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Davy Hones Rock Bar

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Here are some reviews from TripAdvisor:

Great Band!
Had a great night here in April. The band played everything from Pink Floyd to Nirvana. At the top end of bar street.– Credits to: Tripadvisor (Marmaris Davy Jones Rock Bar).

Back to Old School Days!
The band started to play around in the midnight. They push the tempo up after a few songs. They were such a good band. I lived my old school days again. We were there on Tuesday. I don’t mention anything about the place because it was awesome.” – Credits to: Tripadvisor (Marmaris Davy Jones Rock Bar).

Brilliant night – introduced by a local..!

A group of us sailed some of the Aegean Coast the last week of October this year – harboring at a different spot each night. Our evening that ended up at Davy Jones’ Locker was one of our highlights! A really great band were playing live, the atmosphere was great, drinks selection varied, the clientele was a good mix of locals and sailors (there was a regatta in town) and the double-story fireman’s pole would be disallowed on health and safety grounds in the UK but provided much entertainment. Thanks to Suleymane at Liman restaurant nearby who recommended it and took us there! Not one for you if you don’t like loud music and not sure how appealing it would be in daytime, but we loved it. Recommended for a night time visit.” – Credits to: Tripadvisor (Marmaris Davy Jones Rock Bar).

“Marmaris Davy Jones Locker Rock Bar” is a very popular rock-bar, located towards to the end of “Marmaris Bar Street”. We can say, maybe it is the ONLY good rock bar in town. It has been serving Marmaris rock music lovers since 1992. It is open pretty much everyday, in the summer and winter months, almost 12 months a year.

Music is “Live Performance”. Many popular, famous rock bands performed at “Marmaris Davy Jones Locker Rock Bar”. Some months, Live music is only available on certain days.

The decor is real cool and suits to a rock bar design. The owners of this bar are local and they worked as bar stuff in “Marmaris Bar Street” for years before opening “Marmaris Davy Jones Locker Rock Bar”.

Stuff are very, very friendly and prices are reasonable. Please bear in mind that prices are little higher in the bar-street compared to other regular bars, cafes and restaurant prices. Because it is night-life and they are open till early in the morning, like around 4:00 a.m.

The best time to go to the “Marmaris Bar Street” is at around 23:00 – 24:00 p.m.

If you like rock music, this venue is highly recommended!

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