Wed. Apr 24th, 2019

Gokova Gulf

This ‘Mermaid’ has strolled many islands, bays and crossed over many continents and horizons, huge number of seas, to reach to the heaven that she dreamed of until she arrived Gokova.

That’s how Sadun Boro, the first Turkish seaman who has sailed around the world with his 7 m. sailing boat 40 years ago, described Gokova. The coast between Marmaris and Bod rum are the most beautiful and interesting bays in the world. Most of them are inaccessible by land. One of them is Gokova Gulf. Transportation is possible only by maritime line. Most people desire to go about the coasts by boat. You experience the beauty of the blue sea and blue sky, and that’s why this voyage is called blue voyage. During the blue voyage you may become one with nature. You can cast anchor at any bay you wish and have a holiday away from cities, people, noise and any stress. Definitely a ‘must see’ place for nature lovers, an ideal day out for those who wish to get away crowds and relax in peace.

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