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Dalyan is known for its pristine sea, historical touch, and chaste nature.

Dalyan King Tombs and Dalyan River Boats

Cozying at the southwest coast of Turkey, Dalyan is a small town in the middle of Dalyan Delta in Marmaris, Turkey. It is a serene holiday town located on a channel connecting Koycegiz Lake with the Mediterranean region, which is otherwise known as the Aegean region. A part of the Mugla Province, the town is a municipality of its own, within the district of Ortaca.

80 kilometers to the southeast of the most popular beach town of Turkey, Marmaris, Dalyan is considered a natural wonder where the lake unites with the sea. The town has a variety of beautiful lakes, canals, and beaches that fascinate every visitor.

One of the most attractive places in Turkey, Dalyan is hence known for its pristine sea, historical touch, and chaste nature. It is literally an oxygen tank, considering its vast land of opulent forests. Bozburun is another such town in Marmaris.

It was only in the year 1987 that the town gained international popularity when some developers decided to build a luxury hotel near Iztuzu Beach. And now that it has spread its reach for all the right reasons, read on to know how you can make the most of your visit to Dalyan.

Want to know a fun fact? The meaning of the name Dalyan is “fishweir” in Turkish.

When to visit

The annual temperature of Dalyan is 18 degrees. The summers in this town are warm and dry, and the winters are warm and rainy.

Even though it rains for the most part of the year, December is considered the wettest month, August is considered the driest, July is the warmest with an average air temperature of 27 and a sea temperature of 23 , and January is the coldest with an average temperate of 10 . Spring season in this town falls during March and April, and the temperature remains between 6 and 21 .

To make the most of the tourist destination, the best time to visit is during the sea season which starts in the month of April and continues until the middle of November.

How to Reach

By Air

Sitting just 40 kilometers away from Dalyan is Dalaman Airport. It is a popular destination from several international destinations. Most of the major European cities have flights that connect to this airport. Visitors can hail a taxi from the airport to the town. It is recommended to contact your hotel in advance and inquire about the availability of transfer services from Dalaman Airport. There are also buses that run from the domestic terminal that will take you directly to Dalyan. These airport transfers and shuttles are an ideal choice for a summer break to avoid any last minute hassle.

Dalaman to Dalyan Airport Transfer route and duration

If you need a Private, VIP, Affordable Dalaman Airport Transfer to Dalyan you can use our reliable service. 

Some other airports that connect to Dalyan are Milas-Bodrum and Denizli Cardak.

By Road to

Dalyan and Koycegiz Map

Located just off the D400 highway, Dalyan runs southeast to Antalya and northwest to Izmir at the distance of 255 kilometers and 300 kilometers respectively.

Holidaymakers can opt for a bus from these destinations. Most busses touch Ortaca, which is 12 kilometers away from Dalyan. From Ortaca, you can hop on to a dolmus to reach the town. Dolmus or minibus services are also available from the other surrounding villages to Dalyan. Bus from Izmir takes around 6 hours.

However, if you wish to make your travel a bit more private and quicker, you can choose from the various car rental companies available in the city to drive down to Dalyan. It will take you around 4 hours to reach the destination from Izmir if you travel in a car.

By Boat

You can also reach the coast of this virgin town using a ferry boat from Marmaris. To go further, you can switch to smaller ferry boats to sail through the river to the fresh waters of the town, which will lead you deeper into the city.

Things you can do

Beaches for a relaxed getaway

Dalyan Iztuzu Beach

Popular for its pristine beaches, the most famous one of all is Iztuzu Beach. It is 5400 meters of natural wonder that stretches from the edge of Radar hill to Dalyan Bosphorus. This beach is popular for its suitable environment for loggerhead sea turtle, also known as Caretta Caretta. It is at this fine, sandy beach that Caretta Carettas lay eggs. There are two sides of this beach; the west side is the Dalyanagzi Beach, which can be reached via boat, and the east side, the Iztuzu Beach itself, can be reached by road.

