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Ciftlik Beach – Discover One of the Most Beautiful Place Around Marmaris

Çiftlik is a lovely little village which is located in a beautiful bay. Sea is crystal clear, and the beach is very suitable for long and pleasant sun-baths. Nature is so amazing in Çiftlik. There are many pine trees around the bay and the combination of blue and green in Çiftlik is really worth to see.

Çiftlik is famous for its beaches. Many tourists visiting Marmaris region add Çiftlik to their plans because it is one of the fabulous places around Marmaris. Also, tour boats and private boats give a swimming break in Çiftlik Bay.

So, here is more information about transportation, weather, things to do, places to stay, restaurants, etc. in Çiftlik. After reading this article you will most probably add Çiftlik to your tour plans around Marmaris. Just take your notes, create your route and enjoy your holiday.

How to Go Çiftlik Bay?

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When you depart from Marmaris center it will take around 1 hour to reach Çiftlik Bay. The shortest route is to pass from İçmeler and follow the Bozburun way. When you reach Bayırköy, you will follow the Çiftlik Beach signs and after Bayırköy, it will only take 15 minutes to reach Çiftlik. It will be a pleasant journey and if you chase the signs, you will find the bay very easily.

How is Weather Conditions in Çiftlik?

Marmaris is a city that has a classical Mediterranian climate. Therefore, Çiftlik is a destination where many tourists visit during summer months June-July and August. However, the weather is also nice in spring and autumn. So, many people, especially from Northern countries, prefer to come here in April- May, or September- October. In these seasons beaches are less crowded but still suitable for swimming. It is possible to swim in Çiftlik Beach least 7 months of a year. Also, you can have a sunbath in most of the months. Just don’t forget to take your sun creams and aftersun sprays with you because especially at noon, the sun is very strong and the weather is really hot in summer days.

July is the hottest month in Çiftlik but even in July, sometimes nights are a bit windy. So, don’t forget to take a small jacket or thin sweater while packing for a holiday in Marmaris.

What are the Things To Do in Çiftlik?

Çiftlik Bay is alive all day long. There are many activities to do but if you have a limited time here, the first thing you should do is just lie on the amazing beach, have a sun-bath, go for swimming and enjoy the sun.

If you have more time for the activities, for example, if you are going to stay in Çiftlik for more than 1 day, then you can try diving. Scuba diving is very popular in Çiftlik. The rocky nature of the bay is very suitable for diving and you can observe the underwater fauna. For diving also the Gebekse Bay (Locals Say “Gebe Kilise”) is very famous and it is very close to Çiftlik. If you have already discovered the underwater world in Çiftlik and looking for other places around, then Gebekse is the right place for you. Also, you can see the ruins of an ancient church in Gebekse and take some nice photos.

Gebekse Ciftlik

What are Popular Hotels in Çiftlik?

If you are trying to decide where to stay in Çiftlik, there are different options according to your budget. If you are looking for more luxury, there are big hotels like the Club Green Platan Hotel and Spa. It is located just next to the sea. So, you can enjoy the facilities in the hotel and the beautiful sea of Çiftlik at the same time. You will have a balcony in your room. Therefore you can have a rest by watching a magnificent view of Çiftlik Beach.

If you are looking for a more budget-friendly option, then Calba Hause if a better choice for you. It is located a bit far from the sea. However, the atmosphere is very peaceful and quiet. If you don’t like the tourist crowds, then Calba Hause is a perfect option for you.

Besides the hotels, you can also look for Airbnb houses in the region. Just make sure that you search for the house some weeks even months ago. Because in summer season it is hard to find an empty house. Prices for the houses are affordable if you book an advence.

What are the Popular Restaurants in Çiftlik?

Hayalim Cafe Beach, Rafet Baba, Deniz Restaurant Cafe, Azmak, Mehmet Place Restaurant are the most popular places to eat in Çiftlik. They are all located just next to the beach. So, you can have your lunch or dinner with the beautiful view of Çiftlik Bay.

In the restaurant of Çiftlik, your first option should be see-food. They serve delicious fresh fish according to the season. Also, you can drink traditional Turkish drink Raki with your fish. It is a perfect combination. Besides, there are many special appetizers served in these restaurants. Turkey is famous with “meze”. So just have a look at the menu, ask the advice of the waiter and try some traditional food. You won’t regret it for sure.

Swimming and water sport activities will make you hungry so you can try some of these restaurants in Çiftlik during your stay and chill out. Turkish cuisine will blow up your mind and the combination of nice food with the will amaze you.

On the other hand, don’t forget that Turkey is famous with rich breakfasts. If the breakfast is not included in the place you stay, you can go to one of the cafes next to the beach and have a wonderful breakfast with very suitable prices.

To conclude, if you have a tour plan around Marmaris, and if you have time more than a few days, then Çiftlik Village is a place you should definitely add to your plans. Nature, beach, sea and the sun will give you an unforgettable holiday option. All you need to do is to decide the dates, arrange the transportation and accommodation and enjoy your journey.

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