Private Boat Tour

DAILY – Private Boat Trip – Just for you and your group! Extraordinary! If you are a group of people and/or a couple and want to be just on your own and have fun on a private boat, this is for you. We will be at your service all day. You enjoy your day. Perfect for celebrations, Birthday Parties, Private parties also.



DEPARTURE: As you wish…

RETURN: As You wish!

PRICE: Contact us for Quote. Price varies with number of guests joining the day… To arrange such a private day just let us know about your group and which dates would be best. We will do the rest.

These boat is for max 12 people max.

Joining an daily boat trip that is that is open to everyone is easy. Everybody can join them. They are good too but they are NOT PRIVATE. And they follow the same itinerary. They dock at only certain bays. and they return to Marmaris at certain time. All day is planned. With Private Boat Tour: You will decide what time you  would like to depart in the morning, what food you would like us to cook, what music to play, which beautiful places you would like to take a break at and swim/snorkel, how long to stop where etc. If you like we can stop for fishing. Throw your party!!!  Basically you are the Captain and we are your crew 🙂

This boat on the pictures is perfect for 12 people.

We have other boats that can accommodate more guests. Just contact us for more info and Price.