The Dalyan agzi Beach takes around 30-40 minutes to reach via boat due to the number of canals one has to go around. On one side you will hence find fresh water and on the other side is the Mediterranean.

Visit the Asi, one of Mugla’s virgin beaches. It has a cover that is 20 meters deep and is considered an astounding place for divers.

However, if you would like to indulge in the water surfing, skiing, and swimming, the best beach is that of Ekincik. It is a long beach with a delightful bay and yacht harbor.

Kaunos City Walls

Dalyan Caunos Anfi Theatre

Popular for its well-maintained archaeological sites, Turkey is also home to the impressive ruins of ancient Kaunos. Located just outside the holiday town of Dalyan, it is separated from it by Dalyan River.
This river was previously known as Kalbys, which is an important part of Dalyan’s avian and marine fauna, and wetland flora. A trip on a riverboat is one of the highlights when visiting this ancient city.

Dalyan Ruins

When visiting this ancient city, one must not forget to touch its stunning temple tombs. Uniquely cut into a cliff-side, it gives every tourist a sight to behold.

Kaunos is set on the ruins that are located on two limestone formations, which are called the Upper and Lower Acropolis. Being tall and steep as the Upper Acropolis is, it once served as the city’s main citadel and last resort during an attack. The Lower Acropolis, however, if less visually appealing was more vital for its control of access to the main harbor.

Visit the Greek theatre, the Early Byzantine Basilica Church and the Hellenistic fountain house to complete your walk down the historical lanes of Kaunos.

Mud Baths

Mud Bath in Dalyan

Your itinerary must include taking a boat trip to Mud and Sulphur baths on the Koycegiz Lake. Wallow in the warm, sticky swamp hippopotamus style. And why would you?

Mud baths are considered to have the power of tightening effect of drying mud. If done regularly, it can help to deal with wrinkles. The healing water is also known to have therapeutic properties that cure skin problems and gastric conditions.

The most popular saying is that the Dalyan Mud Baths are bound to make you look ten years younger.

Once you are covered in the mud, you must wait for it to dry in the sun. You must then move on to the Sulphur pool, where you can clean yourself.

Chill by the lakes

Koycegiz Lake – Dalyan

Snuggled between Mugla and Fethiye, the Koycegiz Lake has a lot to offer its visitors. The crystal clear water of the lake is a great place to sit by during the day and night. You can choose any café along the shore and take in the breathtaking view of the surrounding lake and mountain whilst indulging in Turkish delights. There are several boat trips that start from this lake that leave around 10:00 AM and return around 05:00 PM.

You can also visit Sulunger Lake, one of the most beautiful and tranquil ones in the town of Dalyan. You will find it on your way to Iztuzu Beach, right beside the Turtle Sanctuary. Visitors preferring stopping by for a stroll and enjoy spotting various birds.

Village Trip

It would be a shame to visit a small town such as Dalyan and not experience the local life and culture. One of the best ways to do that is by experiencing the traditional Turkish way of living. This can be achieved by visiting a village in Dalyan.

During the tour, indulge in delicious Turkish cuisine in one of the village houses.

Be sure to visit the Ortaca Market and Dalyan Carpet Weaving Center on your way back.


Turkish bath or Hamam

It is highly recommended to avoid the Turkish Baths offered by the hotel you are staying in. There are several real Turkish baths or Hamam in Dalyan where you can experience the real deal.

Once you reach a good place that offers a Turkish bath, you will be welcomed inside and shown to a cubicle where you can undress down to a swimsuit. You can wrap yourself with the towel they provide, and you will then be guided to a large, dome-shaped room.

There, you will receive a foam massage and a rub down under the dome. You can relax under its shade before heading back to the changing cabinet.


Visit the shops at the Dalyan Carsi to get fresh and delicious local produce. You can enjoy shopping at these shops until late evening. Here, you can also drink the delicious Turkish tea in the nearby cafes.

