. I came to know about a blue cruise Turkey from one of the most renowned service providers in this business. I did not waste my time and booked the cruise for one week.
    It was nicely decorated gulet and offered me a feeling of floating on a high-class boutique hotel. Besides that, it was great to float on Mediterranean water with the view of floating small Greek islands on blue carpet. If I visit the area again, I will definitely make contact with this blue cruise Turkey for another wonderful ride.

  • Alison
    Posted April 20, 2015 at 19:23

    I was in Turkey to spend my holidays, but riding on a yacht was not my plan. However, now I am thinking that I could miss a huge opportunity to witness Aegean and Mediterranean Sea from close. Once you take the journey, you will definitely keep coming back for it.
    Before booking the ticket for the sea ride provided by blue cruise Turkey, I was thinking it was the spree of aristocrats and a lot of spending involves with it, but now I understand that I was wrong, as one can easily take the ride with affordable price.
    However, our voyage sailed through the coastline of Turkey and it was gradually crossing several small Greek islands, and it was really a great experience for me, as I have not seen such things before. Wind of Mediterranean Sea was blowing gently that made us refreshed. Several small green islands were on our way but our cruse passed those floating mountains with very near distance.
    This was amazing for me and I will never forget the experience I availed from blue cruise Turkey. Along with the wonderful natural views, they offered me pleasurable accommodation with delicious food that has made the journey a remarkable one.

  • Kevin Miller
    Posted April 19, 2015 at 07:48

    This was my second visit in this region of Turkey and this time did not want to miss the opportunity to take a sea ride by boarding on a blue cruise Turkey. I was totally unaware about the cruise service, but a close friend of mine who took the ride in last season told me about his wonderful experience with it.
    However, I asked my hotel manager about how I can book a ticket for the yacht ride and got all the details. Since I had no idea about such voyage, I booked a ticket for one week and came to know that it would be very hard to book if I made the attempt in the month of July and August.
    However, I booked my ticket easily and boarded on the cruise in a sunny morning. The experience I got from the sea ride was magnificent and I just have not enough word to explain its amaze. Thanks a lot to blue cruise Turkey.

  • blue cruise marmaris
    Posted April 15, 2015 at 13:04

    Blue cruises must be booked either at least for one week, two weeks or more. So they are booked on a weekly basis and priced on a weekly basis. Most people first book for a week and see how they like it. Because they fall in love with it they keep coming back.

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