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Turkey is a beautiful, fantastic country with it’s people, nature, lifestyle, geographics  and weather. Being a Mediterranean country, it’s North, South and West is surrounded by the Mediterranean and the Aegean Sea. Turkey is a developing country also. This combination brings a lot of investment opportunities into  Turkey including in real estate market.

Today, thousands of foreigners  are choosing to purchase property in the coastal resorts of  Turkey  for different reasons. One major reason is to live in Turkey. A lot of people visited Turkey for the first time as tourists and they fell in love with this country. They searched for ways to buy their own houses, lands etc. Now hundreds of thousands of foreigners (they are not foreigners anymore) live in Turkey as primary residents. Some use their property as a vacation home.

There are foreign investors and businessmen investing in businesses and real estate investment opportunities as well. They invest in hotels, restaurants, bars, yachts, sailing businesses etc. These people work and live in Turkey. ..

Particularly Marmaris and Icmeler has attracted many foreigners not only for short term visits as tourists, but also as residents. The number of people from around the world who work and live around Marmaris are increasing steadily every year. The easy and relaxing Mediterranean life style, very friendly people, beautiful climate around the year, healthy food and living, affordability of real estate compared to home country, business opportunities because of inefficiencies in the market and a lot of recreational activities to do are some of the factors that attracts people to this amazing corner of the Mediterranean sea. This region is also very close to Greek Islands. For example you can take a ferry for a day from Marmaris to Rhodes island.

Marmaris and its surrounding area covers such a large area. When we say “live around Marmaris” we cover all of the unspoiled villages, fisherman’s countryside, inland properties suitable for vineyarding, farming, etc. Some nearby towns that you might be familiar and/or interested with are: Marmaris, Icmeler, Turunc, Armutalan, Selimiye, Turgut, Orhaniye, Akyaka, Bozburun, Turgut, Serce, Koycegiz, Dalyan, Gocek, Dalaman, Ortaca, Fethiye, Datca.

So, Why then people choose to live in this particular area. As briefly mentioned above, the reasons are so many. Here are some of them explained:

Mediterranean Life Style
Who haven’t heard about Mediterranean life style! Not so many people… It is publicized frequently that Mediterranean living is one of the best life styles you can adopt. So many books are published about it and a lot of people dream about retiring to a little town on the Mediterranean Coastline. What makes it so attractive and desirable? Actually the answer is very simple: The simplicity of daily life. Mediterranean people are know as very relaxed people. They are very happy with little things. They eat healthy since most of the ingredients are locally produced and sold in farmers markets. People communicate, help and share instead of competing with each-other. There is always smile in faces because of very little reasons: “The weather is nice 🙂 “, “it is sunny today 🙂 “,”My wife is beautiful :)” are just a few basic reasons to be happy. After all, remember the movie “Life is Beautiful!” produced by Italians. Life is really beautiful.


Of course, as in any country, there are buying and selling procedures that you need to be aware of. Especially for foreigners buying real estate in Turkey, real estate law and procedures are a little different. It is not complicated or hard but you just need to be aware of them and we recommend you have a knowledgeable real estate agent/firm beside you from start to finish.



Because is a very popular website we get a lot of potential sellers contact us to help them sell their properties. We always have list of hotels, businesses, houses, apartments, cafe restaurants, yachts and lands up for sale or rent.

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  • We specialize in these areas: Marmaris, Icmeler, Turunc, Armutalan, Selimiye, Turgut, Orhaniye, Akyaka, Bozburun, Turgut, Serce, Koycegiz, Dalyan, Gocek, Dalaman, Ortaca, Fethiye, Datca.
  • We have connection with translators, attorneys etc. to make your buy/sell transactions smooth.
  • We will help you make smart decisions by researching market values and your “Return on Investments”.
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