Marmaris Market Days – Fantastic fruit and vegetable market

Marmaris Market – Every Thursday and Sunday

Içmeler Market – Every Wednesday

Siteler Market – Every Tuesday

Beldibi Market – Every Sunday

Turunc Market – Every Monday

Fruit market – by Avril

I loved the Marmaris market fruit was extremely cheap veg a bit more expensive, it’s like everywhere when they’re hard to get very expensive but when they’re .in abundance, I was getting 1 kilo of blood oranges for 40p in Marmaris market.

Market Visit – By Neil

I visited the Turkish market on a couple of times, it is mainly fruit and vegetables but around the outside, there are several stalls also selling clothing, soap and household goods. The Turkish market is very busy and I found the quality of goods high standard. I purchased several pieces of fruit, tea, and soap well worth a visit.

Most boat trips stop at Turunc, for about 2 hours so if you go boat trip on a Monday You can also visit Turunc market.

One of the best ways to see real Turkey is going to these Markets. You can buy all kinds of fresh natural vegetables, fruits and many many
other stuff affordable.

Marmaris Market