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Blue Cruise or Blue Voyage or Gulet Cruising Turkey!


What is Blue Cruise…

Blue Cruising Turkey means; very basically going on lovely gulets and sailing along the gorgeous turquoise coastline of Turkey and if requested some nearby Greek Islands. Yes, this is it!

Gulet cruising started centuries ago when the Turks have understood that the best way to truly appreciate Turkey’s stunning coastline is to to take it to the sea. The greatness of  Blue Cruise is that; Turkey and Greek Islands are a treasure of coves, inlets, bays, and beaches. Scenically beautiful, the Turkish coast offers an astonishingly rich legacy of archaeological ruins and historical and historic sites. In addition, the weather is usually perfect for leisurely cruising, with a reliable regime of mainly gentle breezes that temper the high summer heat without shivering any timbers. Deep gulfs, tiny offshore islands, and sinuous pine-forested peninsulas lend the coast as much variety and interest as an archipelago. The ports of call and anchorages vary from bustling harbors to sleepy villages, from tiny deserted coves to broad bays with theatrical backdrops. Whilst most of the cruising is in sheltered calm waters, for about an hour a day this cruise also puts up the sails and heads into open waters. The gulet is available for you to make up your own party.


in the details. We will explore it after explaining some basics:

  • First of all, of course, you can’t blue cruise all of the Turkish Coastline at once. It will take months! So blue cruises are organized as “one week”, “two weeks” or for longer periods.
  • Turkish Coastline is divided into regions and itineraries are designed to manage time, comfort and to make the cruise the most interesting within that region. Since all of the Turkish coastline is so amazing, all of the itineraries are great. Of course there are some very popular ones for the first timers.
  • Itineraries is just a guide. Once sailing you can always change it a little according to your own pleasure (Note: Captain has always has the last word to say based on weather and sea conditions)
  • Blue cruise is more fun and better value with a group of people. So it is recommended that you should plan a gulet cruise with at least 4-6 people.
  • When you decide that you want to experience the ” Blue Cruising Turkey”, first decision you need to make is “What region for Turkish Coastline and/Greek Islands you would like to visit?”. This is important because this decision will determine “which town or marina in Turkey you will embark your gulet chosen”. The most popular embarkation ports are Marmaris, Gocek, Bodrum, Fethiye, and Kas. Marmaris has more itineraries available to choose from if you embark from Marmaris.
  • Once you decide where you will embark your gulet, you have time until embarkation to decide about which itinerary you want to experience around that region. So take your time, and we can always give you advice if you like.
  • Now you need to choose a Gulet. Depending on how many people are in your group, we will need to find a gulet with enough cabins (rooms). Gulets are just like cars. There are economic ones and luxurious ones. But usually, they all have great amenities. The more luxurious, the more costly of course. You can contact and they will help you choose the best one for your group and your budget. They handpick their gulets. (Unlike companies that charter their own gulets, Levo chose high standards, the best gulets with the best crew. So they have control and freedom to choose any gulet from the complete database).
  • Each Gulet has Cabins (rooms), ranging from 2 cabins to 10-15 cabins. So this Gulet blue-cruise is best suited for groups of people. Prices can range, depending on the time of the year, from 500 to 20000 plus Euros per/day, based on the number of cabins and the amenities the Gulet offers.
  • When you book your gulet with your preferred gulet company, they will ask you the selection of food you would like. You can decide this according to your group and let them know.
  • OK! You have chosen your embarkation port, you have a general idea of what itinerary you might take, you booked your Gulet, and you booked your flights and let the Gulet company know that you are coming (we can arrange your Turkey airport transfer if you like).


How would you like to be the King and Queen of your own Charter Yacht for a week or two around the Turkish Turquoise Coastline and The Greek Isles? You design the level of energy, relaxation, and itinerary. Your friendly crew is always there to attend to all your requests and wants. All you have to do is Enjoy and seize the moment. Order your favorite cocktails while you sunbathe and relax, Water or Jet ski, scuba dive, or explore the historical venues on land. Enjoy international and Turkish cuisine delicacies prepared by your private chef on-board who shops for the freshest ingredients at nearby fishermen villages that you stop on your itinerary. As you Wish Excellence!

