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Kusadasi & Ephesus | Kusadasi, it literally means the bird island


Kusadasi is conveniently located in the Aegean region in Turkey. In the native language, it literally means the bird island. The site is meticulously beautiful with an array of sandy beaches. Deep turquoise water sits at the gorgeous ocean awaiting tourists. Every attraction has its origin. Kusadasi is not an exception since it has an origin behind it. It is worth mentioning because it has a rich trail of history. Its roots go back to 2000 BC when residents from Lydia, Lelek, and Caria made a home on the Pilav Mountain Slopes. With time, Kusadasi was highly dominated by the Romans. In the 16th century, Venetians from Rome made Kusadasi more prominent. Today, it is the ultimate tourist attraction in Turkey. So, what can you explore in Kusadasi? Read on to know more.

What is known for?

Kusadasi is a Mediterranean harbor that hosts about 600 boats. They are not just basic boats but top-notch cruise ships. It is famous for the absolutely breathtaking beaches that are spacious. Kusadasi is eminent for a host of products including clothes and jewelry. Bargain shopping is quite popular in the region with a collection of authentic products.

Moreover, it is renowned for the eye-catching islands. It prides of amazing islands that have various activities to look forward to. They are actually perfect for romantic getaways. Kusadasi admirably accommodates adequate restaurants. If you love local cuisine, you will be in for a treat. Plus, the food is not pricey at all. The hotels are also pocket-friendly with exemplary services. For party lovers, the place is packed with discos, bars, and pubs.

Its strategic location makes it easy to access to other places. For instance, you can get to Ephesus which is loaded with ancient history. You can make a stop at Ephesus to check out some magnificent sites as well. The ruins are quite a sight to see. They are highly maintained which means that they will always be there.

How to get to Kusadasi

There are two international airports to choose from. The nearest one is Izmir Airport which is about 66 kilometers from Kusadasi. You will take a total of 61 minutes to arrive at your destination. The other means is via Bodrum Airport located 120km from the famous Kusadasi. From the airport, there are diverse transportation services available. You can pick from the hefty array of choices as per your budget. Izmir Airport has bus shuttles that can take you to Kusadasi.

Alternatively, you can catch a train to Selcuk Town from the airport. From there, you have to take another bus to Kusadasi. Typically, buses and minibusses are the most effective means to use. They are also available from the airport if you are a visitor. Plus, you get really affordable rates.

If You want to go to Kusadasi from Marmaris you can either pick bur from the bus station or get a Private car to take you to all these cool placed and bring back to Marmaris. Contact Us for bookings…

Marmaris to Ephesus

What is the weather like?

In a nutshell, the weather is impeccably perfect. Most of the months are usually sunny which makes it suitable for basking. For this reason, you can pack some fancy bikini or shorts. Carry some sunscreen too because it comes in handy. The beaming sun illuminates the Kusadasi day in day out.

Popular beaches

If you think you have seen alluring beaches, wait until you get to Kusadasi. You will be taken aback by the clean and spectacular beaches. The sought-after beaches are Ladies Beach, Kusadasi Town Beach, Sandal Beach, Downtown Beach and Silver Sands Beach. Others include; Green Beach, Uzun Plaj, Pygela, Long Beach and Secret Beach. They are well known amongst tourists because they have the optimal water for swimming. You can also sunbathe in the classy beaches.

During summer, the beaches are normally packed to capacity. Owing to that, if you need some tranquil and serene time then you can proceed to Dilek Peninsula. Here you can get some alone time.

Things to do at Kusadasi

Virgin Mary House - Kusadasi
Virgin Mary House

Kusadasi hosts a number of thrilling and exciting events. You will be spoilt for choice since the activities are virtually endless. I have compiled a rundown of the fun activities that you shouldn’t miss out on.

-Visit the Pigeon Island for action-packed interests. It is perfect for couples who intend to re-ignite their love. The evenings are usually designed to be romantic in always. You can watch the irresistible sunset as you have quality time with your beloved. The island is aesthetically attractive when you look at it under the moonlight.

-If you are a history fanatic, then you can purpose to go to the Priene. It has a set of history that originates in the 300 BC and 45 BC. Typically, it’s a port that anchored various commercial activities. It has the ancient Temple of Athena which is the prime attraction. The Ionian design makes it the highlight of the day. Genuinely speaking, it is a sight to behold.

Miletus is another spot not to miss out on. It is all about the Hellenistic times here at Kusadasi. You can unearth the intriguing history that surrounds Miletus. The ruins are what you can look at for. There is an outstanding theater that has been preserved to date. The Temple of Apollo is an awe-inspiring scene as well.

Didyma is another astounding sight that fills you with wonderful memories. You can travel back to the times when oracles existed. You will have an excellent view of the temples where they lived.

The Dilek Peninsula is quite deserted but is has awesome surrounding mountains. It is a national park that harbors the Karasu Koyu Beach and Aydilnik Beach, You can meditate here because it is all peaceful and relaxed.

-If you want to have a taste of how the locals live, visit the Kirazli Village. Orchards and vines thrive well in this remarkable place. The traditional houses are made of whitewash which makes them distinctive.

Popular restaurants

When it comes to restaurants, you deserve nothing short of elegant. The famous ones include; Kusadasi King’s Place ideal for vegetarians and the Erzincan for best buffets. If you love to eat fish, Selam Restaurant will satisfy your taste buds. The Ponz Restaurant is a matchless spot for European food. Also, there is the San Marco for all the European delicacies. The Kirazli farmers market boasts of all the local dishes.

Popular hotels

Accommodation is cheaply-priced at Kusadasi. The Ramada Resort is a five-star hotel that you can check into. For the pocket-friendly hotels, you can stay in the Ilyada Avantgarde and Double Tree-Hilton Hotel Kusadasi. Ephesian Hotel is the most popular one in this category. It is the cheapest with rooftops where you can have a panoramic view of the ocean.

Bottom line

Accordingly, Kusadasi should be your tourist destination for your upcoming adventure. It has world-class beaches that will give you an incredible experience. The sites are the best on the whole planet. Nature fanatics will be totally satisfied with what the place offers. Historians will also have something to write about. If you need sheer relaxation, you will also get it under one roof. With that said, start packing your bags and head to Kusadasi.

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