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Kas, the town in on a running hill down to the Turquoise Coast.


It is that time of year again when vacation planning is in full swing. There are so many places to go explore and so many with wonderful scenery to absorb and just take in. So where do you want to go? Somewhere quiet and relaxing? Somewhere with sand and water? Or maybe somewhere with adventure, good hospitality and just all around fun? Well, I think I have it all figured out.

If you are looking for a beautiful getaway, Kas (pronounced like cash) is definitely the place to go! There are amazing views, and this seaside town has so much to offer. Things from sea activities to gorgeous hotels, and delicious restaurants. This gorgeous town is away from all of the hustle and bustle of the bigger cities and offers a more relaxing and home-like feel. You have picked the right place.

Kas is a tiny fishing and tourist town in the Antalya Province of Turkey. The town in on a running hill down to the Turquoise Coast. About 1 mile offshore, is the Greek island of Kastelorozo (or in Turkish- Meis Island). The town was founded by the Lycian’s and was a member of the Lycian League. Kas was originally called Habesos in the ancient language of Lycia. It was also given the name Antiphellos at a later time. After 395 the town became apart of the Eastern Roman Empire (or the Byzantine Empire). This small port town is one of the oldest settlements of Lycia.

Marmaris to Kas
Marmaris to Kas – 228Km and 3hrs

To get to this charming area you can fly into Dalaman airport which offers a two-hour transfer. Many public transportation opportunities are available such as minibusses and boats.

You can also do a Day trip to Kas from Marmaris. If you ever need to get a private affordable VIP car to Kas from Marmaris or Dalaman Airport, Contact Us to book a private tour.

Now when it comes to getting around town yourself, you can always rent a vehicle to drive. Which some say that this is actually nice because of all of the views you will be able to see. You could take a ferry, or have a private driver. Six to 7 days with private transportation is what seems to be recommended a lot. Buses are also available and tend to run pretty frequently. Prices will vary on what transportation option you choose.

The most active months are from April through November. There will be months where you are more likely to experience nice weather and comfortable temperatures. The average temperatures range from 68- 77 degrees F. December tends to be the wettest month of the year, so you may want to avoid traveling here during that time but if you come then bring an umbrella! June through September are typically the dry months.

Kas is known for its beautiful beaches, and it’s a relaxed feeling. It is hours away from the busy airports so there tend to be fewer people in this area. Sitting at the bottom of a wall of mountains, you face the gorgeous Mediterranean Sea. The town is a mixture of ancient ruins and modern buildings, which makes for great photography. Seeing the character of the town is amazing and makes it stick out!

There are so many awesome things to see and do in this seaside town. One of the most popular things is diving. Many say Kas is the best place in Turkey to go diving. Seriously, think about it. The water is a turquoise blue and there are so many places (about 50 sites) within half an hour. You can dive into caves and canyons. You can even find wrecks and the Sunken Cities. Definitely an underwater adventure.

If you are looking for a nice beach, with blue waters then make sure you head to Kaputas Beach. The views are stunning to see. Cliffs and forests join the shoreline. This beach is fairly popular simply because of the environment and the views. Kaputas is located 170 steps from the road, there are bathrooms, changing areas with showers, and even a cafe’ bar. One of the cool things about this beach is that you can also walk through the canyon there free of charge. If you are like me, free stuff is the best stuff!

One thing that I personally recommend is going on the Deluxe Sunken City Boat Tour from Kas. This is best planned for a whole day, as it takes about 8 hours to do. You see so many different sites and learn so much history on the area. It is SO worth the trip! The boat tour includes lunch and even use of their snorkeling equipment (how cool is that?!). Wheelchairs and strollers are welcomed, as the boat is accessible. Can you believe all of this is even near public transportation which makes it easier for you to get there! If your tour happens to get canceled due to bad weather or lack of travelers you will be offered a different date or full refund of your money.

On your tour, you will pass by Small Pebble beach, and even stop at Kekova Sound for swimming! Which that alone is wonderful because you won’t be stuck on the boat the whole time. Seeing the Sunken City, you will see the ancient ruins of Simena. Next up, is the Castle of Simena where you can go climb up to the castle is you are up for the adventure. Or relax on the island and eat homemade ice cream. To me, that sounds like a perfect day.


Speaking of Kekova Sound, it was rated #1 on things to do around Kas. It is recommended that you spend about three hours here to take in all of its beauty. Through the crystal clear waters, you will see the Lycian Sunken City. Part of this city became submerged after a series of earthquakes in the 2nd century. To view the city’s underwater foundation and stairwells, check out a glass bottom boat tours. Please remember it is banned to swim here around the ruins due to it not being safe. There is also all kinds of sea life such as fish and sea turtles.

