First Look with Maps

Studying and understanding these maps will help you make a better decision with the location choice of your accommodation. When you look at the COLOR CODED map of Marmaris, you will see that Marmaris is spread out on a wide area and consists of 4 municipal regions. If you add to these  TURUNC too, it makes 5 regions.

Most of the time, all these 5 regions together are called as Marmaris. When people say “I am going to Marmaris” they might actually be visiting Icmeler and there is nothing wrong with it. BUT sometimes it is disappointing to our guests that they actually wanted to be close to nightlife and thought to stay anywhere in Marmaris should be fine and everything should be close by. Well that is not the case.  So whatever the case is we will try to clarify this issue.

NOTE: All these regions around Marmaris has really nice hotels. Some are right by the beach (long beach), some are 5-15 minutes walk and some 20-40 minutes walk away from the beach. Because hotels have a lot to do (usually great pools and activities) most guests spend their time at the hotel except when they go to take some excursions. THE DECISION FACTOR in choosing a hotel has got to do with Nightlife and closeness to the beach. We have CODED the Marmaris regions with approximate closeness to the beach and Nightlife below. When you want to take some excursions, which hotel you are staying at does not make much difference, except in Turunc, sice we pick you up from your hotels anyways.


AREA 1: This is the LONGBEACH Area. We call it “Uzunyali”. LongBeach is part of the long Promenade along the beach front from Icmeler till Marmaris Marina. Many Many hotels, restaurants, bars, cafes along this long beautiful walkway. You can spend your all day here sunbathing on the beach in front of some restaurant/bars where you will be entertained all day long by the beach boys. Some sections of the Long Beach has a lot of activities and some parts are quiet and relaxing in the Pine forests.. You pick a spot you are comfortable with. HOTELS here are needles to say either facing the beach or just minutes walk. The main street that leads to Icmeler and Turunc also goes through this area. Shop till you drop on the main street.

AREA 2: This is the Downtown and Old Marmaris section. Shopping, Marina and Bar-street are all located here. This is where NIGHTLIFE is. On the Bar-Street. (info about Marmaris Nightlife). This area does not have many hotels. Only 3-4 hotels behind the Marina is available. If you decide to stay in one of these hotels, your only advantage would be, you will be at walking distance to bar-street and Marina. Marina hold real nice restaurants and cafes. When you wanted to go to the beach you will have to walk or take a taxi.

AREA 3: This section of Marmaris is further away from the Marina. After passing the National Park of “Gunnucek Forest” there are a few Resort Hotels here. These hotels are great and offers sooo many amenities. You wont need to go out of the hotels for any need. All is there. Unless you want to visit Marmaris Town or go to some excursions. For that you need to take a taxi and sometimes hotels have shulltes. Still this area is out of hustle and Bustle of Marmaris. Good places to relax.

ARMUTALAN: Second most popular area to stay around Marmaris. A lot of beautiful hotels from hostels to 5 star, all inclusive accommodations. There are bars and restaurants spread out Armutalan area. Quieter compared to Marmaris Beach Front. Hotels have great amenities, most guest prefer to stay around their hotel. Great pools, water-slide, bars, Turkish Baths, all inclusive food and dring and amazing animation teams to entertain you. Depending on which side of Armutalan the hotel is, it takes between 20 to 40 minutes to walk to the beach-front.

BELDIBI: This section is mostly residential and business area. There are a few hotels in this section also.

Icmeler and Turunc are small beautiful villages and they are resorts in themselves. Turunc is further away from Turunc, about 45 minutes drive from Marmaris. Icmeler is just 6 km. 10 minutes drive from Marmaris. Everything you will need to have a good vacation are available. Nice beaches, restaurants, bars, amazing hotels, promenades, water-sports etc. You name it. The only thing missing is nightlife that Marmaris downtown offers. If you want to experience a crazy nightlife, you will need to take a taxi or Dolmus (scheduled minibus Service). You need to take a taxi back. If you are a group of 15-20 people we can arrange a transportation for you at no cost to take you to Bar-Street downtown Marmaris.

Icmeler and Turunc are a lot quieter than Marmaris. Not much hustle and bustle. ONE NICE THING: There is a gorgeous walking  promenade by the sea from one end of Icmeler to the end of Marmaris Marina. It is such a beautiful walk that takes about 2 hours. Nice coffee shops and workout parks along the way. Try at least once.