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Blue Voyage in Turkey is Amazing! and is specialized in this fantastic tourism sector of making people’s dreams come true – arranging blue cruise charters, specially tailored for each group. Because every group is different with likes and dislikes, age group, needs and wants. They will find and place your group to the most suitable gulet and help you chose the best itinerary for you.

More and more people discover the beauty of the blue voyage in Turkey. We know it by heart that “You Haven’t Lived Until You’ve Blue Cruised!”.

We invite you to try blue-voyage. Get yourself away from the crowded beaches and pools! Sail into the silence, the fresh air, the clear blue waters and the history all at once! Feel the Freedom.

Most people who has not been on a blue-cruise have some questions:

  • Is blue-voyage affordable and a good vacation value?
    Blue cruise is one of the best vacation value! There are cruises to suit every budget. When you book a Gulet cruise you are basically paying for the whole yacht that has number of rooms that would accommodate your party. If you only need 3 cabins there are Gulets with just 3 cabins and they cost less than 6 cabin Gulets. Level of service and quality changes according to the Gulet. can find and arrange a Gulet according to your needs. Just contact them. All you need to communicate is “How many people is in your group”, “The Dates you would like to take the cruise” and mention “your budget”. They have an extensive database and flotilla of Gulets and they sure will find one that suits your needs.
    Blue cruise is great value because your cruise includes your accommodations for the whole group and according to arrangements your on-board dining and activities. You will know what your vacation will cost you before you go. (Typically, your only extra expenses will be drinks, specialty restaurants on land, optional shore excursions.)
  • How long are cruises?
    Blue Voyages are schedule as weekly and bi-weekly cruises. That is the standard. So you have to book a Gulet for at least a week and chose an itinerary that is suitable for a week cruising. BUT for people who have never been on a blue-cruise and don’t want to commit for a week yet, can arrange for you a day or a few days cruises jut for you to get a taste of it. That is if they have any available GUlets. Usually July and August months are fully booked and they might not have any yacht to provide this short term cruising. Just contact them and ask what they could do.
  • How do I book a blue-cruise?
    Just contact will guide you…
  • What is the price range for Gulets?
    Prices can be between $500.00/day to $250,000.00/day or more. Depends on the yacht and your needs and wants.






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We are a group of local guys and girls and we have been organizing tours and making holiday makers’ vacation times a good one to remember. We know Marmaris and nearby resorts and towns inside out. We promise you that we will make sure you have great time in Marmaris and create amazing memories…

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