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Icmeler Beach- Beautiful stunning takes your breath away.

Photo By Hüseyin Çelik

Beautiful, stunning takes your breath away. The vista is stunning. Amazing bars superb people always a friendly smile

Previously a fishermen’s village, Icmeler has rapidly grown its name into a popular holiday resort town over the last 15 years. It now mesmerizes beach-goers with its fine, golden sand, lazing beside clear and azure waters.

Located 8 kilometers to the west of Marmaris, it is nestled along the coastline of the Datca Peninsula. Being a municipality of its own, Icmeler belongs to the Turkish Riviera. Where Central Marmaris is the most sought-after holiday town in Marmaris, Icmeler stands second in the line.

Ideal for couples and families who are seeking an escape from their daily routine, its warm weather blesses its visitors with a relaxing atmosphere. This Turkish paradise is hence a popular alternative for a laid back holiday to Marmaris, where tourists return annually.

If you are the kind who cannot complete vacation without the sun and the ocean, then Icmeler is the perfect town with a Mediterranean climate. Its stretch of beaches quenches the thirst of sea breeze for every beach lover around the year. Surrounded by pine forests on three of its sides, it is also popular amongst the hikers for some picturesque views after the climb.
So if you plan on unlocking the secret to the serenity of this small town, then read on to take a step closer.

How to Reach Icmeler

Since it is a small town located in Marmaris, it is easy to reach it within 10 minutes via the city center. Here is how to reach Icmeler, Turkey from various locations across the globe.

By Air

Considering that Icmeler does not have an airport of its own, there are no direct flights to the town. The nearest airport that every tourist has access to is Dalaman International Airport, which is a little over 100 kilometers away from Icmeler. With great connectivity, it serves flights to and from major cities in Europe. On arriving at the airport, one can opt for a private transfer that takes around one and a half hour of the journey to reach the destination. It typically costs around £65 to £100. Another popular alternative is the shuttle service, which costs about £35. Tourists are usually advised to avoid the coach transfer as it takes much longer to reach the destination. This is due to reasons such as the coach does not leave until everyone has arrived, even though their flights are delayed. Also, drivers like to make a “comfort stop” in the middle of the journey. The journey in such cases will then be as long as 3 hours or more!

Airport Transfers

Icmeler Dalaman Airport Transfer

Once you’ve booked your flight to Icmeler why not let us take the strain off your airport transfer? We offer a direct service in a VIP coach that includes complimentary cold drinks, Free Internet, and Movies while taking you door-to-door so that you don’t need to worry about finding your hotel or apartment in Icmeler. Our worry-free service allows you and your travel companions to sit back and relax and start enjoying your Icmeler holiday even sooner! Click me to BOOK NOW!

By Road

If you are traveling from the airport, there are frequent buses to hop on to reach Icmeler offered by various bus companies. However, if you are traveling from Istanbul, it will take you around 13 hours on a bus. Other cities such as Izmir and Ankara will take you 5 hours and 10 hours respectively to reach Icmeler. Known for its quick and cheap service, there are minibuses or dolmus available for you to reach Icmeler. You can also hire a car from car rental companies available in the city. However, it is recommended to book them in advance, especially during the peak season.

Things to do from Icmeler

Apart from the beach visits and excursions from Icmeler, there are many more activities in Icmeler for tourists to indulge in. Here is a list of places you can visit in and around Icmeler to make your vacation exciting.

This pristine beach offers an unspoiled beauty of cobalt water and golden sands to its tourists. Like any other beach in Turkey, you can catch up with some thrilling watersports activities in Icmeler beach.

Icmeler Beach – Walking Distance

If you are someone with an adventurous streak, you will come across some excellent snorkeling spots that will keep you entertained and immersed for hours. It also offers Jet Ski, Banana Ride, and Ringo, which are considered as the most popular watersports activities in Icmeler. Swimming at the beaches, on the other hand, is another popular activity one can indulge in.

For someone who prefers relaxing, they can opt for relaxing on a sun lounger under the shadow of an umbrella. Several even choose to sunbathe at this destination only to return with an enviable tan. Add drinks and food while taking in the spectacular view of the beach, and the experience will be unforgettably tranquil.

Icmeler Vista View

Holiday-makers even fancy a walk along the beach to enjoy the breeze and the waves. This is a popular activity amongst couples that seek an escape from their hectic lives in a city. There are also some adrenaline junkies that hike the lush, green mountains to get the stunning views of the coast. Catching the sunrise from these mountains that glistens on the ocean is a visual treat!

Icmeler offers many many things to do, it is very hard to list all here. We will only explain some of them. other popular tours are. Dalyan Caunos, Pamukkale, Ephesus, Diving, Quad Safari.

Rent Bicycle in Marmaris

You can ride your bicycle around Marmaris as well as Icmeler. Since 2016 in Marmaris, there is a bicycle path connecting the city center and the Icmeler resort and Marmaris part of the path passes through the main street of Marmaris, starting from the shopping center Blue Port and to the hotel Grand Yazici Club Turban.

Riding a Bike in Icmeler should be your everyday activity, you will love it.

Boat Trip

Want to take a boat ride around the serene coastline of Icmeler? If yes, there are several travel companies that offer these boat trips. It usually starts in the morning from Icmeler, taking you on a visit to its neighboring islands.

