Sailing in Turkey

We are sure you have heard or you know that Sailing in Turkey is so special. It is just NOT so much about sailing itself but also the amazing charm of  Turkey, the hospitality of people, delightful secluded bays, spectacular historical sites all around the Aegean coast and the Mediterranean coast of Turkey, intimate villages and modern towns around make Turkey very special and UNIQUE.

The maritime history of the Turkish coast goes back almost as far as the history of the sail itself. In fact, the Underwater Archaeological Museum in Bodrum presently houses the remains of the world’s oldest known shipwreck, discovered outside the small seaside village of Kas.

Turkey is a very blessed country as such that it is surrounded by turquoise clear waters on its three sides. The Mediterranean sea on the south, The Aegean Sea on the west and the Black Sea up north. These characteristics make Turkey one of the best sailing regions in the world. The other plus to this is that the West Coast of Turkey is just a few miles from most Greek Islands.

The region has well-equipped marinas usually rated the best in the Mediterranean region. They are so strategically situated and built which makes them so convenient for getting provisions, going shopping and dining in the restaurants. They are also close to a number of ancient historical sites where you can easily go and explore if interested.

We are located in Marmaris, the yachting center of Turkey, the most attractive sailing and vacation resort in the area. The reason we love Marmaris she is geographically located right in the intersection of all the Mediterranean Sea and the Aegean. Marmaris just by itself is enough to explore sailing but if you want to explore further, Greek Islands are just around the corner and you will find Antalya, Fethiye, Gocek, Kas, Kalkan, etc to the east and Bodrum, Datca, Izmir, Istanbul to the north.

Sailing and Travel Season in Turkey

The weather in Turkey is lovely from April through mid-October and very suitable for sailing. Turkey offers the longest sailing season in the Mediterranean and the Aegean Sea.

Your Arrival and Airport Transfers

As mentioned Marmaris and the surrounding areas are the best for sailing. The airport that serves this region is the DALAMAN AIRPORT which serves most of the airlines from many different cities. Dalaman airport is very centrally located and this allows you to chose any sailing town in Turkey. We can arrange your transfer and you can make reservations here at Dalaman Airport Transfers Bookings.

Destination airport is located in Dalaman, which is served by airlines from many cities.
We will organize on your behalf the transfer from Dalaman to our charter base in Marmaris.

Passport and License

To sail in Turkish waters the skipper or the captain must have and provide sailing license for piloting the vessel for pleasure on sea waterways. To enter Turkey on any kind of boat you (passengers) will need a passport or a personal Identification card.

In addition to the above documents, to sail in Turkish waters, you will also need a “transit log” which will be provided by your choice of sailing company.

Wind and Weather

Turkish coastline and the Greek Islands has a typical Mediterranean climate. The hottest months being June through August (hottest), the temperature ranges between  28 and 35°C. The sun shines about 300 days/year. Most of the time even in October and November, this region of Turkey is still perfect for great sailing.

Wind characteristics in Turkey are very suitable for sailing. Combined with the Mediterranean Sea characteristics it created a fantastic environment for sailing and sailing lifestyle. This Aegean region around Marmaris is affected by the MELTEMI winds during most of the summer months. Meltemi winds blow along the coast, and the further you go west you come closer to the area that most influenced by this strong Meltemi wind. That means most likely you will have to tack a lot when sailing westward from the coast. Between 13:00 p.m. and 17:00 p.m. Meltemi wind is in full strength. Meltemi winds are usually in effect mid-June through September. At that time frame, it is around 25 knots and it rarely exceeds 25 knots wind speed. Usually, the water temperature is between 25°C and 28°C.

If you have less sailing experience or just learning, we recommend sailing in the region to the east where the wind is considerably weaker.


Cross border sailing to Greek Islands and Greece is very common and popular. It is important to note that when entering Greece, you must first go to “the port of entry”. Of course, there will be customs clearance procedures that you need to follow. We will be more than happy to assist you with that and provide valuable insider tips.