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Orhaniye - Kiz Kumu
Orhaniye – Kiz Kumu – Jesus Beach

Orhaniye is a place that you should definitely visit during your Marmaris trip. It is located in Hisarönü Gulf and one of the most touristic spots in the region. Orhaniye is famous among yacht owners. They spend many days in Orhaniye district. There are various beaches and pine forests around Orhaniye. Therefore, nature is really beautiful in this area. Orhaniye is a place where the combination of blue and green is amazing. 

 History of Orhaniye

History of Orhaniye lies back to 300 B.C. Orhaniye was part of the ancient Bybassos city. There were settlement hundreds of years ago in the region. There is also an interesting myth about Orhaniye. The story is about the place where you can still go today. You will see lots of people walking in the sea because there is a shallow path in the sea. It is believed that the daughter of Bybassos king, the beautiful princess, was trying to escape from pirates from this path. She was not good about swimming so she was creating the path with sands. However, when it gets dark, she lost the way and chocked in the sea. Unfortunately, she died on this path according to the story. This is why this place is called “Kızkumu”. Today, Kızkumu is one of the most famous beaches in the region. Also, the Orhaniye village itself is a lovely place composed of Keçibükü and center neighbourhood. 

How To Reach Orhaniye

Orhaniye Harbour
Orhaniye Harbour

Orhaniye is located 30 kilometers away from Marmaris city center. When you reach Turgut, there are only 2.5 kilometers left. There are minibuses between Marmaris and Orhaniye. They are really comfortable. Also, the price is really cheap. However, we always recommend renting a car in this region since there are many bays, beaches and natural places to discover. If you rent a car, you will have freedom. You can create your own route and when you like a spot you can stay there as much as you want. You don’t need to follow bus timetable or so. Also, there some hidden beauties that you can not go by bus. Therefore the most effective way to discover the region around Marmaris is renting a car. 

Where to Stay in Orhaniye

There are no huge resorts or big hotels in Orhaniye. This is one of the reasons why Orhaniye is still a natural and well-protected place. Accommodation options are mostly hostels. Since there are not so many hotels with lots of rooms, it is better you make your reservation weeks before your trip to Orhaniye. Otherwise, you may have hard times to find a place during high season. In July and August region becomes crowded. Especially during religious holidays in Turkey many people come to Marmaris and Orhaniye. So, it is better you to plan everything before your vacation. 

Orhaniye İncir Bungalows, Ali’s Resort Hotel, Palmiye Hotel, Mavi Yengeç Bungalow, Pınar’s Bungalows and Kaptanköy Motel is some of the nice and popular places to stay in Orhaniye. You can get more information from their web sites or mobile apps for hotel search. 

What to Do in Orhaniye

There are many gorgeous places that you can visit during your Orhaniye trip. İnbükü Bay, Dişlice islands, Keçi islands and Artur Bay are some of the famous places. Of course, before going to those places it is better you enjoy Orhaniye itself and Kızkumu beach. You can walk on the path in the sea. This path is approximately 650 meters and you can walk almost to the opposite side of the shore. If you like photography you can capture very nice pictures in Kızkumu Beach. It is possible to create magnificent posts for social media. Imagine that you will have some pictures that you walk on sea. The view is really great many likes are guaranteed on Instagram. Lots of bloggers come to Kızkumu beach to take beautiful photos for their blog and social media. But keep in mind that Kızkumu will be very crowded during the day. So, it is better to go there during sunrise. Then, all the beach will be yours. Not only for photography but also to relax and enjoy the silence and the amazing nature.

Orhaniye pier is very suitable for fishing. If you like fishing, just prepare your equipment and take your place on the pier. Just don’t forget to use a hat during the day. Because the sun is really strong. Also for fishing, it is better to choose sunrise or sunset time. 

If you are interested in history and archeology, you can go to Martı Marina to discover the ruins of an ancient church. It is also possible to visit Hisarönü and the historical places in that region. It all depends on how many days do you have in the region and what are your special interests. Marmaris and Orhaniye are ready to give what you are looking for. History, nature, beaches, restaurants, natural activities, boat trips, trekking, etc. Everything is possible in Marmaris. Just decide what you want to do and how you want to spend your day. Then, you can create your program and enjoy your holiday. 

Restaurants in Orhaniye

You can eat fresh and delicious fish in Orhaniye. There are lovely restaurants in the bay. The owners and the staff are very friendly and hospitable. We guarantee that you will be satisfied with the service and the quality of the food. Some popular restaurants next to seaside are İncir Restaurant, Ekin Restaurant, Sakin Vadi Wine House and Kızkumu Pide. Also, you can try Çoban Restaurant in the center of Orhaniye village. They are all beautiful places with nice food. 

To conclude, Orhaniye – Marmaris is a great place for nature lovers. Try to spend as many days as possible in the region to discover beautiful beaches and natural gems. We wish you a great holiday in Orhaniye!… 

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