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Bodrum is a city district found in the southwestern area of Turkey’s Aegean Region. It is a city port which is part of the Muğla Province and just directly across Kos, an island of Greece. Formerly a sponge diving and fishing village, it is now a thriving tourist destination thanks to its long stretch of beautiful beaches and history.

Bodrum only 1 hr away from Marmaris, There are scheduled buses and Tours. You can also book an affordable private Taxi to Bodrum.

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The city center boasts of a mixture of ancient and modern architecture. Plus, a whole expanse of restaurants, bars, and various daytime/nighttime activities that would certainly entertain both tourists and locals of varying age.

Also known as the Santorini of Turkey, Bodrum’s the city center boasts of having one of the top ten best marinas across Europe, Milta Bodrum Marina. And with a city population of around 30,000, you can be sure that you will enjoy your stay.

Being a port city, Bodrum has 3 marinas all throughout the place

  1. Milta, right on the city of Bodrum as
  2. Turgutreis
  3. Palmarina in Yalikavak

Aside from the picturesque environment, it can also be observed on how clean and clear the waters are by the beach. And that is because of the city authorities, with the cooperation of the establishments in the area, make sure to maintain a standard of cleanliness.

Also, Bodrum does not only appeal to tourists because of its beaches but also of its history. As well as the evidence of it which is quite prominent around the area.


Bodrum is formerly called Halicarnassus and is known for the Mausoleum of Mausolus (or The Tomb of Mausolus) – considered to be one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World.

It was established by the Dorian Greeks and was a member of the Dorian Hexapolis – with Ialyssus, Cameirus, Lindos, Cnidus, and Kos. But Halicarnassus got expelled because Agasicles, a citizen, took home the prized tripod that he (Agasicles) had won from the Triopian Game. That is instead of dedicating the price to the Triopian Apollo.

Later on, under the Persian Empire, the place became the capital city of the governors of Caria. Which was proved upon the discovery of the Salmakis Inscription? (This inscription currently resides in Bodrum Museum of Underwater Technology).

By 334 BC, Alexander the Great eventually laid sieged the city and captured it together with an ally, Queen Ada.

During the year 1402, Crusader Knights arrived and built the Castle of St. Peter (commonly known as the Bodrum Castle) with the permission of an Ottoman Sultan, Mehmed I. He gave permission to the Knights Hospitalier or The Knights of St. John to build the castle.

Later on, they have renamed the city, Petronium, where the current name, Bodrum comes from.


As mentioned earlier, Bodrum is located in the southwestern part of the Aegean Region of Turkey. It Is just across some Greek Islands, one of which is Kos.


There are a number of ways to get to Bodrum depending on where you are coming from.

For International:

  1. Milas-Bodrum airport that is a Northeast of the city. The airport both serves international and domestic flights so you can just get there from anywhere.
  2. Kos Island International Airport. Since this one is right across Bodrum but is part of the country of Greece. From here, you’ll need to ride a boat to get into Bodrum.

If you are already in Turkey or Greece:

  1. Bus. Bodrum Town Centre has a main bus stop
    that goes to anywhere in Turkey.
  2. Boats. Same as from coming for Kos Island
    International Airport, you can get into Bodrum through boats coming from nearby
    Greek Islands or Turkish ports.


The city has a very Mediterranean Climate where winter goes down to up to 15C while Summer can go up as 34C (That is per on average temperature).

Summer can get really humid though since it is by the seaside, the sea breeze can cool down the temperature. Winter can get rainy at times but just the same, the place can guarantee a whole 6 months of warm sunshine with just a really mild, albeit sometimes, rainy winters.

So overall, regardless of the time of the year you want to visit Bodrum, you can still pack light without the worry of packing heavy padded winter coats.


Camel Beach

Bodrum’s famous camel beach is popular among the tourist for a variety of reasons. For one, this is a beautiful sandy beach with clear water; perfect for a relaxing time by yourself or with the company. It is also pretty secluded – there might not be many people by the beach area. That
is still dependent on the season and time of the day.

From the name itself, Camel beach also offers tourists camel rides around the area. Rental of the camel costs TRY20.

Yahşi Beach

Yahşi beach is one of the popular and public beaches along the beach stretch of Bodrum. It has a variety of restaurants and bars that can be quite handy especially if you decide to spend time indoors away from the sun.

Gümbet Beach

This area promises an expanse of golden sandy the beach along the curve of Gümbet bay. There are a variety of water sports to learn and participate to that would definitely entertain everyone.

Aspat Beach

Another secluded beach that can be enjoyed by people who do not like crowded areas is Aspat Beach. This beach area has a nice wide-open green park. That, including the advantage of being by the beach area.

There is a fee of TRY35 to access the place but basically is just to cover food and drinks. Also, probably because of the area or the architecture of the place, it can also get a bit windy in comparison to the other beach around.

Bodrum Aquapark

Now, if you want a change of scenery but still wants to be refreshed by bodies of water, give this family-friendly water park a go. It has a variety of slides, pools, and attractions that caters to everyone of all ages. It also has bars and restaurants inside so you don’t need to worry about food and beverages.

It is open from 10 AM to 6 PM and costs TRY70 for adults but free to kids 7 years and younger.

Just an additional word of advice, wear rubber socks because concrete can get really hot especially at the peak of summer.

