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Symi, Greek Island, a perfectly painted image of a traditional Greek Island


This is a Greek island and a Greek municipality. It has several beaches and rich in history and culture. Symi in the past relied on shipbuilding and sponges as the source of their livelihood but this has changed today with the island growing to be a tourist destination area. It has also become a home for many non-Greeks and has added to its uniqueness. Greece Symi Island is one of Dodecanese island chains gem. It has a beautiful architecture of colorful buildings. Symi is close to Rhodes and it is where most people go during summer due to its amazingly warm climate. It has a mixture of tradition and modernity that gives it a very nice sense of great class.



1.The port
Wow! The Port of Symi Island really is exceptional and beautiful. It is the center of the island due to the great view it gives. Some people would refer to the view as romantic. The surrounding beautiful and colorful houses that hang on the hills around the port give a fantastic view of the tourist. It acts as a reminder of Symi’s rich past.
2.The beaches
Symi Island is very popular for its many beautiful and small beaches. They may be small but they are really splendid with the clear waters. They are very clean and some very secluded hence giving you the serene atmosphere that you may require at times.
3.Symi famous shrimps
Symi is known for its exotic and delicious traditional dish called the shrimp. This is served all over the restaurant within the island and it is always fresh. The cuisine makes the island very popular.
4.Monastery of panormitis
This is the home to the icon of Archangel Michael that was known in Symi as a famous miracle worker. It has been in existence since the 15th century and therefore it is an ancient building. It speaks of the past and religious beliefs of the people of Symi Island.


If you are planning a day trip to Symi, Greek Island , there are Catamarans that go there from Bodrum. We can help you book here or you can book it when you get to Marmaris. If you want to book online, contact us and we will help you.

Symi Island has no airports and therefore the best way to get to it is to travel by ferry from Rhodes. But first, you need to get to Rhodes to get the ferries. The good news is Rhodes has an airport that offers international flights. Therefore it is possible to get a flight to Rhodes even from another country. The ferries to take you to Symi Island from Rhodes are operated on a daily basis hence making it easy to access the Symi Island.


The temperature in Symi is warm most of the year with the highest temperature recording being in summer and only in some weeks of the summer. The chances of rain pour in Symi are minimal and in case it rains this happens around December or January. The hottest months in Symi Island range from July to September with the temperature rising up to 33.9 and sometimes even 40. This is the best time to visit the island and enjoy all that it has to offer.
The coolest month is January and in Symi Island, the humidity is generally high.


1.NOS beach
This is the most popular beach on the island and it is a town beach. It is easily accessible by foot and is located on the Giolas Harbor edge. It is a beach that is organized and one can get to eat in the tavern around it.

2.San Nicholas Beach
This has a gentle and lively atmosphere. It is beautiful and allows sunbathing and swimming in the gentle Aegean water. There are cafes around the beach and it is also a family friendly beach.

3.Beaches on the Pedi Bay
Pedi bay is a walking distance from Gialos harbor and it has several beaches in it. These beaches are beautiful and there are several restaurants and hotels in the bay making it a very convenient place to go to.

4.Nanou Beach
It is on the east side of the island and can be accessed by using a taxi boat. High cliffs surround the beach and it has clear water that makes it very good for sports like snorkeling. Oh! And the beach is a pebble beach so it is good to watch out for your feet.

5.Agios George beach
This is a non-organized and secluded beach. It is far from the port and therefore very private. It has no sunbeds to hire or even food. So this is a good gateway when you are feeling crowded and need some alone time. It is also very appropriate for picnics or even romantic trips.
6.Nikolaos Beach
Nikolaos beach is reachable by taxi and it is on the northwest side of the island. It has shallow waters hence suitable for swimming even for the kids.


Symi Island is famous for its beautiful beaches with some being organized and other not. Those that are not organized are secluded. A visit to any of these beaches gives you an opportunity to relax and enjoy the beauty and warm climate of the island. Most of the beaches are family friendly meaning that even kids get the chance to have fun in the shallow waters. The secluded beaches offer you an escape from the buzz of life in the island’s port.

2)Go to the monastery.
This is the oldest structure on the island and it has 2 museums in it and even a church. The monastery gives you a good understanding of the islands past and religious practices.

3)Visit the archeological museum and folklore museum
You will encounter this when you visit the old capital city of the island. This gives you a great knowledge of the island’s history.

4)Take a ride on the traditional boats
Take a boat around and around the sea and just enjoy the beautiful sea. Enjoy the view of the island from the sea and take pictures. Just cruising through the water will give you great satisfaction.

5)Strolling around the bay
Just taking a stroll along the entire bay is amazing. You get to take in the beautiful breeze of the sea while enjoying the beautiful sight of the houses hanging on the hills making the whole bay to appear like a beautiful painting due to their fantastic colors. The good thing about sightseeing as you stroll around the bay is that you get to take lots of pictures capturing the mesmerizing island.

6)Enjoy the famous symi shrimps
Well, you can’t say you have been to the Symi Island and you have no had its famous dish the shrimps among other various seafood served in all the cafes and restaurants on the island. The island prides itself in fishing and hence there are various seafood cuisines to try out.

Do you love fishing and could always grab any opportunity to enjoy this sport whenever it is possible? Well, this amazing island provides you with the opportunity to really enjoy yourself by going out fishing. The great part is you could catch your own meal. That is catch fish and takes it to the restaurants for them to prepare it for you.

Symi Island has several shops. So it is good to visit several shops and boutiques for either window shopping or actual purchases. You get to purchase souvenirs to take home and even several leather products available on the island shops.


The island has several restaurants but some of the popular ones include;
·Muses restaurant
Serves great food and it is only open for dinner.
·Manos fish tavern
This is famous for its fresh and amazing serves grilled fish.
·Tholos restaurant
This gives a very romantic setting with an amazing sunset view.
·Olive tree café
It is located on the top of kali strata and is amazing for grabbing lunch or breakfast.


The most popular hotels on the land from which to get accommodation include;
The old market hotel
This is the old trading place that has been renovated to a luxurious hotel that offers a good harbor view and can be said to be romantic.
Emporio hotel
This hotel is on Emporio beach, it is more like a tranquility retreat place with great sea view and rooftop terrace.
Pedi beach hotel
This is situated on the Pedi Bay; it has a private beach and good services.


Symi the Greek island is must visit the place. Its richness in culture and history make it an exciting place to visit. And the fact that is an island cannot be forgotten. There is something always exciting and sweet about islands. So yes the island is a place to definitely visit. But just always remember to plan for the trip. Do your homework on the place so as to be fully prepared. Symi island the best place to spend your summer!

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