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Gulet Charter from Marmaris

Marmaris is one of the most convenient locations to start your gulet cruising in Turkey. Southwest region of Turkey is the most popular geographic region for Gulet cruising and Marmaris lies right in the middle of this region. That’ s why you will have more fulfilling options of itineraries to chose from.

Quality gulets are available in every resort. Also the gulet that you have booked will probably will be in another port disembarking previous guests. Any gulet will come to you whichever embarkation town you have chosen. So that means you are not bound to a certain harbor because the gulet is usually parked there. That gives you flexibility to chose any embarkation port.

Most cruisers embark from Marmaris area. Marmaris has a few different bays where you can embark. Most famous ones are Marmaris itself, Orhaniye, Hisaronu and a few more.

A lot of Gulet Travel Companies are based in Marmaris also. Most chain travel agencies has branch offices here as well. We recommend you chose Marmaris as your preferred embarkation port.

At your first day of arrival, you will have a free afternoon and evening before taking off. Because you will have time, you can explore Marmaris shopping, nightlife and restaurants. It is a pleasure to sit at the back of the gulet and just relax with a refreshing drink. The bar street of Marmaris is also located just around the corner of the marina also.

Even though Gulet Cruises in Marmaris are sold in weekly terms, WE CAN LET YOU HAVE A TASTE OF IT FOR A DAY OR TWO with your group of friends.

Gulets might be new to you and you are not ready to go on a week or two weeks blue-cruise yet. Because Gulet cruise requires planning. You need to get together a group of people to make it worthwhile. BUT you want to experience what it is like while you are here in Marmaris.

WE CAN ARRANGE a day or two cruise for you. Maybe you want to go with your significant other as a couple, or you have other friends in Marmaris and you all want to do it and get a taste of it. No Problem. JUST CONTACT US and let us know how many people and when. We will get to work.

During high summer season it is hard to find gulets because they are all fully booked. So we will need at least 2-3 days advance notice.