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Places To Stay

Where To Stay?

Everyone’s idea of a great holiday is different, Whether you are a family with young kids or teenagers, a fun loving or laid-back family or a couple traveling without children, or just singles wanting to party all nite – Marmaris offers places to stay to suit your lifestyle. But before making any reservations please read the “Brief Highlights” below.

Some of you want just a quiet location where your toddler can play on the beach happily, some want fun filled hotel with lots of activities including for kids and some want hotel for young ones and youg at hearts where fun goes on till morning after partying at the Marmaris Bar Street.

Your options are:

Rent a Villa:
If you want to feel home and want the privacy with your family and friends, rent a luxurious villa with private pool and amenities.
Get a self Catering Apart Hotel Room:
This option is usually great value for your money. You can accomodate up to 5-6 people in one room where you will also have the hotels amenities. You will have kitchen in the room where you can go shopping and cook for yourselves.
Get a Hotel Room… 2-3-4-5 star hotels:
Choose the normal and book a hotel room. Usually each room accomodates 2 people. You can not cook in the room but full hotel services are plentifull. You dont need to do anything. Just enjoy your holiday.

At we go over the features of every single listing we have on our site and highlight their features so that you can see at-a-glance whether this particular place is suitable for you. If any questions you can still contact us and find out.

And so, we have higlighted for each listing whether that particular place to stay is suitable for you.

Brief Higlights:

Marmaris as a city is very spread out. If you have never been to Marmaris before, you might think every place to stay is close to the beach or downtown. THAT IS NOT THE CASE!

Approximatey to the beach:
Some hotels are right on the beach, some are at the walking distance, andfor some of them you either have to walk at leact 30 minuts or take a taxi or Dolmus (mini bus). Majority of accommodations provide nice pools though. So for every property we will higlight these issues, so that you will not be surprised when you come to visit.

You migh find yourself feeling like you are sleeping in the middle of a highway :). Some places’s rooms face the main streets of Marmaris. Some of those rooms do not have double-side, sound resistant windows because they need updating. Or there might be a restaurant or bar close to your room. You might not want that either even at 9:00 pm because you want to relax or you have toddlers that needs sleep. Please pay attention to those issues. if in doubt ask us.

KIDS gotta have FUN!:
Kids love to be with other kids. They love to have lots to do and lots of room and lots of chance to make a lot of NOISE 🙂 If they get a great holiday, you get a great holiday. A lot of hotels nowadays have kids clubs. We will highlight those places.

All Inclusive:
Some hotels offer ALL INCLUSIVE stay. Meals, drinks, entertainment and leisure-everything you need, and all included. It may sound great BUT it might be a nightmare in the end. Be careful… WHY?
All inclusive marketing strategy fills the hotel but puts a lot of financial burden on the hotels’ shoulders. Therefore they need to cut on the cost and provide terrible meals and drinks. you might be drinking beer mixed with water. And they cut on the good staff and hire cheap labor.
They are not all the same of course. Of course everything comes with a price. There are some 5 star hotels where everything is great. We will reccommend those ones at our listings and highlight it.

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