You can also purchase clothes, bags, ornaments, and ceramics, along with souvenirs to take back home with you and even gift your loved ones. Caretta figurative objects are famous in Dalyan.

Every Saturday, Dalyan offers fruits, vegetables, and spices in the district market. You can also purchase pasta, village cheese, tomato paste, butter, and other products at very cheap prices. Buy homemade jam in the market as they are famously used for a delicious breakfast.

Yet another famous marketplace in Dalyan is the Koycegiz Folk Market. Established every month, this market is especially popular during the summer season. Here, you can spoil yourself with herb cheese, pomegranate and pomegranate juice.

Popular Places to Eat


Established in the year 1987, Kordon has been popular since then as a fish restaurant. This restaurant has a riverside garden where the excursion boat moor. Not just seafood, this restaurant has a lot to offer even for the Ichthyophobes. They have options to choose from a wide range of grills and steaks with chips on the side. There are plenty of options for vegetarians as well.

Dalyan Iz Coffee

In case you want to visit a café with an international feel, then Dalyan Iz is the one you must not miss. It is a garden café that is extremely popular amongst the expats for its evolving range of homemade baking and lip-smacking filter coffee.

This restaurant is also famous for its ceramics painted by hand and tiles that are sold at its shop.

Casa Nova

Formerly known as Dalyan Le Vie, it is a Turkish restaurant with a modern touch. It is the town’s most appealing new restaurant that serves snacks and mains.

Relish them on Casa Nova’s spectacular riverside deck.


In case you want to devour the Turkish-style pizza, Pide, then Cagri is yours haven! Not only it gives you the best representation of the dish, but it is also cheap. The place is usually packed with local customers for its popular taste.

You can also enjoy their kebabs.

Demet Pastanesi

Up for a sugar rush? Then this is THE café! A local favorite, Demet has a lot to offer—eclairs, baklava, pastries, and gateaus. You can also enjoy some amazing fast food such as burgers, pizzas and doner kebab sandwich.


Want to try Turkish food in Dalyan at the best location possible? Hit this restaurant to quench that craving. Sit by the breezy riverfront and enjoy some of the most authentic Turkish dishes. And what’s the best part? There’s no menu! You can choose from the glass showcase of homemade mezes. These include meat, fish and vegetarian dishes.


Best Accommodations

BC Spa Hotel

This hotel is considered for every type of tourist. It is especially for spa junkies that are looking for a peaceful place to get pampered. With a bonus of serene environment, you can enjoy the wood and marble of this hotel.

It has the luxurious swimming pool, 2 hot tubs, gym, steam room, hammam, sauna and six treatment rooms that set this hotel apart from the rest in Dalyan. There is also a poolside bar that guests enjoy.

The price starts from € 40 onwards per person for a night.

Dalyan Resort Spa Hotel

This hotel is set on the banks of the Dalyan River, which is 12 kilometers from the Iztuzu Beach. The various amenities include free Wi-Fi, minibars and flat-screen TVs. The hotel rooms also have balconies or terraces to enjoy the view. There are suites available with sofa and room service.

Both breakfast and dinner are offered at no extra cost. Guests can also indulge in outdoor pool features with a poolside bar.

It costs € 72 onwards for one person to stay in this hotel for a night.

Dalyan Riverside Hotel

Situated 14 kilometers away from the Iztuzu Beach, this hotel is set on the tropical terrain of the Dalyan River. The rooms feature tile floors, brightly painted walls, and wooden sloped ceilings. The hotel also offers complimentary Wi-Fi access.

Guests can enjoy the view of the surrounding area from the hotel’s terraces. They can also relish the environment by the 2 outdoor pools with hammocks, sun loungers, and a poolside bar.
The hotel also has a riverside restaurant that has a terrace and a pizza oven for spoils.

A stay for a night at this hotel costs around € 42 per person.

So if you want your vacation to be laid-back in a peaceful town, surrounded by nature, then Dalyan is the place to visit.


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