You can stop at the Fish Farm to feed some fish and then visit Paradise Island. The trip will also include a visit to the color Caves, swim and snorkel in the crystal clear water of the Mediterranean Sea, and sunbath at the deck of the luxury boat.

What makes this activity the most sought-after is the visit to the beaches that are unexplored by many. And the best part is you get to experience all this at an affordable rate.

Jeep Safari

It is undoubtedly one of the most thrilling activities Icmeler has to offer. A safari on a jeep that is driven by professionals on unknown terrains is bound to give you the thrill to remember for a lifetime.

These drivers will take you on the special off-the-track roads to explore the forest area, virgin nature, and mesmerizing views. Along the way, you will experience the charisma of the countryside and its woods, waterfalls, and streams that are hidden in the forest. You will also have a chance to take a dip in the waterfalls.

These safaris also include a visit to places such as Jesus Beach, the Wishing Tree, and Turgut Village. You can end the activity by devouring on the traditional Turkish meal.

Water Sports

Icmeler has a wide range of water sports activities to offer to its tourists. Where Marmaris is more popular for these activities, it is more crowded than Icmeler.

Fly Fish is one of the newest water sport activities in the world, and Icmeler offers it. It is usually an activity with a minimum of 2 people and a maximum of 4 people. It costs around £15 per person.

Some other popular activities are Snorkeling, Scuba Diving, CMAS Course, Parasailing, Jet Ski, Banana Boat, Rafting, Canoeing, Ringo, Fishing, and Swimming.

If you select any of these packages at a travel agency, they usually offer drinks and food along with a friendly crew.


Turkey is popularly known for its shopping and mostly renowned for some real bargains. It has a fair share of shops and market to offer to its tourists. It is generally a fun and pleasant experience as there are various shops to buy a wide range of items. One can even buy souvenirs to take back home from their holiday in Icmeler.

At Icmeler Market, you can buy clothes, jewelry, sunglasses, shoes, local handicrafts, and delicious fresh produce. Wednesday is considered as the weekly market day and an ideal time to pick up some good bargains. The sellers are well prepared for you to wrangle with them, so do not fall for the first price they have to offer. The best price you can get these items are a third of the rate that they are offering.

Worry not! Bargaining is considered a fun experience in Icmeler market and these shopkeepers are very well natured for a good laugh.

There are several shops near the beach that sell similar items to the ones in the market. Though the variety may be less, these are convenient during your visit to the beach for a much more relaxing shopping experience.

Staying at self-catering accommodations in Icmeler will call for shopping at supermarkets as well. Icmeler is proud of its one large supermarket that offers all sorts of food and drinks. However, there are several mini-marts for you to shop from as well.

To extend your shopping experience, you can also pay a visit to Marmaris that has many more shops to browse. Every Thursday, the Armutalan area hosts a large market for both tourists and locals. You must also visit the Marmaris Bazaar if you do not want to miss out on an authentic traditional shopping experience.

More Popular Things to do

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Accommodations Nearby

Icmeler offers a wide range of great hotels that are close to the beach. These include 4-5 star hotels, which are all family friendly and offer discounts on children and kids facilities. There are also some great villas and apartments to choose from. All the accommodations in Icmeler are available in both standard and deluxe packages.

Some of the popular accommodations are:

Hotel Aqua

A GOLD Travelife Award winner, Hotel Aqua is in the best location possible—Icmeler beachfront. It looks across the sparkling sea, giving a spectacular view at night. The pool is especially sought-after as it is lit up at night.

The rooms are designed trendily, offering you great comfort along with a wide selection of activities to choose from. This hotel also has gardens for you to take a stroll and relax.

The hotel has shops, restaurants, and bars that are located just a few meters away. 200 meter from this hotel is the Icmeler resort center and nightlife.

The price per person starts from £449.

Sentido Orka Lotus Beach

Great for small families, solo travelers, and couples, this beach resort offers top-notch service and great facilities at a breathtaking location.
The hotel also offers late breakfast until 11:30 AM, allows you to choose your favorite mattress and pillow for a great night’s sleep and will help you with local tips and special requests at the time of need.

Located at 1km away from Icmeler, it offers four pools to relax around. There are also kids clubs to keep your children entertained, and plenty of water activities to have a memorable experience.

The price per person is £489 onwards.

Sentido Sea Star

This 5-star hotel is great for singles and couples. They provide high-quality service and most sought-after facilities at a great location. Situated next to the beachfront, it is 500 meters away from Icmeler resort center.

This hotel is for adults only so you can relax and enjoy your holiday. It has hence become a favorite amongst the adults. Also because the hotel offers spacious and classy rooms that have a subtle touch of luxury.

It also has a buffet restaurant that serves great Turkish and international cuisines for you to choose from. You can make your stay traditional by opting for a Turkish bath in Sentido’s sumptuous spa.

The rates start from £663 onwards for one person.

Fortuna Beach Hotel

This friendly hotel offers a fantastic view of the sea and a memorable stay. Located near the Icmeler center, it has plenty of bars, restaurants, and shops nearby.

You can enjoy your stay at this beach hotel by cooling off in the pool and sunbathing at the beach. There is a snack bar available at the outdoor pool from where you can devour on a light snack.

The rooms offer a touch of luxury even with the simplicity of its interiors. These authentic properties are suitable for couples and families alike.
It costs about £424 for one person to stay at this beach hotel.

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