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Selimiye became one of the most popular places around Marmaris in the last couple of years. It is a lovely fishing village and despite the big tourist groups and crowd in the summer, Selimiye still preserves its natural beauty. Nowadays, it is possible to see many pictures from Selimiye on social media. It is one of the favorite places for bloggers Instagram influencers. This is also why it became so popular.

Agean sea and the bays are very precious for Turkey and they are also popular all around the world. The sea is crystal clear, the weather is so nice and nature is beautiful. Selimiye is one of those wonderful bays and many tourists visit the village especially in summer.

The village is one of the stopping points of blue cruise boats that cruise between Bodrum and Marmaris. Selimiye is very green, the sea is crystal clear and calm but there is not much of a beach.

History of Selimiye

The history of Selimiye lies back to hundreds of years ago. The ancient name of Selimiye was Hydas. Then, it was started to be called as Losta. Also, another name of the village was “Kızılköy”. Kızıl means red in Turkish and this name was given because of the colors of the sunset.

Selimiye has ancient findings from the Archaic era. There are also 3 old castle ruins in Selimiye. One of them is located at the top point of the village. Another one is on Sarıkaya hill and the last one is located in Kızılköy neighbourhood. If you are interested in the history and archaeology, you can also visit those castle ruins during your holiday in Selimiye.

How To Reach Selimiye?

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Selimiye is located on Bozburun peninsula and it has a bit challenging road. This is why many people prefer to reach here from the sea. Lots of private boats and tour boats stop at Selimiye. If you would like to reach there in your car, it takes approximately 1 hour from Marmaris city center but keep in mind that the road is not so comfortable. It is actually 45 km away from the center but it is not possible to drive with high speed. From Marmaris, you will follow the road to Hisarönü – Turgutköy and finally reach Selimiye.

The road is not so easy to drive but you will enjoy the journey anyways because nature is really amazing in this region. The road is crooked this is why it is a bit tiring but when you reach the village you will see that it worths. Also, there is a minibus option from Marmaris city center. If you don’t like to drive or you don’t have a car, it is also possible to reach Selimiye by public transportation.

Things To Do in Selimiye

If you are a fan of loud crowds, nightclubs, beach clubs then Selimiye is not suitable for you. However, if you are looking for a relaxing holiday and trying to find a place for retreatment then You will fall in love with this village. Selimiye is one of the most beautiful places that you can enjoy the Aegean sea. You can have long relaxing sun-baths, go for snorkeling or swim for hours. Nature serves all of its beauties in Selimiye.

Selimiye Sig Limani
Selimiye Sig Limani

It is also possible to join daily boat tours. In the summer season, there is a boat trip every morning. Generally, tours start around 9 o’clock in the morning and finish at 6 o’clock in the afternoon. There are many fabulous islands and bays in the tour route. If you have snorkel don’t forget to bring it with you. Lunch is included in these tours and the food is delicious. Usually, they serve fish and it is so fresh.

Prices of boat tours are really affordable and it is around 70-80 Turkish liras. If you have a couple of days in Selimiye, it is a good idea that you spare one of your days for a boat trip. You will enjoy it a lot for sure.

In the other days, you can enjoy the sun, the sea and the beach. There different interesting bays and beaches around but also the boutique hotels have lovely beaches that you can spend your days. Most of them have a small pier. They are usually quiet and peaceful. So if you are searching for serenity, you will love Selimiye.

If you have enough time, visiting Turgut waterfall can be a great idea. Especially if you have a car it is very easy to reach Turgut falls. It is only 10 km away from Selimiye and a nice place to cool off in summer. The combination of blue and green is amazing in Turgut falls and it is also a perfect place for photography.


What To Eat in Selimiye?

Losta desserts are very famous in Selimiye. All the desserts in Losta are made from goat milk. Losta patisserie is a place where you can taste traditional desserts. Especially Rodos baklava is amazing and you should definitely try. Also, ice creams are very delicious.

Paprika is one of the popular cafes in the village. A lovely couple manages this place with the help of their son. There are some special desserts and they have very delicious lemonade with strawberries.

Since Selimiye is a fisherman’s village, you should also eat fish in here. Sardunya restaurant is famous for its fresh fishes. There are also many other restaurants next to the beach that you can try different mezes and traditional tastes. Bülent’s Place is famous for its special meze types. Also, don’t forget to try traditional Turkish drink raki in one of those places. Raki and meze or raki and fish are the perfect combinations. At first taste of raki may be strange for you but you will probably like it at the end.

If you like Turkish pide, then Mavi Pide is a great option. They have many different types of delicious pides that you can enjoy.

Have you heard about mantı? It is another traditional Turkish food and Badem Mantı is the best place to try it in Selimiye. For lunch or dinner, you can try mantı.

Where To Stay at Selimiye

Selimiye is famous for concept boutique hotels. There is no big hotels and resorts that own the whole beach and destroy nature. This is why Selimiye stays as a peaceful and quiet place. The biggest hotel is Beyaz Güvercin and even it has only 41 rooms. The other hotels are much smaller.

Kaprı Boutique hotel is very nice. The owner worked in İstanbul for many years and then moved to Selimiye. He is very hospitable and friendly. You can learn many things about Selimiye and about all region from him. He has 12 rooms in his hotel. The breakfast is marvellous and the private pier and the beach of the hotel is really nice. Kapri Boutique hotel is one of the best places to stay in Selimiye.

Loca Hotel is also so nice with its magnificent view. It is located on a hill so it is possible to watch Selimiye from the top. Also, this hotel is cooler than the ones on the beachside and it is a big plus especially during hot summer days.

Melek Hotel is located o the beach and the staff is very friendly and helpful. If you like to stay close to the beach, then you can prefer Melek Hotel also. There are other places like Akkum Gezer Motel, Losta House, Sardunya Hostel, Nane Limon Hostel, Badem Çiçeği Hostel, Jenny’s House Hostel etc. Each one of them is well decorated and they are all cosy. Just look at the pictures and choose the one you like most.

Most of the hotels are affordable. However, don’t forget to book your hotel in advance. Summer season they are usually full and it can be really hard to find a place to stay if you haven’t booked online. Also, prices get higher in the high season. Especially be careful about the dates. During religious and national holidays in Turkey, Selimiye becomes much more crowded. Therefore, it is better you arrange the dates of your trip accordingly. Also, it is better that you reserve your room some weeks before your trip. Since is not working nowadays in Turkey, you can use other websites like or The other option is that you directly visit the hotel’s web pages, call them and make your reservation on the phone. Also, you can search for Airbnb house options but you have to do this search a long time before your trip. There are not so many Airbnb houses available so it is better you book it as early as possible.

To sum up, Selimiye is a wonderful village which serves all the beauties of Aegean sea and Agean climate. It is a relaxing and charming atmosphere. If you are planning a trip to Marmaris region and if you have enough time, you should definitely involve Selimiye in your program. The sea, the sun and the beaches will amaze you and you won’t want to leave this place. So, it is time you book your tickets and enjoy your journey. Have a nice and relaxing holiday!…

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