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Fethiye – Legendary tales describes it as the land of lights

Fethiye-Oludeniz Photo

Fethiye is a town in Turkey located in a popular province of Mulga city. It is based near the Mediterranean Sea which is only 50 km from Dalaman airport. If you like traveling to places for fun this is a must visit place because of its outstanding nature. Normally Fethiye gets busy during the summer season with a gross population of 110,000.

Legendary tales describes it as the land of lights. This town grew fast in the 19th century because of interaction between the Turks and the Greeks. Additionally, it was named Fethiye to honor ottoman air Force pilot who died during a mission.
Nowadays it has served as a tourist destination accommodating both the local and international tourists. Fethiye has everything that would capture your attention. The three Marinas in Fethiye serves cruise ships, local and international visitors.

This town has daily excursions, awesome restaurants, traditional markets and shops, amazing bays and great nightlife. Therefore if you are out there and you are planning to visit Turkey soon this is one of the places that you shouldn’t miss to pay a visit.

Why is Fethiye popular

Fethiye is a popular Town in Turkey. Some people have referred to it as a little Britain because of its popularity. I would say this is a modern town that can accommodate the preferences of anyone visiting this place.

Every restaurant located in Fethiye serves English full breakfast which comprises of black puddings, sausages, eggs, bacon, and toast. Curry is also being served which is coincidentally one of the British popular dishes. During weekends some restaurants will spice up your stay by serving roast chicken and roast beef with Yorkshire pudding.

Therefore the food you will encounter here is just but classy and the town will never escape in your lips hence making it more popular. Lodges and hotels offer in houses services including massages and it has swimming pools.

Additionally, it has a very rich cultural background which has made it one of the popular towns. The people here are friendly which makes more visitors to tour the town. It has a museum which characterizes its rich culture that displayers successive chains of civilizations which can be traced back to the ancient Lycians.

Additionally, it hosts the tomb of Amynthas which was built by the Lycians in 350 BC. There are other historical sites such as kadyanda, Afkule, and Aya Nikola. Therefore this town has a lot of significance among the local people.

How to Get to Fethiye

Fethiye is an excellent tourist town with good Marina and nightlife. It is probably the only city in the world where you will see Sarcophagus in the streets. Additionally, it also serves as a gateway to touring the countryside. This is why everyone is always eager to know how they can set their feet on to this town. There are several options that I have highlighted below which will certainly get you to Fethiye.

Get in by:


The nearest airport where you can have cheap flights to Fethiye is Dalaman airport which is 58km from Oludeniz. It has both international and domestic terminals. In every landing station, there is the provision of cheap buses courtesy of Fethiye transportation department which ensures you reach your destination at a minimum cost.

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Fethiye is well connected to adjacent cities which includes Istanbul, Izmir, Marmaris, and Antalya. Any route you take will definitely land you to this beautiful town.


During vacation seasons you can travel from the Greek islands of Rhodes to Fethiye by ferry. There are also non scheduled travel services by private cruise companies along the peninsula to Marmaris and Antalya. Besides wooden sailboats also offer day trips and it makes store overs along different places to allow you to take some refreshments during the journey.


The D400 highway links the East to the north along the Lycians coast. There is also another mountain road which runs through juniper woods of Lycia. Therefore if you had arranged for a personal car these routes will get you to Fethiye. If you have some doubts on the mapping you can choose to walk around with tour guides who will be very resourceful when getting around Fethiye.

Additionally, there are also plenty of mini buses and dolmuses that can take you around the city. Most people prefer renting a motor-powered scooter to get around places such as the countryside and the beaches because they are easily accessible.

The Best time to visit Fethiye

When visiting a city for a holiday you need to consider the appropriate time and the best season of the year. Therefore before you plan on touring Fethiye you need to know which is the most convenient time to do so.

Therefore the best time you can visit Fethiye is September. This is the period when the hotels are cheaper and the weather is hot and dry. Temperatures are high but you can experience some cold during peak season.

Summer season is also the ideal time you can visit Fethiye. It comes with higher hotel rates but it is during this season that you can have a memorable holiday. You need to be prepared for some rainfalls especially during January for those who would want to extend their stay.
Additionally, you might want to avoid the crowds and the best time to do so is during February.

Weather in Fethiye

Fethiye experience great variation in temperatures.When we exclude hot summertime temperatures are a bit favorable with lower precipitations during the year. The hottest months are July, August, and September and it is during this period that most tourists from various destinations in the world will visit Fethiye.


The hottest months are the time when you don’t expect precipitation, unlike early April when you might experience some snow. It is also likely to rain or snow during late January and there is a precipitation week which can extend during the week of January 22nd.

Humidity and wind

January is the most humid month whereas July is less humid. By making comparisons on humidity you will know what to pack for your travel and what to expect which allows you to make an appropriate decision for your travel.