I have always been a fan of visiting national parks. On my list of places to visit is definitely Olympos Coastal National Park. It is home to the scattered Roman ruins and beautiful beaches. It is also the birth place of many Greek myths, like the Chimera. There are several “vents” that spew methane gas and make a natural fire (this lead to the myth of the Chimera). This national park is totally worth the trip. From wanting a more adventurous activity like backpacking or rock climbing to just wanting to throw a towel on the beach and relax with the kids. Olympos is the place to be if you are a history or mythology nerd like myself. The ruins here include a Roman theater, Byzantine basilica, temple, bridge, chamber tombs, and even defensive walls.

If you are a food lover like myself, it is always good to know your options when it comes to food. Obras Momus is one of the top restaurants in the area that also offers vegetarian and vegan choices. They were awarded a Certificate of Excellence, which to me is a big deal. They must be pretty good right? Meals range from $8.00 to $15.00. They also except credit cards. Want to enjoy a nice drink after a day full of adventure and touring Kas? They offer that too! And I bet it would be even nicer in their outdoor seating area. They offer fresh food made to order.

Another great place is the Panorama Restaurant. Overlooking the water and with mountain views, what’s not to love?! The staff is said to be friendly and welcoming. This steakhouse also offers seafood and traditional Mediterranean cuisine. I would suggest making reservations, maybe even at sunset to watch the sun go down with those you love. Very romantic, right?

Saving money is what most people love! Especially while on vacation, that is always great. So if you are looking for cheap eats, try Helios. The views are amazing and the food is great. Meals range from $3.00 to $17.00. Helios serves seafood, Mediterranean and Turkish cuisines. The staff here is also said to be very nice as well.

So far, we have talked about what to go see or do and where to eat. Now we need to figure out where you are going to want to lay your head at night! The place that will be your home away from home. Where you can relax… with awesome views of course!

Rhapsody Boutique Hotel Kas is a gorgeous place to be! You are literally right across the street from the Mediterranean Sea. This seaside hotel offers sea views and a free breakfast. Who doesn’t love free breakfast?! Rhapsody Boutique is about a five-minute walk from the shops and eateries in the Kas town center. Fifteen minutes on foot to the beach. Next door is the Mavi Diving Center. This hotel has everything you will need. From free Wi-Fi, TVs, to mini-fridges and laundry services. Grab a drink at their private seafront terrace bar.

Hideaway Hotel is a cheaper, but well worth it option. The hotel is family run with all of the cozy, rustic feels. Four minutes of walking can get you to the Kas Antik Tiyatrosus amphitheater. Hideaway offers double standard rooms and doubles with sea views. Or upgrade to a suite and relax in your whirlpool tub. Breakfast and parking are complimentary!

I am saving what is the best of the best hotels in my opinion for last! The Lukka Exclusive Hotel. This place looks like a palace and will have you feeling like you are royalty. Close to restaurants, shopping, and beaches. The staff is multilingual, so there should not be any communication issues which is wonderful. You will be able to enjoy room service, and why not head over to the spa for a message? You will leave feeling so refreshed. Outdoor activities are even offered here (I would totally check out the jeep safari)! From garden view rooms, sea views, honeymoon suites and last but not least the superior suite, what is not to love? This place has it all!

All of the above hotels are great ideas, and they all have fantastic views. However, they do have a wide range of prices. Always look into when the busy time of year is for tourist and book your room accordingly. All are close to the hot spots in Kas.

You can not go on vacation without getting some shopping in! I love souvenirs. As for shopping in Kas, they have plenty of open markets you can visit. Items in the market include hand made and traditional Turkish souvenirs. If you are looking for quality jewelry, definitely head over to Silver Harmoni or Mencili’s Art Silver. Turkey is also famous for their carpets so if you are wanting your own, one of a kind carpet to take home check out Young and Partner’s Carpet. Kas also has interesting art galleries like Tugra Art Gallery. Go get some art to remember your trip by!

All in all, Kas sounds and looks like a little piece of heaven on earth. The shops, the sea, all of history. This town itself just is so rich in character. I honestly have not seen or heard anything negative about this part of Turkey. Whether you are seeking a peaceful, relaxing vacation, or an awesome adventure by the sea I believe Kas has a little bit of something for everyone.

The hospitality you will experience here is outstanding in my opinion. I believe you can truly have a lot of fun here while relaxing. Don’t forget to grab your camera because I am sure you will regret not bringing one. If you are into art, grab your sketchbook, there are so many opportunities to capture this little town and it’s uniqueness. But as always research everything, dress according to the weather and dig deep into everything and plan. This could be the best vacation you take! Enjoy every minute of this little paradise.

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