Evenings in Marmaris

Nightlife in Marmaris is varied and is suitable for families, couples, and of course the young adults who wish to stay out until the sun comes up!

On almost every street in Marmaris you will find restaurants and bars catering to every taste with extensive menus offering Chinese, Indian, English, Seafood, and of course Turkish dishes. Most holidaymakers will explore their immediate area first and find a bar close to their accommodation that they often call their ‘local’ whilst on holiday.

There are organised activities available in the evenings such as drag shows (e.g. Talk Of The Town at Cheers Bar), traditional ‘Turkish Night’ performances at the Kervansary Restaurant, and many hotels have in-house entertainment teams offering games and performances to their hotel guests.

Talk Of The Town and Turkish Night are available to book through us:

All along the beach front promenade in Marmaris are bars and restaurants and many people love to enjoy a stroll in the early evening to see what is on offer, before settling on a restaurant they like the look and feel of. Later in the evening many restaurants will stay open serving drinks or they will introduce live music acts to entice you to stay. Some of the bars really come to life later on and it is a great atmosphere. The majority of bars are open until approximately 2am, some even later.

Located just behind the beachfront promenade, close to the Blueport Shopping Centre is a small street of football (soccer) bars. Bars here include: Ibrox Bar, Manchester United Bar, Newcastle Bar, and Liverpool Bar amongst others. This area is very popular when sporting events are being shown on large screen televisions in the bars.

Many people like to walk along the full length of the promenade into the centre of Marmaris and around the headland where Marmaris Castle is located. This area of the promenade is referred to as the Marina area and is lined with very nice restaurants and bars all giving off a relaxed atmosphere. The boats moored all along this stretch range from those used for day trips to multi million Dollar yachts and it is a great area to ‘people watch’. There are some very nice seafood restaurants on this stretch, and prices can be a little bit more expensive than other areas of Marmaris.

For those that wish to experience Bar Street you will find it hidden behind the marina restaurants on a very narrow street, it can also be accessed through the bazaar shopping area. Most people choose to take a taxi all the way from their hotel, or a dolmus part of the way to the marina area and walk the remainder. There are numerous bars and clubs playing many different types of music such as house, R&B, rock and alternative. The prices of drinks here are in general higher than in other areas of Marmaris, but all the bars and clubs are free entry (sometimes tickets or entry fees apply when clubs hold special events). The majority of the clubs and bars are open until 4am, some even later.

Some Bar Street Club Names:


The Beach Club


Green House

Back Street

Crazy Daisy


Arena and many more!

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