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Gocek – clear blue waters, and amazing beaches

Gocek is a town that is sandwiched between Dalyan and Fethiye. It has up to six Marinas which includes:-Marinturk Gocek village, skopea marina, marintuk Gocek Exclusive, D Marin Gocek and port Municipality.
The dominant characteristics of this town are that it is located in a private bay with several coves and harbors. It is one of the best places you can go for a vacation. It is a high-class area with many boats, larger, and several sailing companies. The nearest airport is Dalaman which is 25km from the resort.

The town has become more accessible since the completion of Gocek town. Most people like taking a vacation here because it is believed that the 12 islands and Gocek coves harbor heavenly hidden places such as lush green forest, clear blue waters, and amazing beaches. It has a population of 4500 people but during summer it can rise up to 7000 people. The local people make their money as a result of tourist activities.

Why is Gocek popular
Gocek is a popular Town in Turkey. It serves as a popular meeting point for sea enthusiasts and seafarers. I would say this is a modern town that can accommodate the preferences of anyone visiting this place. It has earned reputation through its natural appearance which has prompted many boat, yachts and fishing boats to visit it during any time of the year.

It serves as a town of importance to Dalaman airport which has been built recently. Additionally, its wort is also traced to the fact that it is close to beautiful bays and islands. It is also located along the Fethiye highway which makes it an ideal point for countryside transportation.
Additional it is also protected and up to date, there are remains of kalinche which is the old name of the current Gocek which is an evidence of ancient settlement.

How to Get to Gocek

Gocek is an excellent tourist town with good Marina and nightlife. It is probably the only city in the world where you will see Sarcophagus in the streets. Additionally, it also serves as a gateway to touring the countryside. This is why everyone is always eager to know how they can set their feet on to this town. There are several options that I have highlighted below which will certainly get you to Gocek


The nearest airport where you can have cheap flights to Gocek is Dalaman airport which is 22kmaway. It has both international and domestic terminals. In every landing station, there is the provision of cheap buses courtesy of Gocek transportation department which ensures you reach your destination at a minimum cost.

Dalaman to Gocek – 20min – 15km

If you need a Private, VIP, Affordable Dalaman Airport Transfer to Gocek you can use our reliable service. 


Gocek is well connected to adjacent cities which includes Fethiye, Izmir, Marmaris, and Antalya. Any route you take will definitely land you to this beautiful town.

By Boat

During vacation seasons you can travel by both since it has up to three yacht marinas which are located in the town. There are also non scheduled travel services by private cruise companies. Besides wooden sailboats also offer day trips and it makes store overs along different places to allow you to take some refreshments during the journey.


The D400 highway links the north to south. You can also take a route through the tunnel to avoid a narrow and winding road through the mountain. If you have some doubts on the mapping you can choose to walk around with tour guides who will be very resourceful when getting around Gocek

Additionally, there are also plenty of minibusses and dolmuses that can take you around the city. Most people prefer renting a motor-powered scooter to get around places such as the countryside and the beaches because they are easily accessible.

The Best time to visit Gocek

Gocek is situated at a latitude of 36.75 degrees and its climate is typically that of southern Mediterranean.It experiences long summers and short winters. Therefore yachtsmen prefer consistent seasons which runs from May to October. However, during December there are storms and heavy rainfalls.

Therefore the best time you can visit Gocek is September. This is the period when the hotels are cheaper and the weather is hot and dry. Temperatures are high but you can experience some cold during peak season.

Summer season is also the ideal time you can visit Gocek.It comes with higher hotel rates but it is during this season that you can have a memorable holiday. You need to be prepared for some rainfalls especially during December for those who would want to extend their stay. However, during this period it is better to avoid visiting Gocek because the weather is not that good.


Weather in Gocek

Gocek experience great variation in temperatures.When we exclude hot summertime temperatures are a bit favorable with lower precipitations during the year. The hottest months are July, August, and September and it is during this period that most tourists from various destinations in the world will visit Gocek.


Precipitation in Gocek is at 0%. The hottest months are the time when you don’t expect precipitation, unlike early April when you might experience some snow. It is also likely to rain and you might experience storms during December.

-Humidity and wind

Humidity in Gocek is at 33% January being the most humid month whereas July is less humid. By making comparisons on humidity you will know what to pack for your travel and what to expect which allows you to make an appropriate decision for your travel.

On the other hand, this town is fairly windy with a wind velocity of 19 km/hr. Therefore seasons usual dictate if tourist will visit places or not. That is why during spring which runs from March to May is the second busiest season for tourists here in Gocek. The combination of temperature and humidity makes it relatively warm which can be good for outdoor activities.

Summer which runs from June to August is the busiest season because of relatively high temperatures. However, hotels are quite expensive though it is the best season to visit Gocek Fall occurs from October to December.There are fewer tourist activities during this time thus making hotels more affordable.

Things to do in Gocek

Gocek is one of the exciting places to visit because of the blend of culture and tradition. Gocek attracts visitors from all over the world because during summer season most people want to explore various destinations in Turkey. This town was an important part of Lycian and Carian empires.

Let us have a look at some of the things you can explore here in Gocek.

Visit attraction sites

The following are recommended top sites that you must visit when you visit Gocek


Caunos served as a port in the ancient times of Carian and Lycian empires. Its ruins provide and epic scenery which is just some distance from Dalyan past the rock tombs.there is the formation of a delta which is a result of deposited silt from the iztuzu beach which is an ideal location for swimmers and sunbathers.


This is the largest city which is located in the modern-day Fethiye east from Gocek. There are remnants of sarcophagi, rock tombs, and amphitheaters in the center of the town.


It is popularly known as an abandoned Greek village. Greeks moved out when the Turkish gained their independence.You will see some shops and restaurants to cater for the tourists though there are upcoming plans for the renovations. Currently, the buildings resemble shells.

Do some shopping

Gocek is a small town with a variety of restaurants and shops. Most celebrities including Bruce Willis, Prince Charles, Rod Stewart among others like spending their holidays in Gocek. Local markets are ideal places to enjoy some shopping especially on Sundays where you will find handmade turkey goods and a variety of fresh veggies.

Visit the secret beach of Gocek

There is no public beach in Gocek but you can take a motorboat to Gocek island and have a nice time in a secluded beach area. This area has a café and changing rooms where you can prepare before taking a day out on the beach. However, you need to know that the last boat heads out at around 6 pm in the evening.

Sail on a traditional Turkish gulet

You don’t have to be among the yacht owners to enjoy sailing in Gocek.Most boats depart in the morning and make several stopovers along the way. During these stopovers.

Popular Restaurants

• Sakman restaurant

• Ege manti evi

• Ayran café

• Baran café restaurant

• Moon garden

Popular Beaches in Fethiye

There is no public beach in Gocek but other neighboring options include

• The D-Marin hotel, a very chic beach club,

• Lime Beach Club at Club Marina,

• the Dice Bar has a few sun loungers. Most entrance fees give you access, pool facilities, to a sun lounger and a bar/restaurant where you can order food and cocktails all day.


I have highlighted everything that you needed to know about Fethiye. It is the best place you can plan to visit for the summer holidays with your family and friends. If you want to have a wonderful experience in Gocek. Don’t take a picture with the local people before asking for their permission. If you are a religious person and you wish to visit some religious places you need to be aware of their outfit. Additionally, don’t consume alcoholic drinks anywhere go to a designated place and have your drink

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