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Club Andromeda


‘Thanks for the amazing Turkish music and also the special service for ladies like queens 🙂 We enjoyed dancing and liked drinks. hope see you againnnnnnn.” – Credits to: Tripadvisor (Marmaris Andromeda The Club).


The ambiance and music are so good kept dancing all night long non stop! Drinks are good too. Wide space to dance with ease. – Credits to Tripadvisor (Marmaris Andromeda The Club).

“Andromeda The Club – in Marmaris” is one of the best night clubs in Marmaris, located in “Marmaris Bar-Street”. Bar-street in Marmaris is where all the nightlife is. There are many popular discos – nightclubs here and Andromeda is one of the best.

Usually open only during the busy summer months, Andromeda welcomes all Turkish and foreign tourists. They usually play the most popular dance music, Turkish and international. They have some of the best DJ s. The atmosphere is great and high energy is created with their amazing sound system and the performance of their DJ s.

“Andromeda The Club – in Marmaris” is pretty big in size. There is a stage on which you can watch dancers, singers and other shows during the night. Sometimes there are events that goes on this stage, like a popular singer show.

All kinds of beverages and cocktails are available at reasonable prices. Bear in mind that, prices in Bar-Street Marmaris a little higher than regular prices at regular restaurants and bars.

When you visit “Marmaris Bar-Street” you MUST visit “Andromeda The Club – in Marmaris”.

The best time to go to the “Marmaris Bar Street” is at around 23:00 – 24:00 p.m.

Very Highly Recommended!

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