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Günnücek and National Park – The Pure Nature in Marmaris

Günnücek Forest
Günnücek Forest

Günnücek National Park – Marmaris Hidden Gem

 Günnücek National Park is a famous place very close to Marmaris city center. It is just 2 km away from the center and you can reach Günnücek just in 10 minutes by car. If you depart from Muğla city center, then it takes1 hour to reach Günnücek. The distance from Muğla to Günnücek is 60 km. 

Günnücek became a national park in 1996. The area of the park is around 30.000 hectares. It is a well-protected, natural place that you should definitely visit during your Marmaris trip. You can have a relaxing day in Günnücek. 

The region is named as Günnücek because a special tree “Sığla” which is also called “günnük” grows in this region. Sığla is named as “sweetgum” in English. Those trees are local species and mostly seen in the coastal part of the forests of the national park. Sweetgum trees only grow in some small parts of China, Amerika and mostly in the southwest shores of Turkey especially in Muğla. Sweetgum oil is very precious and used as an ingredient in perfumery and medication. So first, let’s learn more about special sweetgum and then talk about the things you can do in Günnücek. 

Precious Sweetgum Oil and Use Cases

Sweetgum Oil Tree
Sweetgum Oil Tree

    Sweetgum oil obtained from a sweetgum tree. First, some scratches are created on the bole of the tree. Then a special secretion goes out of those scratches. People collect this secretion from the tree and boil it. After pressing operations oil is produced. In March, the shell of the tree is grazed. In April scratches are created and in June and July, the secretion is collected from the tree. 

    Sweetgum is beeing used in herbal treatments of ulcer, gastritis, stomach diseases, skin problems, etc. for many years. In today’s world, it is used as a pain killer and microbe killer. You can also chew sweetgum and strengthen your teeth and gingiva. Furthermore, it is good for the treatment of acne and black spots on your skin. However, for every case, it is better you take advice from your doctor before using sweetgum. 

    When we look at the history, it is believed that the sweetgum oil was used by Kleopatra as a love elixir. Also used as a medicine starting from the times of Hipokrat.  Today, sweetgum is used as an ingredient in some of the perfumes and medicines. Sweetgum has a very nice smell itself but also used for stabilising of the other scents in the perfume.

   Things To Do In Günnücek Marmaris

Günnücek national park offers you many things. First, let’s talk about the beach. Günnücek beach is really gorgeous. You will fall in love with pure nature and the combination of blue and green. Just behind the beach, there is a big forest so you can swim in an amazing atmosphere with a magnificent view. Also, the beach is suitable for long sunbath sessions. It will be a pleasure to read a book, listening to music or just to enjoy silence. 

 If you love the region and also you are interested in camping, there are camping areas in Günnücek. So, you can have a night over in nature. Spending a night in this region will recharge you, will give you positive energy and boost your mood. 

If you don’t want to swim, or the weather is not suitable for swimming you can have a picnic on the beach. The air is so fresh in Günnücek and the view is so nice. Therefore, having a picnic would be a great idea. Of course, you can do your picnic in the forest too. Id all depends on your style. Especially if you are not visiting Günnücek in the high season, there will be very few people around so you can settle wherever you want. 

The Günnücek national park has a rich fauna and flora. Approximately 50 types of birds are living in the park. Also, Günnücek is the home of many wild pigs, donkeys, squirrels, cats, etc. The park is so nice for the long nature walks. Bird’s songs will accompany you during your walk and if you are the luck you can meet with some of the other animals like lovely squirrels. 

In Günnücek Natural Park, besides the animals, there are many things to see. Ancient Phykos City, ruins of historical Amos city and magnificent Cennet island is located in the park. If you go for trekking, you will discover ancient trees, untouched shores and many other surprises. There are special trekking roads in the Günnücek National Park. You can follow those roads to discover the region or you can create your own route among the trees. 

To sum up, Günnücek is a place under the protection and this is why you can enjoy the pure nature in this region. Every year more and more tourists not only from Turkey but also from all over the world started discovering the region. We hope that the increasing number of tourists in the region won’t cause the destruction of nature. Günnücek is one of the most beautiful places in Muğla Marmaris and everyone visiting the area should be delicate for the protection of nature. 

To conclude, if you have holiday plans in Marmaris and you have a couple of days in the region, including Günnücek to your plans will be a great idea because of its close location to the Marmaris center and the beauties that the region offers. We hope you have a wonderful and memorable time in Günnücek and enjoy your holiday. Have a nice and safe trip!…

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