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Bozburun – Marmaris Turkey

If you’re looking for the perfect destination to discover
new places and adventurers, perhaps you should turn your sigh to Bozburun. Often described as a cape located at the very end of
Marmaris’ south side, Bozburun sits at one of the Sombeki Gulf’s bays. If you haven’t heard or know much about this destination before, it might be because it is a secluded area without the recognition it deserves. People that have been to Bozburun have plenty of good things to say about, with barely any negative opinions. Its popularity relies on a variety of activities to do when you arrive there. From the beautiful bay and gorgeous landscapes to its welcoming population, Bozburun doesn’t have to envy anything from other more popular destinations.


Even though there are no captivating beaches and fascinating
monuments like the city of Larymna that attract many people, life on Bozburunis very peaceful with barely anything disrupting its atmosphere. Because of that, Bozburun is a preferred traveling destination when people are seeking for a getaway trip.

At the end of a long day, visitors get to come back to one of the well-situated hotels near the beach, attend Bozburun’s high-quality hotels to enjoy an evening dinner with the family. Whether you intend to stay over for a night or an extended week, Bozburun surroundings will keep you busy with activities, entertainment, and places to visit.

How to Get to Bozburun

You can find Bozburun located approximately 50 kilometers away from one of the most popular Turkey resorts, Marmaris. There, you’d only need to follow through the road connecting Marmaris and Datca.

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Dalaman Airport to Bozburun

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Another method is to arrive at Bodrum, and then continue your way to Bozburun from there. If this is the case, the estimated time to get there varies depending on the vehicle; a bus would take 4 hours, and 3 hours for a taxi. The approximate charge for the ride goes between $25 and $40.

Bozburun – Marmaris Turkey

From May to October, the Perfect Time of the Year to visit Bozburun

Before we even make our traveling plans, it is wise to learn about the best time of the year to visit our destination, especially when it is a location like Bozburun. The last thing we would want to do is get there during a season in which we wouldn’t be able to appreciate its beauty.

The best time of the year to visit Bozburun is, arguably, from May to October. While some travelers enjoy the place during May and October, it is in between those months where you’ll be able to experience the best Bozburun has to offer. You want to go during those months because the weather doesn’t suffer from temperature stress. It is an average 11.5 temperature that would make you enjoy your time outside, taking a look at the tourist locations, going out with your travel companions, and overall enjoying the destination as intended.

As you can see, the reasoning to travel there from May to October is, more than anything, weather conditions. After all, rough temperatures aren’t for everyone. Because of its warm temperature during these months,
tourists prefer to travel there, especially during summer.

With all the beaches and adventures you can partake in, there’s no denying that you’re going to need the best environment temperature possible to avoid suffering from dehydration or colds.

You might miss special times of the years, like other holidays, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t still a bunch of things to see and to do while you’re there.

Limited but Fun Activities to do at Bozburun

Once you get to Bozburun, entertainment is something that
you won’t miss. With their quality restaurants, top-notch hotels, and beautiful bays and beaches, there’s something to be seen every day.

One of the best things that captivate us about Bozburun is sea activity. If you decide to visit, don’t forget to get to the coast to enjoy its vibrant and energizing boat and yacht presence.

Bozburun is a large area, and it has a variety of small beaches with islands in them. Some of these areas are deeply covered by the forest, while some others have a clear sight of the sky above them.

Taslica Bozburun

Another interesting place that may be fascinating for you are Larymna remnants. It is an ancient city that you can find near Asar Hill. Getting there takes 45 minutes, approximately, and you may need to do some hiking. Because of that, it is better to be ready and prepared. At the top, you’ll be able to appreciate the beautiful landscape in all of its splendid sight.

You might be interested in boat trips, too. It is highly recommended for people that enjoy the sea and experience a unique adventure.

Saranda – Sogut – Villa Manzara

Saranda district is worth considering by tourist as well. It is roughly 5 kilometers away from Bozburun, but it pays off completely. There, you could appreciate Sombeki Inlet and Simi Island’s beauty once the sun begins setting.

All of these destinations are some of the most popular Bozburun has to offer. However, don’t keep yourself from asking locals about their home to understand their culture and everything that makes Bozburun an outstanding location to visit.

While it is true that it doesn’t take long for Bozburun to run out of activities to do, that doesn’t mean you won’t get to have fun during a day at the beach enjoying the sea or taking a trail for a hike.

You will receive plenty of recommendations from people that have been there, or from residents. Don’t keep yourself from trying new
activities and go ahead.

Take a walk across Bozburun, or even make all the preparations and embark yourself on hiking tasks. They’re all memories you’ll cherish when you return home.

The possibilities are always there. It is our mission to take full advantage of them and make the best out of our Bozburun experience.

