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Go’Ya Meyhane (Tavern)

Marmaris Go’Ya Meyhane (Tavern)

Tapas Bar & Restaurant · Party Entertainment Service in Marmaris

Here are some reviews from TripAdvisor:

Best mediterranean Restaurant in Marmaris
“Best place to eat sea food and Mediterranean kitchen and Listen to live music. If you want to enjoy real Turkish life you have to visit this place ” – Credits to: Tripadvisor (Go’Ya Marmaris).

“We wanted to dine at a genuine Turkish restaurant and this was exactly what we were looking for! The food was amazing, the live music was great and the staff were so friendly. We had such a lovely evening, thank you! And everything was such good value.” – Credits to: Tripadvisor (Go’Ya Marmaris).

An oasis amid the madness
“If you find yourself in bar street, and wonder why you ended up there, search out this little gem of a Turkish restaurant. The real deal, where the the locals go. If you’re lucky there will be live music with an exceptional guitarist. Reasonable prices, amazing service and so welcoming. Don’t be surprised if you’re the only tourists there – and enjoy it all the more for that. Football shirts stay away, the best kept secret in the Marmaris arena.” – Credits to: Tripadvisor (Go’Ya Marmaris).

“Marmaris Go’Ya Yeni Nesil Meyhane” is a modern Tavern. “Meyhane” translates to “Tavern” in English. “Yeni Nesil” translates to “New Generation”. So Go’Ya Yeni Nesil Meyhane” translates to “Go’Ya New Generation Tavern” in English.

Taverns are so popular and fun in Turkish and Greek cultures. The food is authentic mostly tapas style. Usually local alcoholic beverage of Raki is consumed and there is a lot of local dancing.

We can say that Go’Ya is the must go tavern in Marmaris. They do a great job entertaining their patrons with live music, amazing Mediterranean food, tapas, variety of beverages and service.

Go’Ya has a very nice decor and atmosphere. If you have guests that you want to entertain Turkish-style, you can invite them to Go’Ya. They serve breakfast, lunch and dinner. But the entertainment with live music is at dinner time. There will be different singers or bands, live, every-night.

When in Go’Ya you will have great conversations with friends, make new friends, dance with them and have a Turkish style tavern experience.

Go’Ya is located in the Marina, near “Marmaris Bar Street“, “Marmaris Castle” and inside “the Old-Town Marmaris“. When you go there you will be walking through the narrow, old streets of Old-Marmaris.

When you get to the Marina, just ask anyone for Go’Ya. It is located one street behind the seaside walk of Marina.

Highly recommended!


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