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Selimiye is one of the popular little fishermen villages around Marmaris and spectacular. The village is one of the stopping points of blue cruise boats that cruise between Bodrum and Marmaris. Selimiye is very green, the sea is crystal clear and calm but there is not much of a beach.

There are small but good restaurants gathered around the pier, providing service to boats and those that come from around. They have fresh fish everyday on their menu. There is an indefinite peace ruling the environment. This is something to note for these wishing to have a holiday away from the crowds. You can also find historic ruins around Selimiye.

There are remains of three castles around Selimiye which was called Hydas. It is on the highest hill of Selimiye. The other castle is on the “Sarikaya Hill” and the last one is “Asarkale” in the Kizilkoy neighborhood. To the southeast of the bay is “Hellenistic age” city wall remains are to be found. The watch tower, lighthouse were built 100 meters off the shore, in order to guide the ships nearing Selimiye.
Mondatry and the theater are other interesting ruins worth seeing.

The remains excavated from the sunken ships in the region are on display at the Bodrum Underwater Museum.

There is only one small public beach in Selimiye called “Silimani (Shallow Water)” is right at the end of the public road. This beach is very small and narrow.

There are a few hotels and pensions in Selimiye if you would like to spend nights there which we recommend.

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