There is nothing to beat lying on a deck mattress reading a good book while sipping a cool drink and anticipating the next delicious creation to come out of the galley. The chef prepares breakfast, lunch, and dinner from fresh produce, including fish straight from the sea, if you or the crew are lucky with the line. You may be fortunate enough to spot a school of dolphins and be even luckier if they come and gambol under the bow.

The sea is amazingly translucent and shoals of jewel-like fish can be seen deep beneath the boat. Swimming in this crystal turquoise water is sheer bliss, especially as you can dive in for a dip before breakfast is even ready Moored in a remote creek, you can lie on deck watching shooting stars, before retiring to your air-conditioned cabin and falling asleep to the sound of gently lapping water – an unbeatable remedy to the stress of modern life. The gulet has a lovely shaded afterdeck with a dining area and an indoor salon with a CD player. At the bow of the boats there are sunbathing areas with comfortable mattresses.

Mostly, all cabins are fitted with air-conditioning, and have a wash basin, toilet and shower cubicle with hot water.


If you are looking for an alternative to chain hotels and crowded beaches, or feel restricted by cruise ships with fixed itineraries and organized shore trips, then a yacht charter vacation may be the answer – at a comparable price.

A Yacht Charter vacation gives you the opportunity to explore exotic islands or uncrowded coves and beaches in a way that land based vacations never can.

One of the most beautiful and attractive sailing and cruising destination is the ‘Turkish Turquoise Coast’ and ‘Greek Isles’. Turkey has held a special value and fascination by travelers throughout history for being ‘the Cradle of Civilizations’. Turkish Turquoise Coastline, naturally amazing and beautiful, with a lot of civilizations’ land mark (ancient tombs carved into cliffs, sunken remnants of ancient Greek and Roman Civilizations, deserted coves) on land or under water, with lovely, quiet bays and inlets unspoiled, is ideal for Sailing vacations.

Whether you prefer the luxury of a fully crewed yacht or the freedom of a bareboat, chartering offers something for everyone.

Honeymooners love being alone. Parents enjoy the security of a safe area for their children. Young children love the beaches and all the activity. Teenagers enjoy the water sports, the night life and the chance to experience a different world. Couples enjoy all the above, plus the opportunity to sail a larger boat than they would normally own. Everyone loves the freedom to do as they please.

Pick your own route, set your own pace. Wake up each morning in a different harbor, with a new island to explore, exciting sights to see, a new coral reef to snorkel or dive on, or a fresh beach to cultivate that gorgeous tan.

At night, dance on the beach to the wild rhythms of a steel band, dine at one of the fine local restaurants or simply fall asleep to the sounds of the sea in a quiet secluded cove.



  • Gulet cruises are organized as ONE WEEK, TWO WEEKS or LONGER cruises. You can learn more about these weekly cruises at
  • Blue Cruising (going on these wooden Gulets and sailing alongside the gorgeous Turkish Coastline) The Turkish Coastline is so popular. A lot of tourists are addicted to this kind of cruise vacation in Turkey that, they do not even want to stay at the hotels.
  • The Gulet has so many amenities you can enjoy during your blue-cruise. Water sports, fishing, snorkeling, walking tours etc. You even have your own chef and crew who are pleased to serve you.
  • Gulet cruises chose the best bays, coves to spend the day and night. In one day you can enjoy 2-3 different locations.
  • It is so peaceful, quiet, enjoyable. You are with your own group of people. No one else to bother you.
  • Gulets are  luxurious with so many nice amenities.


It will be a Holiday with your family and Friends.

It  will be your own house on the Sea

It will be way away from the crowd on your selection of places

You and your friends will be treated like a King and Queen by a professional crew on a comfortable Yacht

You will sail to quite clear beautiful islands of yours.

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