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Hisarönü, a charming place with wonderful nature, magnificent view and crystal clear sea

Gulf of Hisarönü
Gulf of Hisarönü

 Hisarönü is located in the southwest of Marmaris city center. It is one of the well known and beautiful touristic places in Marmaris.  Hisarönü is actually a gulf and it is a big one. Hisarönü is a charming place because of its wonderful nature, magnificent view and crystal clear sea. Furthermore, the air is so fresh that it is believed the Hisarönü region has a healing effect on heart problems and asthma. 

How To Reach Hisarönü

Marmaris to Hisarönü
Marmaris to Hisarönü

   There are minibuses which go from Marmaris to Hisarönü but it is better to rent a car in this region to discover all the bays and lovely villages. From Marmaris center to Hisarönü, it takes about 30 minutes by car. You can easily each Hisarönü with your car. There is a taxi option for sure but still, we would suggest renting a car.  Also, if you have a private boat you can stay in the gulf for some days. It will be a nice stop for you. 

How is Weather in Hisarönü

    The climate in Hisarönü is the combination of typical Mediterranean and Aegean weather. It is really hot in summer, especially in July and August. However, it is a windy gulf so on some of the hot days you don’t feel the high temperature so much. But still sunlight is strong and you should use sun cream during the day. Sometimes people don’t feel the effect of the sun on their skin because of the wind but if you don’t use sunscreens you may have some pain at night. Spoken about nights, sometimes it gets cold so as a precaution you can carry a small jacket with you. 

    Since it is windy, Hisarönü is also a very suitable place for surf lovers. Many people prefer the gulf for surfing in the summer. Especially windsurfing is very popular in Hisarönü. 

Things To Do in Hisarönü

   Some of the most famous horse riding clubs around Marmaris is located in Hisarönü. Horse safari and horse riding are very popular in the region. If you are interested in horse riding activities it is certain that you will enjoy in Hisarönü. Besides, it will be interesting that you attend such an activity like horse safari. For Safari, you can choose to do it on the beach or in the forest. Many people are not aware of those activities and just swim in the bay and have a sunbath all day long. However, it is better to discover special activities in the region and try different things. 

   As we mentioned in the weather section, Hisarönü is a windy gulf. If you are a surf lover or you would like to start learning, this region is perfect for you. You can take private lessons to learn surfing or to develop your skills. Also, you can rent equipment and enjoy surfing for hours. 

   Hisarönü is a place where dolphins visit a lot. Therefore, you can observe them and if you are lucky they can come close to the shore and you can see them better. 

   Watching the sunset is an amazing experience in Hisarönü. Hisarönü bay has red sand and the look of the beach during sunset is magnificent. You should definitely enjoy the sunset at least on one of your days. Don’t forget to take some pictures and immortalize those moments. 

   If you are not looking for tiring activities and your aim is just to have rest and relax, then Hisarönü is still a nice place for you. Although the region becomes more popular in the past couple of years, still it is a quiet and serene place. You can read a book, listen to music or just lie down and enjoy beautiful nature. 

Things To See in Hisarönü and The Best Places to Visit

1.Bybassos Ancient City

   Hisarönü is located in the borders of an ancient city named Bybassos. There is an ancient temple called Hemithea in the Mountain Eren. If you are interested in history, you can visit that temple. The ruins belong to Kastabos ancient city. Also, there is a Medieval castle in the region that you can see. If you like trekkings, you may join one of the group activities to discover the region. 

2. Islands and Bays

Hisaronu Boat Trip
Hisaronu Boat Trip

  There are tour boats departing from Hisarönü. If you join one day tours starting from Hisarönü, you can visit fabulous places like Inbükü Bay, Kartal Bay, Tavşan Island, and Bencik port. These tours usually start at 9 am and finishes around 6 pm. Lunch is included in the price and you can eat fresh fish in the boat. Those tours’ prices are very suitable. If you spend one of your days on this tour, you won’t regret. Now let’s learn more about the spots that you should visit. 

3. İnbükü Bay

   This bay also is known as “Emel Sayın Bay”. The reason is that the famous Turkish singer Emel Sayın was coming to this bay with her private yacht and staying there for some days. But the real name İnbükü was given to this place because “in” means bear cave in Turkish and there used to be many bears in the region. 

  İnbükü Bay has a wonderful nature. Sea is so nice and the air is really fresh. Therefore if you have a holiday around Marmaris, this bay is one of the places that you shouldn’t miss. You can also reach here by your car or by public transportation but if you go for a boat tour again you can see this beautiful bay. 

  Furthermore, there is an organized camping area in İnbükü Bay. Toilets, showers, electricity, laundry services, and restaurants are available in the region so it will be a comfortable camping experience for you. Also, keep in mind that you can drink the water coming from the mountains. You can have a holiday in İnbükü with an affordable price

   Just behind the bay is a forest. That is why the air is so clean and the bay is very relaxing and peaceful. It is a perfect place to get rid of your stress and negative energy. Many people visit İnbükü just to relax and boost their mood. 

4. Bencik Port

  This place is called as Bencik Port but actually, it is a bay. Bencik Port is mostly preferred by private yacht owners. Bencik port is the narrowest point of Datça peninsula. One side is Hisarönü and the other side is Gökova gulf. 

  When you look at the history of Bencik Port, there are some stories written by Heredot. According to those stories 550 BC. Persian’s army had reached to Datça peninsula. When the people in Knidos learned that, they decided to dig the narrowest point (Bencik) and reunite the Gökova gulf and Hisarönü gulf. So that the peninsula would become an island and it would be easy to defend this island. However, they couldn’t succeed and Persians captured the city. 

5. Tavşan Adası

  “Tavşan” means rabbit in Turkish. There are many lovely rabbits on this island. Tavşan island is a nice place for nature lovers. You can capture some nice photos. You can also feed rabbits and it would be a nice experience. After Tavşan island, some of the tours stop at Dişlice island. They usually give the lunch break on this island. After lunch you can jump into the crystal clear sea and burn the calories you gain at lunch. Also, tours usually go to Kamelya island which is also a nice place. There is an ancient monastery on this island which was built during the Ancient Greek times. 

Hisarönü Hotels

   When we compare the accommodation prices with the other parts of Marmaris, you will see that the prices are affordable. Therefore it is better to do your reservation sometime before your trip. There are different options with different budget. You can stay in a resort, in a boutique hotel or a hostel. It is all up to you. Most of the hotels have their own beaches so Hisarönü is also a convenient place for families with children. Actually, everybody can find a nice place according to his own style. It can be luxury, it can be natural, budget, etc. 

   To conclude, Hisarönü is a really nice place where you can enjoy the nice climate, turquoise sea water, nice beaches, activities like boat tours, horse riding, etc. Just keep in mind that it is better you arrange your accommodation a couple of weeks ago. Also, one final tip: Try to wake up early in the morning. So that you can enjoy the silence and nature before everybody goes to the beach. Just listen to the birds singing, the sound of small waves in the sea and breath the positive energy in the air. Have a great journey in Hisarönü Marmaris.

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