Sarnic Beach

Located in one of the popular towns in Bodrum, The Sarnic beach is known for being one of the leading surfing centers in the world. And the appeal is that you can surf in this beach for an entire year without worrying about the drop of temperature, change of weather (unless it rains. But I don’t think that’ll stop serious surfers) and wave quality.

Also, this beach has its Sarnic Beach Club that is marketed more to the upscale crowd. Entrance to the beach area is free but the use of amenities and cost of food and beverages can get quite pricy in comparison to other beaches in the area.

Kara Ada (Black Island)

Now, for those of you who enjoy yachting, Kara Ada is a popular place.This is one of the biggest islands along the entrance of Bordum harbor and the go-to destination of those who have a yacht.


Now, if you want to take a break from all the sunbathing and swimming, Bodrum also offers a variety of attraction to showcase their history, culture, and arts.

Mausoleum of Halicarnassus

As was mentioned earlier, Bodrum’s history can be traced back to as early as the Ancient period. And because of it, here, now, in Bodrum is the location of one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World: The Mausoleum of Mausolus.

The mausoleum itself has been destroyed by an earthquake but there are still structures that can be found and are still standing that are authentically from the ancient time. This is perfect for those who are complete history buffs or just merely curious about the Ancient World. The attraction is open from 8.30AM to 6.30PM but is closed every Monday. There is also an entrance fee of TRY 12

Bodrum Castle (also known as Castle of St. Peter)

Built around 1402 by the Knights of St. John, this crusader castle boasts of the kind of architecture during the crusades. To get inside the castle, there is a fee of TRY40 and it is open from 8.30AM to 6.30PM every day.

Note: As of the time of this writing (June 2019) this particular attraction is currently being restored so part of the castle is inaccessible.

Zeki Muren Arts Museum

Zeki MÜren (1931-1996), known as the “Sun of Art”, is one of Turkey’s prominent figure in classical music. Now, the former house of this famous artist: singer, songwriter, composer, poet, and actor, has been opened to the public. In here, we will have a glimpse of his life beyond the stage and camera. That, as well as the awards and recognition, he received throughout his lifetime.

The museum is open from 8:30 AM to 6:30 PM except for Monday and has an entrance fee of TRY5

Bodrum Museum of Underwater Archaeology

This museum housed artifacts that show the history of not only of the country, Turkey but of the city, Bodrum. Being located in a port, it also features some ancient shipwrecks as well as a variety of collection of glass.

The museum is said to be open from 8.30AM to 6.30PM but unfortunately, the place is being renovated and will be reopened on 2020

Dibeklih Culture and Art Village

This art and culture village is located in an area of shopping mall complexes located within ancient stone buildings. Here is a nice hidden gem where there are a variety of art galleries and arts and crafts that you can immerse into.

Just take note of the schedule because it opens from 10 AM to 1130PM but is closed between 1 PM to 5 PM. It is also close every Monday.


All towns listed, despite on where they are modernity speaking has an active and thriving atmosphere that appeals to both
locals and tourists. They have restaurants, clubs, and bars that make a visitor enjoys their stay. But just the same, let us check one why these towns/villages stand out among the rest in Bodrum.


Some towns in Bodrum still stays very laidback and can still be very much traditionally Turkish. This town, Gundogan, for example, still is very much a fishing town with their sponge diving way of living. Though tourist do trickle to this area, locals are still quite proud to claim that Gundogan is still considered unspoilt in comparion to the rest of the towns/villages in the peninsula


If you want to get away from all the bustle of the thriving city centers of Bodrum, Gümüşlük is one of the places to be. A laidback down who is mostly locals with a few tourists.


Here is the second largest town in Bodrum and is considered a resort town. In comparison to the first 2, Turgutreis is a commercial center and is known for 2 attractions: Shopping center and Lovely Sunset


Located right before Yalikavak, this small town is starting to gain attention because of the mixture of the new and the old. Located just right outside Yalikavak, it was still able to preserve some of the old stone-built architecture while marrying it to some of the modern buildings in modern time.


With the completion of Palmarina, Yalikavak, now stand in the toe to toe with the more modern towns in Bodrum. Palmarina, a modern marina, is said to hold mega yachts which of course attracted the attention of and investments of businesses and a wealthy yacht owner.

Having said that, despite the modernization of this town, it still actively promotes and encourages the flourishing of arts and crafts in its city. Definitely to balance the modernization of its time.


And of course, the town center. Despite all the advances and developments happening in the Bodrum Peninsula, the city town centre remains bustling with tourists and locals that made what the city is now.

It is still the main hive of the entire Bodrum. The connection across Turkey still starts and ends here. More so because of the Central Bus Station located at the heart of this city.


Best Time to go to Bodrum?

Best time to go to Bodrum is between end of May and end of September

Do I need vaccinations?

Confusion arises over whether vaccinations are required to visit this part of Turkey. UK G.P. surgeries suggest that some are essential. They are not!

What is Visa Requirements for Tourists?

Most visitors require a tourist visa to enter Turkey. Requirements vary depending on your nationality/passport. Official info at and fees at

Which currency?

Which is the best currency to bring? A better rate of exchange is found in Turkey than at home. So only bring enough Lira for the first day or so then exchange or use ATMs

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