Popular Restaurants to Give us a Delicious Treat

The variety of restaurants in Bozburun is another one of its
essential attraction. So much so, that even celebrities have publicly admitted their love for the delicious food and outstanding customer service.

The following are the best restaurants to visit in Bozburun.

·The Papatya Restaurant

This restaurant takes a special place because of how amazing
their staff is. Even after the popularity, it has gained over the years, Papatya The restaurant continues providing tasty dishes with a down to earth staff to keep you happy. If you’re planning to go for dinner with your family, this restaurant is one of the best destinations without a doubt.

·Kandil Restaurant

This restaurant focuses mostly on fish dishes to please both adults and children’s palate. Nonetheless, one of the benefits of eating at Kandil is a beautiful setup, and how comfortable and overwhelming it is. If you enjoy seafood, Kandil Restaurant is one of the locals you should visit.


There are many beautiful places in Bozburun and Turkey in
general. However, if you want to enjoy a precious sight while spending quality time with your partners, definitely go check out Aperitif. They offer traditional food and Turkish dishes, all of which you can taste while facing the sea, sitting on the terrace area.

·Bozburun Restaurant

This list wouldn’t be complete without the restaurant that
takes the city’s name. It offers dozens of dishes with a variety of ingredients and tastes. Like the previous restaurant, this one also has an outstanding
setup for eating outside and a perfect sight to be seen.

People often mention that food says a lot about people. In
this case, it provides plenty of cultural information and how Bozburun
perceives the rest of the world by adding their exclusive take on traditional
and foreign dishes, while still maintaining the city’s essence.

Bozburun Hotels

Looking for a place to stay in Bozburun is not a complicated task. The problem would be to decide the hotel you’d like to check in to.

·Karia Bel

Let’s start this list with one of the best top-rated hotels, the Karia Bel Bozburun.This hotel offers a variety of services like high-speed
internet, room service, breakfast, a bar, multi-language staff, and many more. Karia Bel is a quiet place that won’t disturb you if you want to spend some time in your room resting. The beach houses are one of their
most beautiful services because of their high-quality and well-designed

The personal is very kind and thoughtful. Most of the time, people aren’t aware of the impact the hotel staff makes on the tourist’s time in the hotel, but they do change everything for the better.

Overall, it is an outstanding hotel worth a second visit.

·Dolphin Boutique Hotel

This hotel provides every service you’d expect for a quality
time during your stay in Bozburun. They offer traditional dishes that allow
foreign visitors to understand Bozburun’s culture a little bit more closely.

It is quiet and peaceful. Undoubtedly, one of the best
hotels in Bozburun for couples or for people who just want to enjoy the views
from a calmed place and a comfortable bedroom.

The service is both quick and efficient, which reduces the
waiting time for the food to arrive at your plate.

·Melek Hotels

Instead, if you’re working on a low budget and need a cheap
but comfortable place to stay, may we recommend Melek Hotels. It covers most of
the basic customer services, with the additional bonus of being a space that
doesn’t allow smoking.

Melek Hotels is one of the most affordable places you can
cover while staying at Bozburun. It might lack some of the features expensive
hotels offer, but they compensate by giving you a bed at a very comfortable
location, and amazing views to enjoy the landscapes.

The Beaches of Bozburun

A high-quality destination wouldn’t be complete without amazing bays beaches. It is always satisfying to take some time off the day and take a walk by the sea, feeling the warm breeze that comes from the other side of the sea.

Luckily, Bozburun doesn’t fail to meet our expectations in this area either. If you decide to take your time and stay near the peninsula, make sure to check out the beach to enjoy everything it has to offer. It is a quiet and peaceful place that will take the stress off your shoulders, and concerns out of your thoughts.

You will also encounter many beach hotels to give you wonderful sunrises and astonishing sunsets.

Our recommendation for you would be to check out the Phoenix Beach. It is one of the best Bozburun has to offer. The water, the nearby structures, and its people will make sure you have plenty of fun, and it will be one of the highlights of the day.

Final Words

Bozburun is a secluded area that many people around the world don’t know just yet. That has its advantages and disadvantages.On one side, it is a good thing that not many people know about it because otherwise, the place would be stormed by tourists.

The downside is that, with more people coming over, the economy would be benefitted. It would be the perfect opportunity to explore and
create new attractions to an already outstanding place. Nonetheless, if you’re here, it means that you’re interested in Bozburun. Turkey has plenty of incredible places and destinations, but there aren’t many that can compare to the beauty of Bozburun.

So, for the next time, you’re planning to make a new trip to enjoy some time off the rest of the world, consider visiting Bozburun. There are many reasons why it would be a wonderful experience for you, and we have only
covered just a few of them.

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