On the other hand, this town is usually very calm. However, In July you might experience a higher magnitude of wind with a speed of about 3.6 knots.

Therefore seasons usual dictate if tourist will visit places or not. That is why during spring which runs from March to May is the second busiest season for tourists here in Fethiye. The combination of temperature and humidity makes it relatively warm which can be good for outdoor activities.
Summer which runs from June to August is the busiest season because of relatively high temperatures.

However, the hotels are quite expensive though it is the best season to visit Fethiye. Fall occurs from September to November with a high range of temperatures from 93F-69.6F. There are fewer tourist activities during this time thus making hotels more affordable.

Additionally, winter is from December to February which makes it ideal for warm weather travelers because the weather during such a time is cool. It rains or snows at an average of two to five times in a month. During this season there are fewer tourist activities.

Things to do in Fethiye

Fethiye-Oludeniz Photo

Fethiye is one of the exciting places to visit because of the blend of culture, tradition and modern lifestyles. Nowadays it has developed into a cosmopolitan center which attracts visitors from all over the world. Let us have a look at some of the things you can do whatever you are here in Fethiye.

Visit top rated attraction sites

The following are recommended top sites that you must visit when you visit Fethiye.

Lycian sites

Lycians had taken over the coastline from 200 BC. Therefore when you visit you will have a look at several monuments which are scattered all over the city but the Tomb of Amynthas is more popular. You can also see the Lycians sarcophagi as you head towards the tomb.

Roman Theater

When Turkey was considered by the Romans the made their theatres on the Lycians cities and it is during this time when Telmessos had become one of the Roman Dominion and it could host more than 6000 spectators. There is a park around the weather which is good for relaxing and having a view of the town.

Fethiye Museum

It is relatively small but it is only in such a place that you can gather some Lycian history. The trilingual stele is the museum’s valued exhibit of Lycian culture which has an inscription that has helped the archaeologists to explore deeply the Lycian language.

Explore places of natural beauty

Fethiye is Rich in natural sceneries. Blue Lagoon is a popular landmark where you can take a deep dive. Additionally, you can also hire pedalos and sunbeds. Most people like visiting the blue lagoon especially during summer for an ultimate experience.

Saklikent gorge is also a 16km split on the Earth surface. Most people prefer trekking along the wooden boardwalk of the gorge above a river. You can hike along the Gorge and eventually have your lunch at the river bank which is indeed awesome. From there you can travel to Patara beach for swimming.
Additionally, Butterfly valley is among the epic sceneries. When you are here you can walk through the valley to locate hidden waterfalls, Swim or snorkel.

Sporting activities

Lycian way trek starts in Fethiye which makes it an ideal place to hike around. Besides Oludeniz is a popular destination for paragliding. Have a company of a professional glider and set off from Babadag mountain so as to have a view of the landscape below.

Eat in unusual places

You can’t miss enjoying delicacies in Fethiye. It has a busy fish market where fish is cooked to the ultimate perfection and served with salad, mezes, and Raki which is a Turkish drink.
Well, it is also important to try out some local foods when you tour such places. You need to identify a place where good food which meets the required hygiene are prepared. If you are uncertain of some of the dishes feel free to ask.

Popular Restaurants

Fethiye has classy hotels and Restaurants which guarantees you with a comfortable and exciting stay. Hilmi restaurant, Girida and citrus Mediterranean cuisine are among the best places with fine dining. They offer a variety of delicious foods including the local dishes. There are also local cuisines such as Nazili pride, mozaik bahce, carnival restaurant.

If you are also operating under a tight budget you don’t have to worry because you can access cheap food in Ailem café restaurant,Gunisik, and Artys fish and chips.

Popular Beaches in Fethiye

The beaches around Fethiye is more than sunbathing area. There is so much fun on the beach. Kucuk samanlik beach is a popular sunbathing hotspot. Kukeli beach club is also another great place to be. It has cabanas, barbecues, umbrellas, and restaurants. It has crystal clear water and you will not miss popular DJs during the weekends. Additionally, Help beach and yacht club is also a perfect place to go for a treat. It has a beautiful canopy of trees which makes it more exciting.

Tips that will help you have a lovely stay in Fethiye

Hiking and visiting new places is a way of life. When you are in Fethiye there is need to have some tips that will ensure your safety. Don’t take a picture with the local people before asking for their permission. If you are a religious person and you wish to visit some religious places you need to be aware of their outfit.

Additionally, don’t consume alcoholic drinks anywhere go to a designated place and have your drink. You can tip good services in restaurants but it is not customary to tip bus and taxi drivers
You also need to be keen when buying things, especially in open markets. You are also allowed to bargain.

Finally, tap water is recommended for drinking but it might not be safe. Therefore it is important to treat or purchase drinking water.


I have highlighted everything that you needed to know about Fethiye. It is the best place you can plan to visit for the summer holidays with your family and friends.

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